Xentron Attack

Xentron Attack

Xentron Attack is a multi-directional shooter inspired by Vector graphic space shooters including Asteroids, Space Duel, Space Fury, and Solar Quest.

The evil alien forces called Xentron have invaded your galaxy and spreading dangerous meteors and missiles in the space. It’s now up to 2 elite fighters to eliminate Xentrons and save the humanity. Fight with smart enemies who calculates your movements. Turn your ship precisely and use the borderless space wisely, and use shield and warp in emergency situations. Your moving direction and firing direction are always same; this is not a twin stick shooter!


  • Simplistic Vector graphics

  • Fast-phased gameplay inspired by classic space shooters

  • 3 different modes to play: Standard mode, Dogfight mode, and 1979 mode

  • Dock with 8 special docking weapons to increase your firepower.

  • Supports 2-player mode. Play cooperatively or competitively for greater scores.

  • Online leaderboards to compete with other people.

  • Select your own control method : the classic rotating, more user-friendly straightforward rotating, and mouse controls.

  • Supports Xinput controllers. Arcade sticks are strongly recommended than typical game controllers.

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Xentron Attack on Steam

Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse Edition

Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse Edition

Arcade retro game 2D

Overall Score : 7/10


General Details

Visual Quality/Graphic : 10/10 (Its 2D Visual)

Animations Quality : 5/10

System Requirements Efficiency : 10/10

Smooth (Bug-less) : 7/10

User Interface : 5/10

Price Efficiency : 6/10

Story : 0/10 (doesn’t have!)

Music/Soundtracks : 5/10

Gameplay : 5/10

Pay to Win/Pay to Enjoy : False (+7)

If you are thinking of buying another similar Arcade game I recommend Cyberhunt is the same

Real player with 89.9 hrs in game

I’m not gonna lie, I really wanted to like this game but the more I played it the more flaws I found, that in the end really pissed me off. I don’t think this game is bad but the faults are too prominent to ignore. The flaws I’m going to mention aren’t because of glitches or anything like that. My complaints mainly come from the game design aspect. But There are good aspects to this game it so I’m gonna talk about them.

The gameplay is pretty simple, but not bad. The main things you’ll be doing is running around in a medium size arena with randomly generated traps (which are saws) placed around it, and killing zombies. My main problems is the traps and the flashlight mechanic. The flashlight is the glow around your character that slowly dies down and you have to find batteries for it to keep good visibility. The flashlight sound interesting but after a while it becomes an annoyance because of two thing, the traps and how fast the light dies out, which requires you to hunt for batteries instead of the zombies.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse Edition on Steam



A fun, frantic and sometimes frustrating spiritual successor to Sinistar, Devileader delivers that classic arcade fun in spades. I never really got into the ‘original’ a whole lot, but this game has a few more interesting elements that give the game a good depth and the difficulty setting is a nice addition that keeps things approachable and adaptable, especially for people like me who are not already experts at this game format. I would definitely recommend giving this game a try if you’re at all a fan of the original arcade shooters or fast-paced arcade action in general.

Real player with 124.3 hrs in game

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Hijong Park delivers again. This time with Devileader (Sinistar on crack).

So yes, Sinistar… but this time re-imagined with 4 difficulty levels, much larger enemy variety, interesting weapon variety, and online scoreboards. First off before gameplay begins you are given a choice of one of a handful of superweapons to equip on your ship. These are very powerful and will be used sparingly as they require mining crystals to recharge. They are great for getting you out of tough spots or clearing out a path to hit the devileader with devibombs. Careful though as some will also completely wipe out asteroids and mined cystals which have yet to be collected. Next, your primary laser has a secondary rapid fire mode that clears enemies at a much faster rate. On the flip side it heats up quickly requiring a cooldown time after prolonged use. These two core weapon changes alone already make the frantic gameplay in Devileader much more interesting than in the original arcade classic. Now lets add in a larger ever growing enemy and hazard variety as you progress further into the game and you are looking at a truly great arcade experience. Last but not least, there is a lone drop ship that enters the play area every so often to drop either more powerful ammo limited weapons or time limited items such as shields or cloaks. Be sure to check your map periodically for the drop ship as it can be easy to miss the computerized voice alerting you to its presence in the heat of action.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

Devileader on Steam

Planes, Bullets and Vodka

Planes, Bullets and Vodka

A cheap vertical scrolling shoot em up, it is playable enough and can be fun at times but frustrating at others - the power ups are essential but random drops, so some games you will have it easy, others you are basically doomed as the enemies get tougher so you can shoot less of them, further reducing your chances of getting more power ups and getting back on track.

The controls are fine, the graphics are basic but functional, and the difficulty curve of the enemies is reasonable (although the dual firing heavy you start getting at level 4 are difficult to kill reliably unless you get really lucky with power ups to that point). At some points later on you start getting narrow passages only just wide enough for your plane, which seems to defeat the object of the game as you just have to stay there and get hit by anything that fires before your bullets hit them.

Real player with 42.1 hrs in game

♛ Overall Score : 4/10


General Details

Visual Quality/Graphic : 1/10

Animations Quality : 1/10

System Requirements Efficiency : 1/10

Smooth (Bug-less) : 1/10

User Interface : 4/10

Price Efficiency : 1/10

Story : 0/10

Music/Soundtracks : 4/10

Gameplay : 1/10

Pay to Win/Pay to Enjoy : False

💖 Bonus :

Supports ONLINE & OFFLINE mode : Offline only (+5)

Has Item Drops at Steam Inventory (Ignoring Trading Cards) : False

Real player with 10.2 hrs in game

Planes, Bullets and Vodka on Steam