Trackmania United Forever

Trackmania United Forever

This game isn’t a racing game like all others. Trackmania has its own things that make it a special racing game - the physics for time attacking.

You can ride with cars over nice maps build by Nadeo, or the community in 7 different environments. Collect medals by improving your time. Chase your friends to see who’s the better racer. Build your own maps and share your maps with others, for example on There’s a lot of stuff you can do related to cars.

True, you can do all of this in Nations, but United is another big experience of driving with different cars and enjoying their unique environments. Please don’t waste your money on this game because of Coppers support, it’s stupid.

Real player with 4560.3 hrs in game

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If you give this game only a brief glance, you are going to see a simple arcade racing game where cars look like toys and drive round corners at speeds exceeding 600 km/h. But if you look under the shell and start probing deeper you shall see that TrackMania is in fact many things and it isn’t in fact simple, but rather simplistic.

Do you like hardcore racing where you need to hunt for tenths and hundredths of a second, and even a small concentration lapse can result in a crash when you are on a world record pace? Come on in, there’s plenty of that. Do you like to build maps for others to race at? It’s easy to do that with a built in editor. Maybe you prefer doing various stunts, such as backflips, barrel rolls, driving through loops or just riding the walls in a car? TM is a perfect choice for you. Just in case you like puzzles, there’s a game mode for you where you have to build a fastest way between start, finish and a few checkpoints using a limited amount of blocks. Then again you can just challenge your brain and your very self to try and seek for outrageous shortcuts in others' tracks, as nobody can dictate you the order in which the checkpoints must be driven.

Real player with 989.3 hrs in game

Trackmania United Forever on Steam



Review ### 53

TL;DR 4 speeding busses out of 10


  • Just look at all of those achievements

  • The graphics actually are not the worst I’ve seen

  • There is variety


  • The game is just not fun

  • There doesn’t feel like there is any progress made from one race/track to the next

  • Floaty controls

Impressions of the game

I feel like this game’s primary selling point is the amount of achievements that it has. There is nothing wrong with that but after you have unlocked them all the game leaves a lot to be desired. It feels barren both in content but also in the game world. It was completely functional in my experience however. That may or may not be offset by the price of the game. For many people, a functional game at 50 cents is worth it. Even so I do not feel as though I could recommend it to anyone. It is definitely something that I will complete an be happy knowing that I will not be going back to experience it again.

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

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This is a racing game where we choose one of four cars and race on one of the nineteen tracks. We have a choice of two game modes, one of which is a time trial and the other is a computer race.

Let’s start with the fact that this is a simple arcade game, where you can’t expect to take into account the laws of physics. That is why sometimes our car may start to behave strangely when it crashes with a bot.

The tracks in the game are all made in the same way. There is definitely a lack of diversity here, and different weather conditions do not change anything at all. The routes are short, and therefore we can learn them by memory very quickly. This can be an advantage and a disadvantage of this game. The choice of car is also not important.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Barro on Steam

Dust n Wheels

Dust n Wheels

this game is the worst that im played lagging audio so bad that even cuts and no audio game really bad optimased i playing on gtx 1070 8gb maq

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

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A the moment this game is in its alpha stage and does not seem very promising.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Dust n Wheels on Steam

TrackMania² Canyon

TrackMania² Canyon

Trackmania 2 doesn’t offer a pushed calling mode, sensible tracks and stupefying gathering of available autos like other hustling titles. It has single-player substance, however Nadeo’s continuation isn’t wanted to be played alone. This is an establishment about sharing, about social event, and about dashing all through of this world circles in the wake of taking a snappy skip off an avenue lifted over a gap floor. It runs with a social occasion of force tracks, yet the certifiable delight of the redirection is picking through the get-together’s appearances and ricocheting into servers to go up against others for smart times. Certainly, even so not long after dispatch, there’s as of now a critical designate of substance there.

Real player with 819.9 hrs in game

Well, my first ever review….

They’ve gone and fooked this game right up, after 200+ (i think) hours of playing i can no longer log in, apparantly my account’s email is wrong, when nothing has been changed, so i cant get a new password for my account, i load up trackmania to be greeted to a broken client screen which is blank. Which claims im not connected to the internet

Lets ask ubisoft support for help!

5 days later …. no reply…

lets go to ubisoft live help!

Sorry this isnt the right department, we only deal with connection issues, but this is a connection issue?… sorry but we cant deal with connection issues on live chat? (the f**k?)

Real player with 233.5 hrs in game

TrackMania² Canyon on Steam

Barro 22

Barro 22

The greatest racing game I have ever played.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

5k achievements

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Barro 22 on Steam

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel

“Sometimes the best therapy is a long drive with music”

Open World

Drive day & night, pick up hitchhikers, refuel, check engine temperature. Watch out for the cops!

Driving jobs

Taxi, Bus, Trucks and much more!

Realistic Tire Physics

With sophisticated vehicle and tire physics, you can enjoy realistic and challenging driving. Feel the tire grip and burn some tires by drifting! If you are a keyboard player, don’t forget to use ‘Burnout’ when you want to let the rear go sideways. Driving Assist is available for keyboard players and controllers are fully supported.

Singleplayer and Multiplayer Mode

Enjoy solitude in single-player or have fun with friends in multiplayer mode.


You can compete with AI or Other players at the Onroad and offroad tracks.


The online leader board shows you how fast you are. Autocross is a good way to improve your driving skills.

Key Features

  • Driving with Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad, Steering wheel

  • Realistic, yet easy (with the assist feature) driving

  • Single-player and Multiplayer Mode

  • Open world (8 x 8 Km) with Day & Night cycle

  • Passenger Transportation (Hitchhikers, Taxi, Bus)

  • Cargo Transportation (Pickup, Trucks, Semi-Trailer)

  • Special vehicles (Police, Tow Truck, Ambulance and more will be added)

  • Refueling

  • Replacing car parts

  • Buying/Renting cars

  • Blinker, Headlight, Horn, Driving Mode, and Auto-Pilot!

  • Race

  • Time attack

  • Autocross

  • Online leaderboards

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel on Steam

TrackMania² Stadium

TrackMania² Stadium

The ultimate ghost chasing simulator.

(Disclaimer: My total Steam gametime does NOT represent my actual total gametime.)

TrackMania² Stadium is a 2012 arcade racing game, published by Ubisoft and developed by Nadeo, and is the sequel to one of the greatest racing games ever made, TrackMania Nations Forever.

For the uninitated, TrackMania is a high-speed arcade racing game, where lightning fast time trials take place in diverse and unique enviromments, chock-full with ludicrous stunts and gravity-defying circuits. The gameplay is extremely easy, yet hard to master, with even one minor mistake threatening to put you into a wall and end your otherwise flawless run, as you seek to shave off those precious milliseconds from your personal best.

Real player with 772.8 hrs in game

This game is pretty ridiculous. It’s like the company asked a bunch of 4th graders to come up with ideas for a racing game, and this is the result. Wall rides, loops, huge jumps, crazy speed. It’s awesome.

That being said, the skill cap is infinitely high. Yes, it’s massively fun to go on a server and smash through a bunch of new tracks, crashing all over the place and hitting walls like they owe you money. And it’s worth mentioning that since the multiplayer is almost exclusively user-created levels, there are tens of thousands of maps to play. But once you settle in to a server and have learned the maps, then it becomes a wonderfully technical game about shaving off bits of time where you can.

Real player with 645.5 hrs in game

TrackMania² Stadium on Steam

Racing Juke

Racing Juke

The never saves your progress. The badges are broken they just award them to you for doing nothing. You get nothing for buying early access. It’s a rip off the cpu drivers are pretty bad.

The CPU drivers offen go out of control and do sharp turns when ever you go near them.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game


Recommend for all

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Racing Juke on Steam

Blood Drift

Blood Drift

Just a little time waster. Kinda like popping bubble wrap. Get it on sale.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

very good and basic

i like it

le wow

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Blood Drift on Steam

Super Pilot

Super Pilot

This game is one of the “F-Zero-Inspired games” that GETS to say that it is F-Zero inspired. Because it is. The controls and layout, and overall feel are vastly similar to F-Zero GX. Racers don’t get to boost until the second lap, and of course, movement is a fair bit sensitive. The three most important things to getting the F-Zero feel.

However, it does manage to have it’s own identity, as can be seen in how boosting is done. Unlike F-Zero, boosting doesn’t deplete energy, but there’s more a “limit” as to how it can be used. Use it too much too soon, and your machine will easily wreck if you sustain a hit or two. In the event you do get wrecked, you can respawn. This is something that would likely welcome people who were intimidated by F-Zero basically punishing a fail for having players be wrecked for the entire race (more racers however should try to be as punishing in my opinion).

Real player with 64.5 hrs in game


Super Pilot is an arcade racer following the footsteps of F-Zero. The game follows F-Zero’s ideas pretty closely and is a perfected execution of a modern take on the mechanics. I struggle to find anything to dislike about Super Pilot and can’t wait for it to continue getting updates and eventually release out of Early Access.


In this game, you won’t be using anything but pure skill and understanding of mechanics to win a race. There are no powerups and no random advantages. If you are better than the people you play with, or the artificial intelligence, you will simply be better. There’re no blue shells or lightning strikes to cheat you out of a victory. Now, this can be seen as bad because it does mean Super Pilot’s racing is very simple. At the same time, taking away the random factors of a lot of other arcade racers makes this one significantly fairer. You will win because you are better, or you will lose because you’re worse.

Real player with 14.4 hrs in game

Super Pilot on Steam