Fog Factory - Game Maker

Fog Factory - Game Maker

I expected much more. This Game-Maker sadly suffers from a lack of ambition and creative thought. The UI design is lacking, the audio rarely works and the game is incredibly imbalanced. Hopefully in the future this can be improved, although that may take a lot of work.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Fog Factory - Game Maker on Steam

Remember When

Remember When

This game was wholesome, sweet, and kind of surprised me. I was looking for a quick game to waste my time, and this was a good way to spend said time, I may come back and play it again sometime if I remember. Its worth your time, so ye, play it!

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

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After a while, the Developer updated the Game and now it don’t stuck again. I played the Game and i am absolutly suprised. It is a short little story about a man and his memories. The ending hit me hard and remebered me to say “I love you” to my wife everytime we talk or spend time together…

Game is free… give it a try. You play though story in about 1 hour. :)

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Remember When on Steam