Ctrl CV

Ctrl CV

What felt like an eternity was mearly 20 hours. I mostly played offline. The pain of this game is hard to put into words but I will try in the hopes that I will prevent someone like you from stumbling across a similar fate. To the game! All right, so this game is a puzzle based platformer. Buyer Beware! Don’t play this game if you have a weapon lying around. You might use it to shoot yourself, or worse, your computer. Don’t let it fool you, you won’t get lost in the sea of neverending copies of yourself, only in the sea of your despair. You’ll think you have one level completely figured out only to find that you did the whole damn thing wrong. And to make matters worse, if you press esc to scratch your nose or something, YOU LOSE ALL OF YOUR PROGRESS BACK UNTIL YOUR LAST SAVE. There is no pause button and you will froget on countless occasions losing up to ten minutes of hard work. You can expect to play each level around twenty to fifty times to move on to the next level. The sea of clones is mostly an anoyance as the character you play as has a different face than the clones. The “find” mechanic was therefore completely unnecesary. There will come a point in this game were you have put so much effort into getting where you are now that it would seem crazy to even think about quitting. At this monumental point you will just need to take a deep breath and keep on pushing. The only reason I reccomend this game is for the people out there who I know are like me and like a good challenge to help them froget about how much the world hates them. And for whoever is still reading this you should stop now because I am just going to keep on talking and there is no way that anybody can make me stop please go away it is New Years and I’m alone all by myself Why doesn’t anybody love me I think I’m just going to end it and I don’t mean this post becuase like I said I’m just going to keep on typing. My new gaming pc hasn’t come in the mail yet so I have to game on my school laptop with a pentium cpu and no graphics so I stumbled across this game literally stumbled and broke all of the bones in my body and im now in a full body cast because of the emotional trauma brought on by this game. I hear explosions the world is probably ending around me o wait it is firecrackers lit off by people at parties who have actually friends and enjoy life. Too bad that isn’t me o well I’ll just keep typing then. If any of you would like to read my ranting more you can find me on Donald Trumps Twitter acount.

Real player with 13.2 hrs in game

It was interesting at first, but during the factory levels, it lost its quality. Turrets fire during black-outs a lot of times, not even giving you a chance to evade. It’s all a gamble by then. Easy and hard mode aren’t much different. By the time you get to the factory levels, the clones aren’t really a problem in either mode and the whole point of the game is not even there anymore. Instead, you get unfair black-outs as a replacement. It goes from needing good sight to needing luck. The game seems to become worse as it goes on. I never was even able to complete the factory levels. The start was decent though, as the clones actually were relevant then. Even if you take the factory out of the equation, it is filled with cheap deaths such as pitfalls and spikes at the beginning of the level that kill you before you can know what is going on if you start out moving (which you probably would be).

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

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