Bouncing Hero

Bouncing Hero

Disclaimer: My scores/reviews are almost always based on having bought the game at close to the “lowest historical price” on steam at time of purchase.

Quick score: 3/5

Things I disliked:

The game is pretty basic and repetitive. And visually never changes at all really.

There is no way to exit the game outside of alt f4

There is a “bug” with the challenge mode where if you last played story mode in “perfect” mode and then switch to challenge mode, you will still only have 1 life.

And the final stage almost made me refund the game out of rage.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

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Bouncing Hero on Steam



Everything you expect from a platformer in a neat little package. This definitely isn’t a big game. Completing it, getting all gems (although the achievement didn’t unlock), and optimizing my time in a few levels took me around 4 hours — and I’m probably somewhere between mediocre and decent at precision platformers.

The controls are tight and responsive, the speed is good, and the levels are well-designed, so you can mostly go as fast as the game allows and not have to wait for moving parts of the level to let you through. And most important of all, it’s fair. While you may have to play a level a few times to become familiar with it, the game never just kills you for no reason, and there’s mostly no blind drops or anything of the sort. You’ll still die probably thousands of times just because you know you can do a level just a liiiiittle faster.

Real player with 105.2 hrs in game

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At just a single dollar (as of writing this review) this game is a steal. I got pretty addicted to this one for a bit of time. It’s a short but difficult game. I still haven’t beaten it. It’s a prescision platformer among the likes of Super Meat Boy, with a dash of Bloody Trapland. I wish the back drops art style varied from section 1, 2, and 3, but regardless, the art style is easy on the eyes and I enjoyed it. The difficulty curb is wild but I had a good time burning through 50-100 iZBOTs on the harder levels. Again, I still haven’t even beaten the game.

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

iZBOT on Steam



IZBOT has defeated Bedlor and the organic invasion but in a final act of defiance Bedlor has uploaded his consciousness into the city’s network and turned all the peace loving robots against our hero.

The latest IZBOT adventure features lots of challenging hand crafted levels as well as some large and powerful bosses.

iZBOT 2 features:

  • Still no underwater levels.

  • Fast paced precision platforming.

  • Wall slides, dashing and double jumps.

  • Cute robot protagonist.

  • More juice than you can poke a stick at.

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IZBOT 2 on Steam