Police Simulator: Patrol Duty

Police Simulator: Patrol Duty

Disclaimer: I was a closed beta tester for this game starting from October 9, 2018-June 18, 2019, so some information might be outdated. No compensation of any sort (other than a beta key) was provided to me.

Updates: I just got off of a shift after a traffic duty mission where I frisked a suspect and found a switchblade. He was arrested shortly after. Was not taking an emergency call, just doing proactive beat work. Also, the plate information for illegally parked vehicles in traffic duty show up on the PDA, but not on the computer. Also received word that others have arrested those with warrants outside of missions and calls.

Real player with 32.1 hrs in game

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Quite an entertaining game. There is a ton of repeats with missions which can get a little boring over a longer period of time, but it’s a good thing they have Multiplayer. I’ll state the pro’s and con’s as well as what could/should be added in the future. I will state some things that may confuse people, but I will try and explain them in brackets. This is of course because I am an Officer in real life and I like to point out things that would be obvious to other officers.


  • Has a realistic form of Conduct

Real player with 28.8 hrs in game

Police Simulator: Patrol Duty on Steam

Autobahn Police Simulator

Autobahn Police Simulator

I just wanted a police sim. I mean, there are a couple coming out this year that look really good, but I just really wanted to play one. Sure, it’s got some “mixed” reviews, but Steam can be a little harsh. And I don’t want the shoot-em-up sort of police sim; I want something that celebrates the mundane tasks of the traffic cop. It sounded like a winner.

No. I hate this game. I thought it was maybe that I had to get used to it but, no: listen to the reviews, this game sucks.

Other reviews seem to talk about the driving mechanics, and that is by far the worst thing in this game. Driving is so difficult that the developers obviously knew it, and though there is a damage meter for your car, it actually goes back down if you don’t hit anything for a few seconds.

Real player with 18.5 hrs in game

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Well i spent over a week deliberating this one, in light of the mixed reviews. I ended up watching video reviews online to help me make up my mind.

I’m glad I bought this game. I prefer sims over any other genre, and I always thought a highway police sim would be cool.

Personally, I really can’t understand why there’s so many negative reviews. I guess a lot of them were written prior to the updates/patches, which appear to have corrected most of the bugs and glitches. It’s really not a bad game at all if you’re into simulators. And i think this is where most people make the mistake of reviewing it like a regular game instead of a sim.

Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

Autobahn Police Simulator on Steam

Autobahn Police Simulator 2

Autobahn Police Simulator 2


Did the reader download the first Autobahn Police Simulator game back when it was being given away for free on Steam during the COVID-19 pandemic, and suffer through steering controls so bad that the player found themselves doing more steering corrections in a single patrol shift than Ayrton Senna did in a grand prix weekend so they could keep the car in the same lane at a relatively low speed? The steering aspect of Autobahn Police Simulator 2 has improved so much to the point to where it’s amazing these two games are in the same series. The main differences in games, is that Autobahn Police Simulator 2 features three vehicles instead of two to drive, the game has a short campaign that adds variety to the Autobahn patrolling, the player can choose between male and female main characters, and also sculpt the faces of their officers. However, the partner the main character has this time is only slightly more useful in that he talks, but is otherwise as useless as the partner in the first game.

Real player with 134.4 hrs in game

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So far in the time playing this game, it’s pretty enjoyable. It kinda simulates police work and also detective work at the same time. This is a free roam police simulation plus the nice story line in which you do a little detective work on the side. You can upgrade your police station, vehicles, and equipment using your intuition points you receive throughout your police patrols. Some PROS: You are able to customize your character in the beginning of the game. The graphics are pretty good. The driving isn’t that bad. This game does not seem to crash. They have some pretty decent callouts for police work. You can check people’s drivers licenses, inspect vehicles thoroughly, do breathalyzers, give tickets and make arrest during your traffic stops if need be. Very well done campaign. Probably the most realistic police simulator I have ever played in my life. CONS: Not many police cars to choose from. No change in police light/patterns/sirens/etc. You cannot call for backup. You are unable to make traffic stops if you are doing a mission. They have some pretty decent callouts, BUT after doing so many of them, it gets a little old and it could use a little more variety. I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S UP with these med-kits and safety equipment people keep in their car, but apparently in Germany, it’s illegal NOT to carry them at all times, so make sure to ticket them if they don’t have the equipment, or they will dock YOU points. The damage you do with your car is not realistic, almost having no effect whatsoever. ((CON? I dont know) Not sure if it’s just the beginning, but you have a male partner all the time in your car.) Slightly bad cursor moving. It’s a little un-smooth which can get frustrating at times. Overall not a terrible game. Is it worth $20? Absolutely. Give it a shot.

Real player with 28.7 hrs in game

Autobahn Police Simulator 2 on Steam

Junkyard Simulator

Junkyard Simulator

I would like to start off by saying this game is very addicting at the same time it’s aslso game breaking, we desperatly need some hotfixes and alot of major udates. i understand that it’s early access and there’s gonna be bugs but there’s no excuse for not having hotfixes right away so we can at least keep playing without all these game screen freezings. All i ask from the dev team is please don’t give up on this game cause it’s the first game i ever played that got me instantly hooked, but now with the constant screen freezing to the point i have to manually shut down the game and now i refuse to play the game until the game screen freezing gets fixed.

Real player with 99.0 hrs in game

The first word that comes to mind when considering the current state of the game is “Rough”. Exceedingly rough.

The map is a haphazard tangled array of zones that make no sense. There is nothing about the map that makes it feel like you’re in an actual place, instead there’s just a random array of facilities and junk heaps (many many junk heaps) with decoration decisions that are clearly inspired by the philosophy"what can we put here to have variety" rather than “what can we do here that makes sense?” For example, you’ll have a chain link fence start out one panel high, then it’ll jump to two on the next panel, down to one again, get metal cladding and be three sections tall on the next, etc. Nobody builds a fence like that.

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

Junkyard Simulator on Steam