OMSI 2: Steam Edition

OMSI 2: Steam Edition

This is still the best bus simulator. It is a good improvement on OMSI 1.

MAPS/VEHICLES: The Spandau map is much extended with a new chronology function where you can see the routes/fares and most importantly the Berlin reunification/fall of the Berlin wall between 1986 and 1994. Two maps are included the fictional test map Grundorf (one route, the 76) and Berlin Spandau (routes 92 (137), 5 (130) and also two night routes. Two new buses come with this game the articulated (bendy) bus MAN NG272 (GN92) and the MAN NL202 (EN92). The two double deckers from OMSI 1 are improved and the MAN SD202 has two new variants; the D90 and the D91. There are new AI cars including ambulances with working sirens. There is also much more trains in OMSI 2.

Real player with 3171.6 hrs in game

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OMSI is a deeply odd and divisive creation, it is at once both an abysmally dire example of horrendous software design, while also one of the profoundest delights available to those with a passion for buses.

Learning the many arcane processes for getting this simulation to work is no small feat. Don’t bother trying to suck-it-and-see - there is no realistic chance of you fully getting to grips with OMSI inside the 2-hour limit for refunds - it requires an enormous commitment of time and energy to achieve a working understanding of OMSI. (In that respect, I suspect it’s not unlike actually learning to drive a real bus).

Real player with 839.3 hrs in game

OMSI 2: Steam Edition on Steam

Euro Truck Simulator

Euro Truck Simulator

As a person who has been a flight simulator addict for going on three decades now… ( I cut my teeth on a green screen IBM bootleg copy of Pilot trainer circa 1988 ) I have often been skeptical of the ‘ground runners.’ Trains, racing cars and boats all have the same singular fundementle flaw on the virtual stage. Primarily that no matter how much you REALLY want it to be true, you are NOT going to get a realistic perspective view of … well … ANYTHING. Land and city scapes will always be a generic reflection of what you just saw and are about to see again. SO; having established my rational for skepticesm, what am I doing here? To put it plainly. I’m cheap and my entertainment budget can be bought. In short for $20 I got the whole euro-truken-paint joben collection. You should too, hopefully here is why….

Real player with 48.6 hrs in game

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I’m torn on this one. There’s no neutral option, so I’ll go with thumbs up.

This is the second game by SCS that I’ve played, the other being 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul. For having released only 8 months later, the improvements between that game and this one are incredible. I would go so far as to say that the graphics, the way the gameplay feels, and the detail of the in-game economy are all objectively better than the previous game. Trucks don’t randomly snap loose like in the previous game. You get fair warning before your character starts dozing in this game. AI traffic uses the right lane now, and it doesn’t turn right from the left lane anymore. The money you earn has more use in this game vs the last one; you buy business licenses to expand your operation into more countries, and you can buy hazmat permits to haul more dangerous (and thus more valuable) cargo. The road system has a more natural feel than the previous game, with smoother turns and smoother elevation changes. There are even subtle new additions like being able to hear ambient noise at certain places like farms and lumber mills.

Real player with 26.9 hrs in game

Euro Truck Simulator on Steam

The Count of Monster Disco

The Count of Monster Disco

Bought this game on the recommendation, nay the insistence, of a friend who has become a huge Train Simulator enthusiast. It was half-off during the Halloween sale, and even at full-price it is much less than the original game. It is a great introduction to the unique gameplay. As my friend said, explaining the gameplay makes it sound boring, so suffice to say, it is a fairly relaxed experience, with the simple controls, simple objectives, and observation of the camera angles and maps. It is not exactly easy, with different resources to manage, but it is a slow paced game that gives you time to ponder the nature of transportation by rails.

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This is a fun and well done I wish they would do another one for Halloween 2021 and other times of the year would be great. I have also bought Christmas themed add on’s but there haven’t been any new add on’s like these for a long time it’s too bad I would buy more if available

The Count of Monster Disco on Steam

Train Simulator 2022

Train Simulator 2022


As some people don’t seem to be getting this, the reason why I have “played” this game for 2000 hours is twofold. The first is that I like trains. They’re great. This game is a pretty old game and I’ve owned it since about 2009/2010. I’ve probably clocked some 3-400 hours of playtime on this, as I have developed my own routes and driven trains up and down the existing routes. That still leaves 1700 hours. This is due to a glitch in the earlier game. It used to leave a process running that I never noticed that told steam that I was still “in-game” even when I was sleeping or out at uni/work. This wasn’t patched until very recently.

Real player with 2818.9 hrs in game

Train Simulator. I don’t really know where to start on the game. I have owned it since Rail Simulator back in the days and when it realeased, it was a good game! However, over the years, the game has been upgraded and features have been added. The development of the game has been taken over by DTG that released it as Train Simulator 2012 and offered free updates over the years. And that is where the problem arises. The game was upgraded with new features that clogged the main engine.

You might think, “Hey, new features, that’s nice!” but think again. Most features means more use of resources which, in this game, are pretty scarse. Since the engine is still from Rail Simulator, it is 32-bit, pretty inefficient and it means when you get over 3,4GB of memory (and trust me, you can hit that limit pretty easy!) it runs out of memory and the game crashes in a tempdump, if it hasn’t crashed already in a random crash, which happens quite often.

Real player with 2654.2 hrs in game

Train Simulator 2022 on Steam

DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally

There’s nothing like flying down a dirt road sliding around corners and missing edges by inches. Its seat of the pants driving in the extreme.

Rally-sport is one of the last untamed racing types in existence. To me its baffling why the sport is not more popular. Im looking forward to attending my first local one next spring. A number of years ago after dirt showdown came out I was so disappointed by the offering I did a google search for rumors about the next dirt game when I came across a extensive survey(8 pages long) for what I wanted in the next dirt game. The nature of the questions were thorough and specific as far as authenticity and most of all realistic simulation vs arcade racing. After taking the survey I was super existed told fellow racing friends about it. But years went by and nothing… 9months ago codies said they were removing the dreaded GFWL from dirt 3 and making it a steamworks game. Time went by and I thought its fate was the same as the survey I took. Then in time for my birthday for this year we got Dirt 3 Complete. Then I was blown away because not long after dirt 3 came this gem.

Real player with 473.2 hrs in game

Initially I had a cracked copy of this game, and I just felt guilty for playing it so much. Buying it was one of the best ideas I had, and I should have bought it day 1

Coming from a history of playing a TON of rally games from the PlayStation 1 era up until now, but sadly missed out on Richard Burns Rally.


  1. I love the fact it’s not as arcadey as most other rally games. I was pretty good in Dirt 3, but coming into DR showed me that I didn’t know NEARLY enough, and since I’d always push as hard as I could, the game punished me for it every single time. They could have improved on the physics but it is still one of the better representations of a rally car

Real player with 321.9 hrs in game

DiRT Rally on Steam

On The Road - Truck Simulator

On The Road - Truck Simulator

i would say yes and no for recommanding this game the game is oke for the most part but the thing they need to fix are the AI on highways for the most time the just stop driving for no reason and the steering with mouse,keybord,controler the steering is way to akward to use it is just to slow with steering that you can’t play the game without a steering wheel.

i like that you have thing that euro truck doesn’t have like box truck,semi and combination trucks and that you can get out of the truck.

Real player with 20.6 hrs in game

Well I couldn’t wait for this game to be released today. But what a dissapointment. No wheel Support at all and i did manage badly to get my pc 360 controller to work but its still not good. I was not impressed with the graphics compared to Ets2 or other driving sims I have. For a game in “Advanced Stages” it’s very poor. Avoid for the time being untill they have got it fixed. Needs Wheel support and done to the standard of other good sims with ffb. I think Multi screen support would be nice too. I am a fan of Early Access but after playing with this for about 30 min i gave up as its not playable in its current state.

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

On The Road - Truck Simulator on Steam

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa

A good but slightly long in the tooth simulation that has been constantly injected with new life thanks to incredibly strong modding support from day 1.

Look up Content Manager, Custom Shaders Patch and SOL, all three work together to inject new life into the game.

Real player with 457.3 hrs in game

good driving simulator for driving enthusiasts looking to go beyond arcade racing games like gt sport or forza. Physics are more challenging, and modding is good. this version of the game is good for gamers looking to try drifting, casual race lobbies, and a wide variety of car and track mods.


-more realistic physics compared to simcade driving games

-large variety of downloadable tracks and cars online for modding

-good simulator to practice realistic drifting

-challenge modes and single player AI are actually hard

Real player with 139.4 hrs in game

Assetto Corsa on Steam

Project CARS

Project CARS

I’ve put a lot of time into Project CARS, and frankly, I’m fed up. So I’m going to give a long and thorough review of it.

TL/DR Version: Broken promises, missing game features, and crippling bugs should keep you away. Ultimately, this entire things feels like a giant paid BETA for Project Cars 2. I.E. You are paying full retail for the privilege of beta testing for the sequal.


  • PCars is relatively cheap. $50 retail + $50 DLC sounds like a lot, but compared to other sim racing games, it isn’t. Fully investing in “iRacing” could easily cost you $500+ ($10-$15 per car / track, EACH), not to mention the $15 per month subscription.

Real player with 1179.0 hrs in game

I can thoroughly recommend this game to those with an open mind. Physics wise it’s a very complex sim, not without it’s faults, but other sims that people rate have had major physics rewrites, especially tyre physics. The game is not without faults that much is obvious, the importance of the faults will vary from one person to the next. I couldn’t give a rats hairy crack about multiplayer or league racing, but that’s just me. Others do and for them PCARS falls short and I understand that. But for me the overall experience is excellent.

Real player with 643.1 hrs in game

Project CARS on Steam

DiRT Rally 2.0

DiRT Rally 2.0

Never really cared for any racing or driving games before this one.

It was brutally hard for me to learn but once you actually get the hang of things it is so damn fun and makes you feel like such a badass. There is no feeling quite like going sideways on a dirt road at 100 MPH and knowing you are fully in control.

Real player with 157.1 hrs in game

Racing games were the one thing I always avoided. For someone like me, who’s a major newbie that can’t build on any past experience or skill in this genre, DiRT Rally 2.0 is a challenge. Sure it can get frustrating, sure I’ll never be the best. But this game reconnected me with real skill-building that requires time and concentration. But beyond the stats, and costs, and strategies, the driving experience is just plain fun.

Real player with 61.0 hrs in game

DiRT Rally 2.0 on Steam

ZUSI 3 - Aerosoft Edition

ZUSI 3 - Aerosoft Edition

This is IMO the de facto state of the art train simulator as far as realism goes. What makes this one an absolute sell even at the comparatively hefty price is that there is no paying for routes or rolling material, every future content is part of the current price. Furthermore the inclusion of the EBuLa and ZuSi Display (which allows one to open instrument panels, MTD, MFA/MFD, EBuLa and backpanels in new windows that can be resized and/or put on other displays) gives it a huge advantage over the simulators by Dovetail Games. It even supports GNT and ETCS and has routes making use of this.

Real player with 821.9 hrs in game

I thought I would write a few thoughts, as it has been sometime since anyone posted for Zusi 3.

Is Zusi 3 worth the money (currently £54.50 Aerosoft Edition on Steam).

Well, it perhaps depends upon your point of view of what you want from a simulator. If you want fancy graphics and easy game play then perhaps Zusi 3 is not for you. If you want adequate graphics (I will return to that subject later) and intense study level game play then perhaps Zusi 3 may be for you.

I have played 236 hours and still only scratched the surface. I am sure there are people who have played hundreds of more hours. It can still catch me out and proves very challenging.

Real player with 243.5 hrs in game

ZUSI 3 - Aerosoft Edition on Steam