Jut is Sokpops answer to an idle game. You play a slow moving creature bent on cleaning up the beach. Your arms stretch quite far. Your goal (and only achievement) is to collect at least one of every type of trash. The items spawn every 5 minutes, and a max of about 15 or 20 can be on the beach at once, so you need to go back regularly to spawn more.

Real player with 32.7 hrs in game

This is a very relaxing game were you play as a tall dude on a beach you pick up trash that floats up on the beach and throw it away its very simple yet relaxing

ofc theres one bad review of a guy who doesn’t understand the complexity of this small simple games

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

jut on Steam

Ollie & Bollie: Outdoor Estate

Ollie & Bollie: Outdoor Estate

ollie and bollie is an amazing game with the perfect idea of co-op crafting.

in the game, you start building whatever you want to, whether that be an orchard, a shed or sheep pen, which is a very good choice to be able to have.

however, it was still a game made in 2 weeks, so it is buggy and is softlocked too often.

but, for 3 bucks, you cant really complain, which is why i recommend it :)

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

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The game is good to pass time, but is difficult for beginners. Can be beat in less than half an hour (Takes an hour or two to fully figure out).

The game has issues with physics at times, and has high chances of you losing control of the character if you tab out leading you to restart the game. PROGRESS WON’T SAVE.

I do not recommend this game if your impatient or are prone to anger.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Ollie & Bollie: Outdoor Estate on Steam