Cyberpunk styled combat racing inspired by all the amazing 90’s and 00’s racers. Featuring fast paced, frantic racing action with intense strategic combat.


Equip four types of abilities simultaneously for ultimate destructive capabilities! Load up with homing missiles, plasma launchers, laser cannons, proximity mines, gatling guns and more! Strategy and combos are key if you want to quickly dispatch opponents.


Change team liveries, colours, chassis, race numbers, wheels, loadout and more. Build relationships with fellow pilots and draft them on your team. Research abilities and technologies then set your loadouts before the event.


Race across five vastly different locales, each with destructive and interactive environments. Use track hazards to your advantage to trap opponents and force a mistake. Blow up volatile trackside objects for big damage.


Play online with your friends, or join up in a two person super team with split-screen co-op!

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Phaseshift on Steam



Get ready to Wreck Out as you spin & fling your way to brick-busting glory. Smash & grab power ups, unleash your character’s devastating ultimate ability, and compete head-to-head in knockout arena play.

Compete in epic online knockout tournaments or battle bots for glory.

Jump into a quick match against friends at home or online.

Unlock themed arenas with custom contraptions which mix up gameplay.

Unleash devastating ultimate abilities to turn the tide in battle.

Smash the super bricks, increase your multiplier, and hoover up coins as you climb the score attack leaderboards.

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Wreckout on Steam

Auto Age: Standoff

Auto Age: Standoff

A ton more fun than I was expecting.

Full disclosure, I am an indie dev living near where Phantom Compass is located, so I knew about the game and was given a free copy. Very surprised at how fluid and smooth and most of all FUN the cars are to drive. I absolutely love the way the little cars handle. It has that perfect “arcady, videogamey” vibe, where teh cars aren’t striving to feel realistic, they are striving for teh best player experiance possible, which I personally think is teh best way to go about this type of locomotion based game. They really did a great job tweaking the cars, and probably my favrit part about teh game is drifting around and boosting into teh air, feels so slick.

Real player with 119.0 hrs in game

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This is not a combat-racing game. vehicular brawling, varied classes/styles and weaponry, arenas, aesthetic; this is a car combat game - Auto Age is this in essence, and it’s not too shabby.

In my opinion, the last proper car-combat game was Twisted Metal for the PS3 released back in 2012, and when there are far too few games released apart from the Twisted Metal franchise that fit the bill for being considered part of the car-combat (sub)genre, and to date, as an indie title, Auto Age: Standoff covers the bases to officially be a part of the lineup and not be cringeworthy in 2018.

Real player with 61.8 hrs in game

Auto Age: Standoff on Steam



No forklift ai or campaign mode, but still tons of fun with friends, plus it’s free and pretty easy to get going right away.

  • would like to add that playing online could require the use of a VPN, as the networking service auto-selects the nearest region, which prevents people from seeing other servers. that should really be stated somewhere on the store page.

EDIT: the devs patched the networking issues c:

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

Hello there, have you ever wondered what the pinnacle of human mankind would look like? Well now there´s an answer: Forkdrift!!! The moment I first installed the game and opened it for the first time, it immediately became irreplaceable. You could say it had become a modern classic from the get-go. Graphics? Immaculate. Controls? Smooth as butter. Soundtrack? Forget about Mozart, Beethoven and even Bach. Yes, even Bach- founder of the Fugue. Listening to this soundtrack made me forget about my crippling existance as a human, cured my depression and even brought two of my three pet snails back to life. This game truly is a miracle. I cannot- and I repeat- cannot stress this enough. Now, if you´re looking to continue living your pathetic, pitiful life- then go ahead and do so. Nothing is stopping you. But if you are looking for change, improvement, increase in financial riches or even restoration of your left testical from a bike accident 7 years ago…then look no further. You have got yourself a solution: FORKDRIFT

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Forkdrift on Steam

First Racer

First Racer

First Racer is a racing game with convenient arcade control in which you can get a lot of good emotions.

  • The game has the ability to select a car and configure it, both the appearance (body parts, color) and technical specifications (engine, transmission, suspension, tires).

  • The game has different game regimes:

    • Racing.

    • Drift.Tune your favorite car for the modes that you like and go to new records.

  • Compete with the ghost of other players to improve your experience and set new records on each track.

  • “First Racer” has visual and technical damage, you need to drive more carefully in order to get to the finish line with a good time.

  • Play with your partner on the same PC, this makes the passage of the game much more fun.

  • Enjoy beautiful, stylized graphics.

First Racer on Steam

Rust Racers

Rust Racers

Rust Racers is a vehicle combat game without traditional weapons, a game based around utilizing your mobility, mass, momentum, and special abilities to destroy your enemies. The world is hostile, so are the enemies and this is where friendships come to die.

_Political discourse divided society and as the social contract eroded so did our world.

The United Corporate Government of the remaining world has seized control over the planet,

what’s left of it that is.

Production & population is tightly managed to maintain sustained growth throughout the

total collapse of the global ecosystem.

Operational parameters are overseen by The Corporate Authority, a General Purpose Artificial

Intelligence designed to manage human capital through deadly races.

Will you earn your right to live another day in the last city in the world or will your legacy be

reduced to another set of training data for a malevolent AI?_


Dive into the arena and battle swarms of equally trophy-hungry players!


Master the high mobility of jumps, boosts, and flight then use your vehicle’s momentum, mass, and unique special abilities to annihilate your opponents and be the last one standing.


Be the epicenter of chaos and dive carelessly into battle, or plan your actions to meticulous detail. Choose a playstyle that fits you and choose from a variety of vehicles and drivers to achieve victory. Customize your ironclad chariot and ride in style straight to the pits of hell!


Join our discord and get unique skins and titles as a reward for being an early supporter. Help us make this game reach its full potential!

Rust Racers on Steam

Heavy Metal Machines

Heavy Metal Machines

Don’t know how did it happen but I played 650+ hours in this game.

With that been said I decided to write my first ever review. For starters, I have to say that I haven’t played much for the last half of the year, but several rounds I played yesterday reminded me why I don’t really want to continue.

I played on European server, so all I say is related to that. Because I belive situation on South American server is very different.

The first good, then bad impressions. The gameplay is very good, machines are well balanced and have distinct features. Even after mastering your skill with a certain machine, you have dozen of other machines which will give you totally different game experiences. It’s interesting to play solo (those games when you play with bots in your team :) ) and in the team. Team play is very important and brings the most fun. So there is so much to learn to become a good player and it seems that you could have spend a very long time with this game, but it doesn’t happen and below I continue why…

Real player with 665.2 hrs in game

the devs make heavy metal machines

people actuallly like the game

youtube video of someone actually enjoying the game

the player base starts growing

community driven championships

the devs make a change on gameplay or removes some content

a few players get salty


the devs make a different version of heavy metal machines

Real player with 565.3 hrs in game

Heavy Metal Machines on Steam



Nitroneers is a cartoon style racing and building game where you can burn rubber on different tracks in over 50 different vehicles with up to 4 friends. Build traps and contraptions to either trick your opponents or give yourself an advantage.

Compete against friends or foes in Arcade-mode or take on a selection of predefined tracks across the globe in the World-Tour.


  • Exciting mix between racing and building

  • Over 50 different vehicles

  • Tracks in different environments

  • Play with up to 4 friends

Nitroneers is currently in development and slated to release late 2022.

Nitroneers on Steam



Even in it’s Early access state RO has a lot of potential The Locomotives are very well detailed and are pretty fun to operate. The same goes for the rolling stock as there is a lot of little details most developers tend to overlook. Then there is the map itself. Even though it uses the basic textures from Unreal 4 the landscape still looks amazing at times. However it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Track laying can be a pain in the ass and the terrain and bridge tools are a bit clunky. The Link & Pin couplers have a tendency to break randomly when loading a saved game while other times they have a tendency to launch into space. And while the game is meant to be played ONLINE with Friends don’t expect them to stay on very long if you have a slow internet connection as it is a Peer to Peer Hosting system that RO runs off of. However this also means that you can in a sense play this as an offline Sandbox Game since when you Host a Server you only need to be online to launch the server itself. Once the Server is running you can play the game offline and not worry about getting dropped randomly. Naturally however I give these issues a pass since the game is still in Early Access and as such is bound to have some issues. The game itself is still very fun and like I said before has a lot of potential. Of coruse it’s not for everyone, but if you are interested in Turn of Century American Narrow Gauge Railroading, t’s woth checking out.

Real player with 495.6 hrs in game

After 81 hrs of play time, I must say AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Yes it’s got bugs. Did you report them so they can get fixed? No? then STFU! I have 1 to 3 others working in this game for me. (Yes they work for me. I get more money and XP faster so we can all have good engines) Always have others join your company, always make a password so a**holes don’t join your world and destroy all your hard work. Yes ghost links and tree regrowth is a small problem sometimes. Hey, it’s still under construction, just like your RR! Got a good idea? Go to the Dev’s Discord and tell him. Is it fun? Very much so. does it have bugs? Yeah but so does CyberPunk 2077 and it’s a finished game. Should you buy it? IDK, I did, it’s up to you how to spend your money. I give it a two thumbs up. But hey what do I know. Will you enjoy playing it? Did you like playing with trains when you were a kid? I still like playing with trains, That’s why I work at a railroad museum. If you to like playing with trains, then by all means get this game.

Real player with 94.5 hrs in game

RAILROADS Online! on Steam

Diesel Guns

Diesel Guns


Nowadays is really hard to find some good drive combat videogame, and while Diesel Guns is still in developement, it is still promising and has a good foundation.

Sayd this, maybe is because of it’s Early Access nature but there are things that definitely need improvement in order to make it a good game that can bring back the Drive Combat genre.

First off, let me list what’s good about it so far:

  • Good weapons variety. I especially like that you can choose which weapons to equip for each kind, and apparently it seems there will be more in the future.

Real player with 10.7 hrs in game

If you’re a fan of games like Hardware: Rivals and Vigilante 8, you’ll love this game. the balance of weapons seems just about perfect, and so does the gameplay. Everything just works great. The speed and pacing is perfect. You’re never struggling to try to make a certain mechanic like, ramming or ground pounding work right, it’s not TOO easy either, but it just feels… GOOD when you use it. as of right now, the game is severly lacking in overall content due to it being an early access alpha title, but what’s there will make the gameplay feel near complete when you’re in a deathmatch and blowing up enemies! But for $5, it’s absolutely worth the current state that it’s in.

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

Diesel Guns on Steam