Zombie Slayers

Zombie Slayers


Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

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Don’t judge the simplistic 2D graphics and overlook this indie gem! Furious action and super responsive controls as well as a mass ton of weapons and upgrades to acquire make “Zombie Slayer” a sheer joy to play!


I love this game and the high challenge level that it offers, but also everything it rewards you with for succeeding and progressing.. more guns, more upgrades, etc.

Easy RECOMMEND and my score is an astonishing 9.5 out of 10. The bang for your dollar value is HIGH in this one!

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Zombie Slayers on Steam

Wanderlust: Rebirth

Wanderlust: Rebirth

[Spoiler-Free Review]

Wanderlust: Rebirth should come with a disclaimer stating your experience with this game will largely be influenced by the number of people you play with. Although the game is entirely playable in an offline single player environment, I found playing in such a way severely hindered my enjoyment of the game.

Whether or not we care for them, the Action RPG genre has evolved a few staple conventions. When a game largely ignores these, it’s noticeable.

Story and Scope: The story is extremely short (around an hour or two to complete the normal difficulty mode), it’s unimaginative, and failed to captivate me in any meaningful way. Scenarios felt unimportant as resolution to any situation often devolves into fighting this, that, or the other thing. The world of Wanderlust is barebones, at times lonely, and devoid of life.

Real player with 81.1 hrs in game

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This is a pretty simple yet brilliant game. If you are a fan of classic gaming and can get into the retro graphics this game will give you many hours of entertainment. It can be a harder game to beat 100% as it requires a group to do so. Yet with that said the gameplay is very engrosing even tho the keys are easy. Leveling is simple and easy to understand and the developers play the game as well as work on it even after release. With a good story, good retro graphics, nice hidden secrets, and multiple stages of difficulty that you must complete to be completely leveld up, this game will hold you in your seat for hours at a time. Simple crafting keeps the game enjoyable even after completion.

Real player with 80.0 hrs in game

Wanderlust: Rebirth on Steam

Build a Game Universe

Build a Game Universe

Build a Game Universe (Linux, MAC, PC)

Build a Game Universe is your spot to build, play, share and sell your 2D games and game content. Whether you are an experienced developer or just getting started, our intuitively designed tools create a fun and exciting environment to bring your imagination to life!

What can you do with it?


Fun, easy, and advanced editing modes make Build a Game the perfect spot for creating your next 2D game idea. We removed the roadblocks and redundant steps to keep the focus on building your games and making it fun!


Enjoy playing 2D games of all types, designed by everyone from seasoned professionals and independents to hobbyists and kids. Come check out the Market Center and experience the force behind our ever expanding Universe.

Share and Sell

Time to get your 2D games into Market Center! Build a Game Market Center empowers users (developers/players) with the ability to buy and sell games to the community for gold coins.

Ready to Start?

Equipped with a robust editor, cloud storage, a market center and thousands of properties just waiting for you, Build a Game Universe is ready, are you?

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