Until the Last Plane

Until the Last Plane

Until the last plane is a squadron management game (more than the airfield itself actually), in which you assign pilots to missions, and order resources (and new crafts) to keep your squadron operational through a few short campaigns (each side has 3 campaigns of 4-7 days of operations. Each days consisting of 2-3 sorties).

Each mission is played using different mini games. The core one is the dogfighting mini-game: you choose the maneuver for your plane while the opponent chooses his, and once both planes are out of maneuver, the attacker will destroy its target if it is within its firing cone.

โ€“ Real player with 20.8 hrs in game

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Until the Last Plane is a casual minigame-game about running an airfield in ww2. Alongside the minigames you have an overall management phase where you do airplane maintenance, start the missions, and balance resources to keep everything operational.

The minigames are simple, but every campaign has special missions that change things up enough to keep things interesting. Sadly, many of the minigames are too simple or otherwise flawed- The opponent/AI in dogfighting seems to have only two pre-set scripts it follows and if you’ve found the solution to those you will always win. On the other hand, you will be hit by unavoidable damage that can lead to your pilots dying(On their second damage that mission) just from trying the bombing minigame, making the minigames very simple things you just get through rather than anything you need to think about.

โ€“ Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

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