Why Should You Trust My Review?

I have spent over 35 hours on this game and have achieved all achievements, I have played through every level and currently every custom map available on the steam workshop, thus making me familiar with the games mechanics and quirks. I will also state that this game will NOT be for everyone, that is not to say you won’t enjoy this game, but quite clearly MLP (although not associated with) has somewhat of an inspiration (Cpt. Obvious! I know right?!). So, with it’s grim-dark premise, D’LIRIUM is a short and enjoyable game with ‘interesting’ mechanics with a creepy atmosphere. And who else can describe their game better than the developers themselves? As I can confirm what they describe about the game is what you are 100% getting!

Real player with 39.2 hrs in game

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Well, when I saw this game on youtube I knew one thing for certain: The dialogue is stitched on but the gameplay is great.

I was not entirely wrong, as both the ending and the intro scene have characters with strange attitudes that fit with the overarching story like ass. Why Ada cares for Claudia is clear, as you can kinda-sorta sense an air of friendship between the duo, but why she cares for Dismas and Gestas, despite being called idiots several times is beyond my understanding. Not to mention we don’t get an explanation as to why the hell Abel, someone whose character seems to be that of a mentor would ever give Ada such a powerful tool if he suspected she would use it the way she did.

Real player with 22.8 hrs in game

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