Hyper Simon X

Hyper Simon X


Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

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This game is a mix of space shooter and memory game. You need to memorize the correct sequence of ships based on it’s color. Destroy them and earn many points as possible. You can also earn points by playing as a normal space shooter but you will get less points than destroying the enemies following the correct sequence.

Controls feel very solid, pixelart is nice. The sound track is very good.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Hyper Simon X on Steam

Savant - Ascent

Savant - Ascent

Savant - Ascent is a pretty short, absolutely gorgeous, and entirely unique game. It’s fast, fun, simple enough to pick up in minutes, and deep enough to warrant long discussions and in-depth guides, and still leave room for new discoveries. The first release from D-Pad Studio (to my knowledge), made in collaboration with the titular musical artist, Savant (Aleksander Vinter), this is definitely a good example of how to make a game the right way.

Story mode is pretty short, consisting of only 5 levels that each take 2-5 minutes (except perhaps the final boss), and the gameplay itself is very simple, consisting of attacking enemies and moving between 2 platforms (and sometimes not even the latter). However, the game really shines through in its ability to stretch everything it offers to the limit. Story mode done? Try to race yourself, your friends, and the rest of the world with time attack, or go for an all-time highscore in endless mode. Maybe [SPOILERS] don the mask of the vanquished Vario and replay story mode with different attacks and movement for a change-up. During play, collect CD pieces from special enemies to unlock bonus soundtracks and new abilities, working your way up to obtaining the ultimate power that is the whole reason you’re at the tower. Then try to take on the final boss, a lighting-fast, teleporting robot samurai in space with laser-shark friends who want nothing more than to see you reduced to a pile of ashes with a silly hat. And when all of that’s done, maybe think about unlocking all of the achievements in the game. There aren’t a lot of them, but when you accomplish them for the first time, they are certainly deserving of the name; the devs intentionally made them difficult to accomplish so it would actually be worth getting them and not just some extra stuff they threw in on a lazy Friday.

Real player with 78.0 hrs in game

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Right from the start, you feel like you are controlling an awesome, destructive power. The energy blasts are wild and the animation conveys a real sense of force. As you unlock power-ups, that destructive power increases dramatically. Once you are fully powered, you will tear through the first portion of the game with little effort. Fortunately, an expansion was released to bring back some challenge and you can start from any level that you’ve unlocked.

Controls are simple. Aim the curser in the general direction of enemies and fire. The hero is also able to deftly avoid incoming threats by jumping in place, jumping between two platforms, or rolling between the platforms. If an enemy drops a portion of a CD, highlight it and alt fire to rope it in. This is how to unlock power-ups and new music tracks. The power-ups add some more variety to your arsenal and they are straightforward to learn.

Real player with 15.6 hrs in game

Savant - Ascent on Steam

Rock ‘N’ Roll Defense

Rock ‘N’ Roll Defense

Rock ‘N’ Roll Defense is tower defense game. The concept is simple: build your towers and protect your kingdom. In this game the towers are speakers and the kingdom is a stage with a rock band playing a concert. You must protect them of pop, country, and etc fans. The idea is interesting but some points of the game annoy you too much.

To pass some levels you need luck, not ability, not the right towers, you need LUCK, it pissed me off. There are a few kind of enemies in each world (the game has 4 worlds), some of the enemies moves fast than others, so the obvious would be the fastest ones coming first than others, right? Not in this game.

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

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Ok this game’s awesome.

I mean, everything’s completely old and we’ve seen all of this tons of times.. but can we speak about the idea?!

Basically this is the most classic tower defense you’ll play - enemies come in waves, they have a pre-drawn route and if they reach the core you get hit on your health; hence you have to put towers in fixed places, you can upgrade them and they’re all different for what concerns firing speed, type and so on.

But the whole setting isn’t the usual fantasy or medieval thing, but it’s hard rock. Yeah, you have to defend a hard rock stage and your towers are actually different types of sound amplifiers and speakers.

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game

Rock 'N' Roll Defense on Steam




From the developer of Polygoneer comes Shapeshooter. It’s a rail shooter, you can only move forward and backward over the rail tracks. Like in Polygoneer you have colored enemies which you destroy with bullets of the same color albeit limited to two colors. You can upgrade your tank in the workshop.


You control a tank which moves over a rail, you’ll find orange and purple enemies on your way and you shoot at them with bullets of their respective color. There are also level hazards to avoid like energy gates and circular saws, I expect more hazards to encounter in later levels. You have multiple weapons you can use although at the beginning you’re stuck with a slow weapon with unlimited ammo and a rapid weapon with limited ammo. When an enemy is destroyed they leave a ring you can collect and use to purchase upgrades in the workshop. Some enemies release ammo pickups which alternate between ammo for the different weapons. To gather what you want you have to time your pick up. You can either pick them up with your tank or by shooting at them.

Real player with 25.6 hrs in game

I really wanted to like this game, I really did. I’ve greatly enjoyed several other games by the same developer, and had high hopes coming into this one. Sadly, after 8+ hours with it, I don’t believe I can comfortably recommend it (I really wish Steam offered star ratings akin to Yelp/Amazon/Google/etc., rather than simply a binary yes/no, as I’d probably give this something like 2-3 / 5).

Right off the bat, I had and still have a perplexing technical issue. On my previous crummy entry-level machine with like 4 GB of RAM and integrated graphics, all of Nuk Games' titles ran perfectly smoothly, with absolutely no issues. I recently acquired a new-to-me, gently used mid-level gaming PC, however, and now, suddenly, every single one of this developer’s titles that I own no longer has sound. None of the other titles in my library that I’ve tried on this “new” machine have this same issue. I’ve tried the obvious solutions, but the fact that this is the case with multiple titles from the same dev yet nothing else in my library seems suspiciously more than coincidental, and suggests the problem is not specifically my machine, per se.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

Shapeshooter on Steam

Bighead Runner

Bighead Runner

What am ı gonna play agaın Big-Bighead Runner? Pfff more like Bighead Headbutt To the Wall And Dies.

*Terrible Graphics

*Terrible Animations

*Probably Background that stolen from somewhere

*No enemies

*No upgrades

*Not even options that you can’t change anything

*Making the screen blurrier to make the game looks like its speeding up but doesn’t even coded to make the character gets more speedy

*Im not even gonna talk about royality free music

*Momentum that literaly mixed down

*So simple and not even challanging Gameplay

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Changing this to a recommended review, found out that going too fast is actually a bug! Played it on my pc and for some reason it was going super fast! I thought that this was the actual gameplay! Downloaded it on my laptop and the the speed was the normal speed intended. Still I believe some obstacles are unavoidable and it feels a bit RNG whether or not you will go far in a run, but it’s a fine game that you can kill some time. Also if you’re aiming for the achievements aim for the last character (Worth 2000 points) and try playing with the left and right arrow keys as well! Good luck!

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Bighead Runner on Steam

Planes, Bullets and Vodka

Planes, Bullets and Vodka

A cheap vertical scrolling shoot em up, it is playable enough and can be fun at times but frustrating at others - the power ups are essential but random drops, so some games you will have it easy, others you are basically doomed as the enemies get tougher so you can shoot less of them, further reducing your chances of getting more power ups and getting back on track.

The controls are fine, the graphics are basic but functional, and the difficulty curve of the enemies is reasonable (although the dual firing heavy you start getting at level 4 are difficult to kill reliably unless you get really lucky with power ups to that point). At some points later on you start getting narrow passages only just wide enough for your plane, which seems to defeat the object of the game as you just have to stay there and get hit by anything that fires before your bullets hit them.

Real player with 42.1 hrs in game

♛ Overall Score : 4/10


General Details

Visual Quality/Graphic : 1/10

Animations Quality : 1/10

System Requirements Efficiency : 1/10

Smooth (Bug-less) : 1/10

User Interface : 4/10

Price Efficiency : 1/10

Story : 0/10

Music/Soundtracks : 4/10

Gameplay : 1/10

Pay to Win/Pay to Enjoy : False

💖 Bonus :

Supports ONLINE & OFFLINE mode : Offline only (+5)

Has Item Drops at Steam Inventory (Ignoring Trading Cards) : False

Real player with 10.2 hrs in game

Planes, Bullets and Vodka on Steam