Hornet Virus: Steel Alcimus II

Hornet Virus: Steel Alcimus II

This is a really great game it has few bugs and is both fun and challenging.

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Real player with 22.2 hrs in game

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.99 cents is an insult. i would pay 9.99 for this

i wish jungle strike had been this good. i wish nuclear strike had been this intense. holy crap i have no idea where to begin

the title screen explodes into synths that would make kenny loggins weep. the menu is clean and simple and quickly gets you to exactly what you want, all while that music keeps it bumpin. training gets you comfortably and confidently in the air. instant action like raiding enemy bases or hopping from island to island defending yours. free flight that lets you customize the engagement. a campaign to test how many days you can last completing random objectives. a really informative weapons menu that i could not even pay attention to cuz of that sick music

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Hornet Virus: Steel Alcimus II on Steam