Ollie & Bollie: Outdoor Estate

Ollie & Bollie: Outdoor Estate

ollie and bollie is an amazing game with the perfect idea of co-op crafting.

in the game, you start building whatever you want to, whether that be an orchard, a shed or sheep pen, which is a very good choice to be able to have.

however, it was still a game made in 2 weeks, so it is buggy and is softlocked too often.

but, for 3 bucks, you cant really complain, which is why i recommend it :)

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

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The game is good to pass time, but is difficult for beginners. Can be beat in less than half an hour (Takes an hour or two to fully figure out).

The game has issues with physics at times, and has high chances of you losing control of the character if you tab out leading you to restart the game. PROGRESS WON’T SAVE.

I do not recommend this game if your impatient or are prone to anger.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Ollie & Bollie: Outdoor Estate on Steam

Perfectly Balanced

Perfectly Balanced

Although very simple, the game’s proposal is very solid “Distribute the weights in the remaining blocks”. It was a longer game play than I expected, but it was a plus for me as the game has a window mode so I just played casually while doing other things.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

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A interesting game with a clean art and good sound, the concept of this reaaly caught my attention

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Perfectly Balanced on Steam

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Monuments

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Monuments

It’s a good game but the updates which are for advertising purposes make the game unplayable.

Real player with 179.8 hrs in game

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If you like jigsaws, this game is great value for money. There are 30 puzzles in 4 sizes - 40 pieces, 80 pieces, 200 pieces & 400 pieces. They’re divided into 6 difficulty levels from very easy to extreme. I’ve been playing it for weeks and I’m still not finished.

Real player with 78.9 hrs in game

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Monuments on Steam

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Space

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Space

It makes me relax. Helps concentrating. Gave me very useful half hours between two tasks.

Real player with 933.3 hrs in game

This game has two new features not in the previous games in the series. Puzzles now have up to 800 pieces. Also there is an option to rotate the pieces the right way up. Luckily you can turn this feature off if the puzzles get too difficult. It’s a shame that Steam doesn’t give Achievements for each individual puzzle like in the Cities and Monuments games though. I hope there will be more jigsaw games in the future. I think a wildlife theme would be a good idea.

Real player with 109.3 hrs in game

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Space on Steam

Super Jigsaw Puzzle

Super Jigsaw Puzzle

A must for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts.

It’s jigsawing without the hassle. No pieces that can go missing or get sucked up by the vacuum cleaner!

There are 30 different puzzles, all available in sizes 40, 80, 200 and 400 pieces (giving a total of 120 puzzles).

Your puzzle is saved automatically every time you fit a piece in it’s correct position. Leave an unfinished puzzle, exit the game and return later whenever you wish to continue your work. A number of virtual boxes are available for sorting pieces by colour, texture, etc. You could however choose not to use any boxes (settings), for which there are Steam achievements.

Real player with 195.5 hrs in game

This is the first jigsaw puzzle game by this developer, and it doesn’t have a theme like the later ones do. There is a wide variety of pictures, all of which have interesting colors that makes it fun to put them together. I think the pictures in their Cities and Monuments games are prettier, but these are pretty good. A lot nature scenes, plus more random stuff like an old boat. I would get Monuments first (that’s my favorite) and see if you like it. I think these are fun, well-made games so I recommend all of them, including this one.

Real player with 81.0 hrs in game

Super Jigsaw Puzzle on Steam

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Cities

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Cities


Based on the quick developer response and their commitment to disable the internet beacon in the next update, I am changing my review to “Recommended.”

Original Review:

I like this game, but I cannot recommend it until the developer explains why a puzzle game with no multiplayer or DLC (which could warrant internet access) tries to connect to the internet (to ping.yoyogames.com I have my firewall block the connection, but the puzzle game still works and auto-saves my progress. It does freeze up for several seconds every so often, which is also annoying and might be related to my blocking its internet access.

Real player with 2098.1 hrs in game

I wouldn’t consider myself a jigsaw puzzle player, but Super Jigsaw Puzzle scratches an itch I didn’t know I had (my 23 hours playtime tells me that).

It’s very satisfying to play a piece that fits, and then to complete a puzzle. Of course it’s not like playing a real jigsaw puzzle – for one thing, all of the pieces are in the correct orientation to begin with. But (unlike some other digital jigsaws I’ve played) the pieces ‘feel’ solid and chunky. They click into place when you find some that fit together, and there’s a pleasant ‘pling’ sound when you place them correctly on the board.

Real player with 233.5 hrs in game

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Cities on Steam

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Generations

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Generations

I’ve tried other jigsaw games here on Steam, and Super Jigsaw Puzzle Generations is hands down my favorite. If you’re a puzzle-lover, you won’t be disappointed. I like the selection of free puzzles and how you can get every achievement on just the free, but I’ve also purchased 3 dlc sets (at the time of this writing: Fruits, Kittens, and Sunsets) and looking to purchase more in the future. I like how I can select the number of pieces it takes to fully assemble each and every puzzle (60, 200, 400, or 800), which allows me to play according to however I feel at the time. The UI is nice and clean, and recently a number of really good quality of life features have been added, one of which completely negates the one thing I might have complained about… I.e. you can opt to one-click drag a piece instead of click-holding to drag a piece – at one point I was playing this game for such long periods that my carpal tunnel was beginning to act up, and it’s nice not having to worry that will ever be an issue. And… is it weird that I really love how the mouse cursor disappears when holding a piece? I get really annoyed in the other jigsaw games where the cursor obscures a piece that I’m trying to match to other pieces. Trust me, if you’re doing an 800-pc, you’ll like being able to examine every bit of it. In short, get this game. Purchase the DLC sets. Support the devs and your jigsaw habit.

Real player with 546.2 hrs in game

I wish there were a “meh” review option. This is a functional jigsaw puzzle game. I have played worse. I have played better. The snapping of the pieces is fine, above average even as it allows you to change the distance to when it will snap. The ease of moving pieces is ok, really just exactly average. The side box/extra space is ok, if a bit small, and slightly cumbersome as you can’t see them all laid out at the same time.

There is a major flaw in the game imo. The rendering of the pieces happens before they are rotated and scattered, this causes two issues. You can see the shine on the sides of the pieces and know instantly which way the piece should be orientated. And it is basically useless to zoom in as the image just pixelates; it straight up just gets bigger, not clearer.

Real player with 113.7 hrs in game

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Generations on Steam

Comrades and Barons: Solitaire of Bloody 1919

Comrades and Barons: Solitaire of Bloody 1919

Fun Solitaire game with a couple of offbeat game mechanics relating to the story of the gloriously messy situation in the Baltics in the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution and the end of the Great War. Unique setting provides for some fun story elements that are integrated into the gaming levels. If you like Solitaire, give it a try. If you like Solitaire with a unique theme, try it as well. If you like to learn more about the Baltic Wars of Independence and the personalities and insane heel-face-heel turns involved, play as well.

Real player with 29.2 hrs in game


I initially snagged Comrades and Barons because 1) I dig playing Solitaire games while I’m listening to music and 2) I dig the Russian Revolution-era aesthetic of the game. The game tells the story of a communist uprising. There are 6 different locations, and each location typically consists of 3-4 battles. Each battle consists of 10 levels, with the exception of perhaps the first introductory battle. Each battle has its own set of objectives you must complete in order to “win,” which might include something like attaining a certain card combo (perhaps removing 7 cards from the board in a row) or flawlessly completing a number of levels (perhaps removing all cards while playing 5 different levels). Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way to seamlessly mesh Solitaire gameplay with fighting a war. Although the cards themselves were thematic and the in-level obstacles were things like barbed wire, the “story” is told through simple in-game text boxes. I read the first few, but it was difficult to maintain interest when I was given no protagonist to follow and was unable to connect my in-game actions to anything war-related.

Real player with 26.4 hrs in game

Comrades and Barons: Solitaire of Bloody 1919 on Steam

Mushroom Savior

Mushroom Savior

Отличная затягивающая головоломка в жанре сокобана! Очень хорош дизайн уровней, есть самые разные объекты: лёд, по которому скользишь в одном направлении, взрывчатка, решетки, управляющиеся кнопками, телепорты для ящиков, замки с ключами и т.п. Музыка и звуковые эффекты красивые, играть интересно.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Sokoban with teleporters and unusual atmosphere. Forces player to take some leaps of faith here and there, but superior to its prequel, “Mushroom Quest”, in most of ways.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Mushroom Savior on Steam

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Anime Reloaded

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Anime Reloaded

No more need to search the bag of your vacuum-cleaner for the missing parts of your puzzle.

No more need to clean the living room table because it’s time for some coffee.

No more need to chase your parrot because it also wants to play.

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

Nice puzzle game. Better in some ways than the Pixel Puzzles series. (Specifically, the fact that the puzzle pieces snap together outside the picture frame.) Decent for the price (especially if on discount).

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Anime Reloaded on Steam