RPG World - Action RPG Maker

RPG World - Action RPG Maker

Where to begin? Diablo meets Disney, Never Winter Nights meets Legoland. This game is great on so may levels.

Whether you like playing action RPG’s or you like to craft worlds/scenarios for your friends to enjoy, Single player, multiplayer, PVP, World editor.

I can honestly say I’ve not found a game that appealed so much in a long, long time. Mostly it is FUN. Fun to build, fun to play. Challenging if you’re a serious mayhem seeker, entertaining if you just like to explore.

Since I wrote the above the game has received a steady stream of upgrades in terms of new buildings,props, collectables, choosable theme music, new npcs and enemies, a brilliant character creator so you can build your own npc’s and enemies from a huge range of body parts and AI’s, upgrades to questing making it much easier to control the flow of play. The dev’s have been seemingly tireless in their dedication to fulfilling the game’s early promise.

Real player with 1783.3 hrs in game

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NOTE: This review is written while the game was in Early Access at 25th of april.

You know, I’ve always been a person who likes to build stuff. That’s why I LOVED to play with LEGO. I used to build all kinds of stuff. Cars, buildings…whatever I preferred, as long as I knew how the pieces connected to eachother. Because how hard is it to build a tower when you don’t know how your tools and bricks work? That would be a mighty challenge even for master builders…

The hobby of building things kind of continued when I started playing video games, so I bought a game like MyWorlds before called Fight the Dragon. That game had an amazing level editor with lots of tools to play with, including a lot of ‘‘invisible’’ mechanisms like triggers and such. Unfortunately that game is suffering a slow and silent death due to lack of players, which brought me back to the quest of finding a game where I could express my fountain of imagination.

Real player with 228.8 hrs in game

RPG World - Action RPG Maker on Steam

I was rebuilt

I was rebuilt

I met the guys who made this game at a convention in Portugal, they were very nice and I got to demo their game Sweet Magic Madness. I think this game is alright too, I’m not that good at platformers but its got solid mechanics so far.

Real player with 11.5 hrs in game

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I think this game is great! Even though they revamped the game from its original theme, leading many to have mixed thoughts, I have no problem with it. Its a great game, solid mechanics, just feels a little uncomfortable to move the character a times but I can tell the amount of work that was put into this game. The enemies are unique, the stages are unique, the trial and error aspect is great, would definitely recommend

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

I was rebuilt on Steam

Wanderlust: Rebirth

Wanderlust: Rebirth

[Spoiler-Free Review]

Wanderlust: Rebirth should come with a disclaimer stating your experience with this game will largely be influenced by the number of people you play with. Although the game is entirely playable in an offline single player environment, I found playing in such a way severely hindered my enjoyment of the game.

Whether or not we care for them, the Action RPG genre has evolved a few staple conventions. When a game largely ignores these, it’s noticeable.

Story and Scope: The story is extremely short (around an hour or two to complete the normal difficulty mode), it’s unimaginative, and failed to captivate me in any meaningful way. Scenarios felt unimportant as resolution to any situation often devolves into fighting this, that, or the other thing. The world of Wanderlust is barebones, at times lonely, and devoid of life.

Real player with 81.1 hrs in game

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This is a pretty simple yet brilliant game. If you are a fan of classic gaming and can get into the retro graphics this game will give you many hours of entertainment. It can be a harder game to beat 100% as it requires a group to do so. Yet with that said the gameplay is very engrosing even tho the keys are easy. Leveling is simple and easy to understand and the developers play the game as well as work on it even after release. With a good story, good retro graphics, nice hidden secrets, and multiple stages of difficulty that you must complete to be completely leveld up, this game will hold you in your seat for hours at a time. Simple crafting keeps the game enjoyable even after completion.

Real player with 80.0 hrs in game

Wanderlust: Rebirth on Steam

Super Blue Boy Planet

Super Blue Boy Planet

This is a fun little platform game, no doubt.

| Title | Super Blue Boy Planet |

| Developer | Tuwi Michael Nannings |

| Publisher | Michael Nannings |

| Release | 16 December 2016 |

| Graphics | 2D |

| Genre |

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Wow…that was short….

Super Blue Boy Planet is a very short game about a typical hero rescuing his typical girlfriend/wife from a typical villain…who happens to be an alien race completely consisted of CommanderVideo. How short is this game? To be perfectly honest, less than half an hour. It took me 24 minutes from start to finish.

That said, it’s easy with few areas that require precise timing…and other areas where you can expect to die. Don’t let deaths discourage you, there’s normally no penalty for dying since enemies stay dead when you revive at a checkpoint. Do keep in mind that a boss will recover its entire health should you lose a single hitpoint.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Super Blue Boy Planet on Steam

Build a Game Universe

Build a Game Universe

Build a Game Universe (Linux, MAC, PC)

Build a Game Universe is your spot to build, play, share and sell your 2D games and game content. Whether you are an experienced developer or just getting started, our intuitively designed tools create a fun and exciting environment to bring your imagination to life!

What can you do with it?


Fun, easy, and advanced editing modes make Build a Game the perfect spot for creating your next 2D game idea. We removed the roadblocks and redundant steps to keep the focus on building your games and making it fun!


Enjoy playing 2D games of all types, designed by everyone from seasoned professionals and independents to hobbyists and kids. Come check out the Market Center and experience the force behind our ever expanding Universe.

Share and Sell

Time to get your 2D games into Market Center! Build a Game Market Center empowers users (developers/players) with the ability to buy and sell games to the community for gold coins.

Ready to Start?

Equipped with a robust editor, cloud storage, a market center and thousands of properties just waiting for you, Build a Game Universe is ready, are you?

Build a Game Universe on Steam



Gameguru is a rough-around-the edges, cheap, underpowered game engine. It is a spiritual successor to TGC’s previos successful endeavor: FPS Creator. FPS creator was a dream come true for wanna-be mappers and newbie game designers wanting to create their own simple little first person experiences. It worked well enough for what it was, had a super active community, and lots of mods, an easy-to-learn custom scripting language, and many successful games were made with it.

FPS Creator reloaded promised to be the upgrade everyone wanted from FPS Creator. It was gonna feature all next gen graphical features, a bigger map editor, and in general more freedom and ability. This was proposed on kickstarter where it didn’t meet it’s exorbitant asking donation, so it later was rebranded and came out as GameGuru.

Real player with 650.3 hrs in game

Yeah, okay, GameGuru doesn’t have the best graphics around, but they have a specific look to it, so there’s that. Making the graphics look as good as UE4 and Unity however, is practically impossible. But that’s not my point, my point is GameGuru’s graphics are good enough for making games for the hecc of it.

The engine is editable to certain extents, but not really enough for hardcore coders and developers. Again, this is an engine made more for the fun of it. Making some nice $$$ is possible, but not too easy.

Real player with 387.7 hrs in game

GameGuru on Steam

Zombie Slayers

Zombie Slayers


Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

Don’t judge the simplistic 2D graphics and overlook this indie gem! Furious action and super responsive controls as well as a mass ton of weapons and upgrades to acquire make “Zombie Slayer” a sheer joy to play!


I love this game and the high challenge level that it offers, but also everything it rewards you with for succeeding and progressing.. more guns, more upgrades, etc.

Easy RECOMMEND and my score is an astonishing 9.5 out of 10. The bang for your dollar value is HIGH in this one!

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Zombie Slayers on Steam

The Spike

The Spike


  • Smooth gameplay, feels very fast and fair.

  • Simple but good story to ease you into the game

  • Opponents in story and tournament feel unique in playstyle.


  • Some crashes and key sticking.

  • Controller support not complete.

  • Not much explanation of some features.

  • Setter controls very inconvenient.


  • Explanation as to what each stat / personality does.

  • Slightly faster volleyball currency earnings (esp. in tournament).

Real player with 96.9 hrs in game

I really enjoyed this game. The game’s simple graphics and controls let me actually play like how I would play if I was playing volleyball in real life. Unlike many other “3D” volleyball games I played, I can plan how I will approach the rally and how I will win the point.

The special effects when I spike the ball right and win a point was huge satisfaction factor for me, it was simply astonishing.

The in-game achievements was there to help me with character progression, gacha, as well as costumizaion.

Real player with 80.8 hrs in game

The Spike on Steam

Rivals of Aether

Rivals of Aether

The best platform figther in the business next only to Melee. Crazy movement and mechanics with a low enough skill floor for newcomers and an insane skill ceilling that seems to only get higher the further the meta goes on.

Real player with 327.7 hrs in game

This is probably one of my favorite Smash clones out of all of them for now. Not only is the game play, the crossovers, and content, but for the encouragement for workshop support. Modding is one of the main reasons why people even play SSB Brawl still, and for good reason. More content, unexpected characters to play as, and more variety.

Ever since workshop has released during beta and since the making of this review, 5000+ creations ranging from new characters, stages, and more have been released, slowly and surely improving as time progresses. Not only that, but workshop is very optimized for categorizing different characters per series or creator and how it loads them up to not overfill the game.

Real player with 213.8 hrs in game

Rivals of Aether on Steam

Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box is a game so simple and self-explanatory that it’s hard not to enjoy. Vlambeer’s arcade-style survival platformer is a great little game that tasks players with collecting crates that randomly spawn around the side-scrolling arena while waves of enemies wander about on set paths. It’s the least complex thing imaginable, but it works really well, particularly as a ‘pick up and play’ type of joint. It’s not something to be taking extremely seriously, which is its greatest asset.

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

Super Crate Box is a small, indie game that consists of the player battling against green and white monsters with a variety of firearms. You play a character and your objective is to collect as many crates (which contain different kinds of weapons, which one uses to defeat the monsters.) before dieing. This game can be frustrating though, considering the fact that your character dies in one touch of any of the monsters, one has to be carefull in jumping around a small map and firing guns at monsters, who can sometimes be in groups of many and can be difficult to take out.

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

Super Crate Box on Steam