Subway Train Simulator 2D

Subway Train Simulator 2D

good game drive a subway on subway routes should be some more fetures thro like do the route but in reverse have a steam workshop were users could create there own routes and share it

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

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No inertia management (the main interest for a train sim). When you put the power to 0, the train stop instantly. So… useless.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Subway Train Simulator 2D on Steam

Merto’s Part

Merto’s Part

Merto’s Part is a First Person Exploration game.

Merto is just inside of some situations and he don’t know anything. He need to help for choosing true moves.

In this story, you will be in Merto’s place and trying to find physical and psychological safe-zones for him.

It takes effort to survive sometimes.

Dreams could be safe-zone or danger-zone.

A place where no one has been before, it can be any place.

Or safe-zone is possible ?

Download and play.

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Merto's Part on Steam

WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship

WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship

Decent game. Potential to be outstanding, but failing at key areas. I give it a score of 68/100. Many rallies and stages are beautifully made and the lighting is at times awesome, perhaps best demonstrated in Rally Monte Carlo, the way that light shines through the leafless trees and from angles realistic to life. So, graphically, great game. But where’s the mud????!! Where’s the grime?? The RAIN??? The weather effects are hugely underwhelming, as in WRC 6. The game’s attempt at rain can’t even be called drizzle, and rally isn’t rally without mud and brutal, challenging conditions.

Real player with 234.2 hrs in game

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Sim racer here.. love sims like AC, rF2, RaceRoom, Richard Burns Rally, Automobilista. Went into this game VERY skeptical, but end up positively surprised.

WRC 7 is surprisingly sim-like, WAY more a simulation than any past WRC titles. Actually I rate this game higher as a SIMULATION than the disappointing Dirt 4. (Well, Dirt 4 Rallycross was okay, but their “physics upgrades” effectively sucked the fun out of rallying)



Best stages in any Rally game, period. Detailed, narrow, full of danger and surprises. Puts Dirt 4 to shame. The stages themselves are actually better than even Dirt Rally.

Real player with 76.5 hrs in game

WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship on Steam

Riding Seas

Riding Seas

Riding Seas is a cartoon-style boat racing game that fits into the arcade racing games of the 2000s (WaveRace, Splashdown, …). A family friendly game, with varied, colorful and fun decorations in which you will find many references to cinema and / or video games.

The game offers:

Riding Seas on Steam

Theo’s World

Theo’s World

Theo’s World is the rarest game I have ever played. I personally believe that the best part of Theo’s World was the fact that I felt elite knowing I was one of the only sets of eyes that would likely ever see this game. There was clearly alot of effort that went into the map, however within 5 minutes I was stuck, glued to my tricycle and forced to do nothing but tour the island. Another 5 minutes past and poor Theo tipped over the tricycle and we got stuck, in the hellscape that is Theo’s World.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

when i clicked usar, it says please close to any items or esc button. i clicked esc and actions doesnt disappear and i cannot do anything cuz of that i have to exit to menu all time.otherwise game’s graphics are good and should be uptaded. GO on!

Edit: They fixed the problem. They will be more uptaded for this game i guess. Optimization was better than previous uptade btw.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Theo's World on Steam