Baklava Simulator

Baklava Simulator

Really Amazing game with stunning graphics. Runs really smooth so far. Is really fun to get your own baklava shop and start managing it. I would recommend it!

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

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Baklava Simulator on Steam

Era Of Newborns

Era Of Newborns

I don’t understand why everyone is being so negative. This version of the game has only been out one day….ONE DAY! Do ya’ll not understand what early access is? It is access to a game early so you can help the project team squash bugs and make the game work like you all think it should now. $20 is cheap, this game “will be” worth $50-$70 dollars when done and you would have gotten it for $20……Rant over now onto the real review;

I payed my $20, chump change and My first glance at this game was like all the bad reviews but then I told myself, it is almost pre-alpha and I need to dredge up my early access survival skills. Once I did that, my progress skyrocketed! Within 6 hours I was in the steel age and was mining the meteorite that’s needed for endgame stuff! The graphics are not what I expected but that’s an easy fix which will come with time, the game play is great, survival deadly wolves and robots, starvation, thirst, I mean come on, if you really enjoy the genre you will enjoy this game…..period

Real player with 131.4 hrs in game

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I have to admit i’m enjoying it. i like the crafting, exploring and scavenging for supply’s. There’s robots, bears,wolf’s,foxes and dear. still early development so its what you make of it. I buy a lot of early access games cause i my opinion that’s where the new ideas come from.

I fell that this has plenty of room to become a good game, just needs the attention and care of the people making it and the community to support it. allot of games started out in early access, allot are dud’s but some have really become something good. So if you want a game ready to play then just wait, if you want to play and watch the game grow and develop then go for it.

Real player with 32.4 hrs in game

Era Of Newborns on Steam



Jalopy is already a lot of fun to play in its current stage. It’s a small and simple game, not one you’ll likely play through an entire night’s session (although once I almost did), but one you’ll probably want to come back to again and again for another quick round or two.

There are many cute details that make it different from most other driving and racing games in existence. First of all is, of course, the titular car you’re driving. It’s an old, ramshackle and unreliable car that is quite unpredictable and takes a lot of maintenance. While other games might have you perform chip tuning, adjust your gear ratios or put some embarrassing neon lights on your car, you’re going to be dealing with much more basic stuff here. Hope you’ll make it to the next gas station with that popped tire, adjust the oil-to-fuel ratio for your two-stroke engine, or decide whether you’re going to sell your air filter so you can afford an extra can of gas for the road, just to be sure.

Real player with 72.6 hrs in game

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Version 1.0 but feels like Version 0.1

**In short:

  • Buggy

  • Lacking Content

  • Menial

  • Buy on sale ( 50%)**


Jalopy is a game most car enthusiasts and gamers alike will enjoy, should it be properly finished. The player takes the role of a nephew charged with the task of taking their Uncle on a journey across the fallen USSR in an old ‘restored’ Liaka 601 (Trabant 601), collecting various (sometimes prohibitied) loot found on backroads and highways to keep their car running and their wallets packed to book hotels; and buy upgrades. Jalopy has an interesting and somewhat unique experience to keep players entertained, just a shame its very short and has little replayability; with the added ‘bonus’ of bugs present throughout.

Real player with 57.3 hrs in game

Jalopy on Steam

My Summer Car

My Summer Car

This game is among one of my all-time favorites; over 1,000 hours played and counting, I just love it!

This game is so packed with realism, like paying bills, electrical safety, and car inspections, that the realism is the real draw here. It’s the realism that motivates you to keep playing, it’s the realism that makes the game a large puzzle to navigate, it’s the realism that gives you a relatable connection.

The amount of work, stress, and wide variety of fluids* you’ll put into the car will add to your fondness for the car. Yes, this low-powered, aging, and dripping one-of-a-kind Satsuma will become a genuine beauty in your eyes, I guarantee it.

Real player with 1080.9 hrs in game

Fixed up the Satsuma, passed inspection, slapped plates on it, got pulled over, and gave a breathalyzer test. To just then have the checkpoint, my Satsuma, and me plowed through by the green car with booming subwoofer; killing all of us. 10/10 would play again!

Real player with 139.1 hrs in game

My Summer Car on Steam

The Long Drive

The Long Drive

Relaxing. Fun and satisfying physics. Satisfying car handling. Freedom of exploration, and medium freedom in car setups and mixing of components. Someone said is more like a tech demo at this point. While it can definitely be defined that way specially due to the very sandboxy setting, it can be way more than that, depending on your approach to the game.

While definitely not for everyone, its the perfect game for goofing around, RolePlaying, or just relaxing with the driving sim mechanics after a long work day.

Real player with 381.5 hrs in game

Overall, great driving game.

Discover vehicles, install and combine parts.

Updates are occasional but devs surely keep working on the game.

If you’re tired from action and want some chill drive, with some podcasts or audiobooks on the background, this game is for you.

Real player with 279.1 hrs in game

The Long Drive on Steam



Deadlane is a horror/racing game which pits the player against five contestants in a race for survival. Inspired by asymmetrical horror games such as Dead by Daylight and beloved racing franchises such as Need for Speed.

As a multiplayer horror-survival game, Deadlane aims to expand the genre by blurring the line between hunter and victim. At the start of each lap, the last-ranking racer will be transformed into the ghost racer known as “Grim Prix”. The Grim Prix curse holds many perks as it increases the player’s speed while also being immune to on-road obstacles. However, the player possessing the Grim Prix curse will ultimately be eliminated at the end of the lap - regardless of where they ranked in the race.

Deadlane on Steam

Mad Bus

Mad Bus

It’s a simple and challenging game at the same time! Very elegant!

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Cool uncomplicated One click runner with beautiful 3D graphics. The main task is to press the button in time and not crash the bus. In total, the game has 10 levels and 1 endless level, in which you can farm money. There is also a store in the game where you can buy new buses and customize them.

I liked the game!

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Mad Bus on Steam



Eh. The game isn’t much fun in it’s current state. I doubt the state will ever change though, given that It’s not marked as early access, and since devs are Russian (I know just how we work, in general, i barely have any hopes).

So, the goods.

  • Vehicles, they’re legendary indeed, and LUAZ i’ve never driven before in any other game, they’re all glorious.

  • Looting is most satisfying! You drive to some pilles of barrels or boxes or stops close by a cargo container and you just syphon stuff out. Yay!

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

I have to say, this is one of the worst games I have ever played in terms of controls and in-game physics. I have had to restart this game multiple times after getting my vehicle stuck at the very beginning either from clipping into the environment or just not traction or power to get out of a small rut. The slightest incline, you’re vehicle isn’t getting up without mashing the Q button repeatedly. It’s so frustrating that I just turn off the game.

There’s no in-game map which is fine, but the devs need to at least fix the programming for in-game pathing during missions so you don’t just randomly end up at the bottom of the large mountain or hill with no way of figuring out how to get up it.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Wildland on Steam

Splash Cars

Splash Cars

A small casual game that feels more like a mobile port but its only fun for a few rounds (7 Minutes before it gets boring). The price is not high on the bigger scale but i am still questioning if it was well spent since i go for 1€ = 1h…

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Splash Cars on Steam

Alaskan Truck Simulator

Alaskan Truck Simulator

Get behind the wheel of a mighty truck and jump into the boots of the Alaskan truckers, challenge and be challenged by one of the harshest and dangerous environments.

Alaskan Truck Simulator is a unique game that blends the well-known simulators’ classics with the ruthless environment of Alaska and elements of survival. Buckle up, we are about to set off for the proper adventure!

What comes to your mind when you think of Alaska? Endless wastelands, towering peaks, harsh winters, and sunny spring-like meadows. Alaska is a unique place to explore. How to do it better than driving a truck across the entire state? Experience changing weather, vehicles’ behavior on snow, cross the uneven roads, and find out how is your truck’s condition affected by harsh climate or the driver itself –this is just to name a few elements of the game.

It would be a dreamy world if you could carelessly drive around Alaska, but let’s be real, you need these bucks to fuel your truck and feed yourself, ain’t you?

Let’s start with a few cargoes. In order not to take the fun out of driving, while progressing in the game you will gain access not only to the better trucks or equipment but also to the more challenging missions. Anyway, no matter the prestige of your mission, always drive with cautious as you may lose your cargo, damage your truck and finally, end up with debt instead of earning.

You are here for a bit of adrenaline too, right?

We want to show by our game the bond between man and the machine, what shows it better than exploring the basic needs of both? You will need to pay attention to the stats management as well for yourself as for your vehicle. Hungry, tired, out of fuel or with a broken tire - take care of all the difficulties you can encounter on the road!

Among many features:

  • Dynamic weather system with Day/Night cycle

  • Vast interactive environment to explore

  • A dynamic economy based on jobs, ranks, and performance

  • Survival system

  • Useful knowledge to gain and mysteries to discover

  • Crafting, upgrading, repairing

  • Multiple roads, routes, and wastelands to conquer in your truck

Check out another great game which is being developed in cooperation with Discovery Channel:

Alaskan Truck Simulator on Steam