My Work Is Not Yet Done

My Work Is Not Yet Done

My Work Is Not Yet Done is a pilgrimage simulator following the final days of the inquisitor Avery, the last remaining survivor of the Empire’s doomed excursionary efforts into the remote and unaccountable Reach. Tasked with tracking down the source of an inscrutable signal, she must navigate, survey and survive an eerie, ever-shifting landscape reclaimed by nature — and perhaps something stranger.

My Work Is Not Yet Done seeks to provide a unique and innovative take on the survival genre aimed at accurately reproducing the physical and psychological experience of being alone in the wilderness, resituating the player’s role within nature as an interloper rather than conquistador. The game is set in an expansive open world environment that eschews the genre tropes of cold weather survival for a dense, oppressively rainy and humid forest, seamlessly blending procedural generation with a variety of handcrafted locations to ensure a sense of constant disorientation even across repeat playthroughs.

It is part of an ongoing series of works within a larger shared universe dedicated to examining questions of theological and cosmic horror: issues such as faith, weakness, devotion and loneliness — and the concomitant suffering contingent to such experiences.


  • Combat-less exploration and survival gameplay, based on authentic bushcraft and land navigation techniques

  • Deep, systemically-reactive survival simulation mechanics, focusing on both physical and psychic conditions

  • A beautiful and expansive open world featuring real-time weather, atmospheric conditions, and day/night progression

  • Dynamic environments that react to the player’s condition and behaviour

  • Stark, striking 1-bit visuals, with an immersive HUD (and no hunger/thirst meters)

  • A free-form unscripted narrative experience built around emergent gameplay and ambient lore

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My Work Is Not Yet Done on Steam

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Anime Reloaded

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Anime Reloaded

No more need to search the bag of your vacuum-cleaner for the missing parts of your puzzle.

No more need to clean the living room table because it’s time for some coffee.

No more need to chase your parrot because it also wants to play.

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

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Nice puzzle game. Better in some ways than the Pixel Puzzles series. (Specifically, the fact that the puzzle pieces snap together outside the picture frame.) Decent for the price (especially if on discount).

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Super Jigsaw Puzzle: Anime Reloaded on Steam

FEMINAZI: The Triggering

FEMINAZI: The Triggering

Few video games in history have garnered as much critical praise and effusive adoration as Feminazi: The Triggering. When it came out in 2017 for the PC, Feminazi: The Triggering set a new standard for three-dimensional action and introduced gameplay mechanics that are still copied today. Though it has since appeared on the GameCube and the Wii Virtual Console, the new version for the PC marks the first time this classic has received a significant update. The completely overhauled visuals are the most striking improvement, and they infuse this 1-year-old game with a vibrant modern feel. The sharp motion controls and the video hint system are new additions that fit in well, but the real star is the original adventure. Though it shows its age, The quest is indeed a timeless one that is full of invigorating exploration, tricky puzzles, satisfying combat, memorable characters, and stirring music. Feminazi: The Triggering is a great way to experience this seminal adventure, and it’s a shining example of how old can be made new again.

Real player with 15.2 hrs in game

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**This is a satire parody of today' feminists and SJWs. If you take this game seriously or easily offended by it, then you are one of the people being made fun of.

Got this as a gift from a friend. Did show interest in this as well.**

(Nearly 40 people found my review offensive.)

Below the surface, unless you’re a comedian and bought this for entertainment for your LP channel, or are easily amused and can have a lot of fun with it, there’s not much to do after a few hours. You can make your very own gender, out of 20+ genders (including Mayo, Toaster, and Apache) with description and symbol too.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

FEMINAZI: The Triggering on Steam