Cube Gothic

Cube Gothic

Even for an Arkhouse game, this was a very masochistic experience, it’s shame because this game has a great story and I wish more people could experience it - it’s almost like the developer does not want anyone to see his artwork. It took me slightly over 4 hours to complete, it’s pretty long for a 2D bullet-hell, give or take a few hours depending on your reflexes. The narrative is connected to at least 2 other Arkhouse games, so if you skip those you might have a hard time understanding the importance of recurring characters. Even though I love the narrative in his games, Arkhouse stories are very metaphorical, there is some space for personal interpretation. Unfortunately, the difficulty is not fair, I don’t mind challenging gameplay, but a lot of it has to do with confusing hitboxes, punishing checkpoint system, and the need for excessive stage repetition. If you don’t play carefully you can potentially create a very poor checkpoint with low HP, although sometimes you can reload the game and go a bit further back.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

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Oh this game…

I WANTED to like this game. I SO wanted to! The art style and the music was interesting! And while the game was hard, it was still fun! But then in the middle, the game jumped the shark with a m weird maze and minesweeper level and PLATFORMING levels which made no sense!

And the levels starting getting VERY cheap and annoying! Sadistically cheap! Being hit out of nowhere by attacks you can’t see! Weakpoints that you have to guess to find! And the story jumping the shark like that! And the most annoying thing being much of the non-story text being backwards! That made things VERY annoying to understand!

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

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