Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater

Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater

Like past moh Games Team Of 4 Guys Do Mission Like Demo,Rescue But When You Use Sniper Rifle Have To Click Left Twice Some Times Sticks May be Options Could Fix It By Adjusting Mouse Speed Or Buttons.

Real player with 24.6 hrs in game

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Great game…don’t miss it for the price.

Real player with 22.4 hrs in game

Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater on Steam

Thief Simulator 2

Thief Simulator 2

Thief Simulator 2 will transport you to a world full of valuables, expensive cars, and rustling banknotes. As long as you find a way to steal them.

Know that a thief’s trade is not a piece of cake. In order to get some practice, you’ll start with petty theft. This is how you’ll gain the experience required to access more and more risky – and most importantly, more profitable – jobs.

Gain levels and unlock new possibilities. Get useful tools. Together with newly acquired skills, they will pave the way to expensive items, which you can then sell on the black market. The tools of your trade include a crowbar and binoculars, as well as advanced equipment that becomes available as you progress, such as a laptop for hacking through security systems.

The creators of Thief Simulator 2 have prepared three unique locations with houses, banks, restaurants, and other special places that you’ll get to strip of money, valuables, and other items. But before you do, examine the surroundings: find out when the building empties out, learn the tenants’ or the employees’ schedule. Then you just need to prepare a strategy and it’s gone time.

Just be quick and efficient. You don’t have much time, so you’ll need to immediately assess which item to take and which one to leave. Can you handle the pressure, or will you panic?

Make sure to work on cars between robbing buildings. Start with small family sedans and make gradual steps towards mastery, which will allow you to steal the coolest sports cars.

Remember to keep your eyes around your head. Even the best plan can fall apart, and the local police are just waiting for a chance to put you in handcuffs. Don’t get caught. Always be one step ahead of law enforcement.

Feature list

  • Three unique locations. Explore neighbourhoods, learn tenant’s routines, pick the right time to break in and then rob them

  • Get better and better tools, ranging from a crowbar or binoculars to hacking laptops, stethoscopes etc.

  • Level up your thief and acquire new skills, which allow a number of new possibilities

  • Steal cars - begin with a small, family sedan, and work your way up to a sport’s dream car

  • Rob banks, restaurants and other special locations. These will be unlocked as you advance your thief

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Thief Simulator 2 on Steam

American Theft 80s

American Theft 80s

It’s the 80s, so put on your nostalgia glasses (even if you weren’t there)!

From the creators of Thief Simulator.

Every house, bank, shop and museum can be robbed with the right tools, you just have to know how to do it.

Earn your way up in a county full of corruption and crime while discovering what the residents are hiding.

That’s right, if you see a house, bank or a shop you can get inside, but learn about the tenants first. You don’t want to get caught.

Remember VHS, cassette players and CRT TVs? No? Well now you can get to know them. Tenants will surely share them with you, albeit not knowingly.

Earn cash and reputation in the underground world filled with corruption and crime.

Sometimes the only thing you can do is get in the car and drive as fast as possible. But be careful, the cops are not playing around and will chase after you.

Make sure to bribe the police to avoid being wanted.

There are many classic styled minigames available. Beat the highscores and get achievements for it!

Use tools like crowbar, bolt cutters or lockpicks to help you in your jobs.


  • steal from houses, trailers, banks, shops, mansions and more

  • use lockpicks, crowbars and other tools to break in

  • finish shady jobs for cash and reputation

  • drive around seamless sandbox

  • buy and steal cars

  • buy houses and decorate them

  • disguise yourself as an electrician or a policeman to fool tenants

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American Theft 80s on Steam

Abducted: The Night Hunters

Abducted: The Night Hunters

Just read!

It’s so sad to see the good game being completely unknown. Perhaps you’re not sure about quality of this game. I understand, - it only has a few reviews, and yep, it’s only made by one person, which usually means that the game wouldn’t be good enough, but this one… is surely exception. Frankly speaking, i also thought it’s going to be something typical, like most of modern indie horror games. And yet, “i gave it a try”, and completely changed my mind. This game is awesome, and here’s why:

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game

Awesome game to play, really.

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

Abducted: The Night Hunters on Steam

Volt Patrol - Stealth Driving

Volt Patrol - Stealth Driving

This is a small jewel of a game! It’s challenging yet at time oddly relaxing. I love the visuals, the minimalistic designs are obviously intended as a nod to the graphics of the early arcade games of the 80’s. Also beautiful and atmospheric music. The game is short but worth the price. Support independent game creators!

Real player with 14.0 hrs in game

“We need more Volt Patrol - it’s too interesting not to push any further than this.”


Full review at

Real player with 12.7 hrs in game

Volt Patrol - Stealth Driving on Steam



The storyline and complexity for a world first game foreshadowing our current future with technology.

This is a classic that you need to buy/play before going to Watch Dogs 2 so you understand it even more and characters in 2.

7/10 would play again.

Real player with 65.6 hrs in game

This is the first Watch Dogs game that I have played. i bought this game on sale. And it was completely worth every penny. First of all, the story line is engaging and attractive. As it is with Ubisoft, you could do side missions as well (if you want to). I am writing this before playing the last act; and even after finishing this game, I would love to play this one again sometime in future. It was an overwhelming experience for me with Watch Dogs.

Real player with 45.7 hrs in game

Watch_Dogs™ on Steam

Thief Simulator VR

Thief Simulator VR

I have not played through all the current content, but from what I’ve played so far, it’s very fun. Do I recommend this game? yes! Unless you are someone who is very picky and needs a very smooth, well polished experience. While this game is fairly smooth for being in early access, it’s still a little rough around the edges. IMHO, its not that bad. I’ve played plenty of Early Access titles, and this is one of the better ones. The graphics in VR are not great, the textures for grass are horrid, and the character models look way to small and funky. The textures when in the nicer houses look perfectly acceptable. The tree’s are just terrible as well. If graphics are not a big deal to you, then its not a big deal. If you are like me, and love some good eye candy. This game will not provide that, and I asked if the graphics would be getting better after early access. The devs said no, and gave me a cheap answer imho. They basically just told me no its not getting upgraded, and that the textures don’t look good because thats just how it looks in VR games. Which is BS, because I’ve played plenty of non AAA VR games that had decent to great textures. So either their engine is hard to work with for optimizing high rez textures, or they dont want to be bothered with optimizing high rez textures. Especially since in Skyrim VR, a simple texture mod for 4k textures goes a LOOOONG way in making the game look much better. Regardless, this is a fun game and I still recommend it.

Real player with 27.7 hrs in game

I’ve played this for around 4 hours and think it’s an excellent game considering it is still in Early Access.

The concept is fantastic and I’ve enjoyed sneaking around, picking locks, climbing fences and hiding in bins, cupboards, and under beds from the cops and inhabitants of the homes.

Graphically it is pretty good looking. It isn’t buggy but there are some issues trying to grab stuff and put them in your backpack - this is typical in vr when the controllers get too close.

I like the progression in levels of the various skills and the difficulty with getting into the houses.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

Thief Simulator VR on Steam

Carotic - Academic Version

Carotic - Academic Version

I haven’t played a single game 10/109

edit: no steam i havent changed my mind i just left the game open

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Phan Mạnh Quỳnh

Có chàng trai viết lên cây

Lời yêu thương cô gái ấy

Mối tình như gió như mây

Nhiều năm trôi qua vẫn thấy

Giống như bức tranh vẽ bằng dịu êm ngày thơ

Có khi trong tiềm thức ngỡ là mơ

Câu chuyện đã rất xa xôi

Niềm riêng không ai biết tới

Hai người sống ở hai nơi

Từ lâu không đi sát lối

Chỉ thương có người vẫn hoài gìn giữ nhiều luyến lưu

Mỗi khi nhớ đôi mắt biếc như thời chưa biết buồn đau

Ngày cô ấy đi theo nơi phồn hoa

Chàng trai bơ vơ từ xa trong tim hụt hẫng như mất một thứ gì

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Carotic - Academic Version on Steam



20 years ago the Great Fire Disaster set most of the world on fire causing mass extinction and destruction of life and earth. Only 30% of mankind has survived, only a few spots on earth are possible to live. As the governments failed, corporations took control. The world is plunging into chaos and anarchy. Welcome to New York in 1998.

You are an Exekiller, a futuristic bounty hunter. Your main goal is collecting S.O.U.L.S - biochip component which gathers information about its owner and also controls him. Chips are produced by one of the biggest corporations that rule the New Earth. Without S.O.U.L you simply don’t exist.


How you approach The Exekiller is up to you. Your choices affect not only the way the story develops - it also lets you face every situation any way you like. Your decisions affect the storyline that offers massive replayability.


The world of ExeKiller is both beautiful and lethal. Travel across diverse regions from deserts and canyons, through deadly highways and radioactive fields.


You can either kill them, bring them to justice or set them free - the choice is yours. Make full use of the environment and various types of weapons and gadgets. Use your abilities to gain advantage. Sneak past your enemies or talk your way out of trouble situations.


Experience a fascinating journey through post-apocalyptic landscapes dramatically affected by a stunning day/night cycle, dynamic weather and radioactive sun storms.

ExeKiller on Steam

The Caregiver | 終焉介護

The Caregiver | 終焉介護

As a fan of Chillas games, this is possibly the first negative review I’ve given of his/hers games.


  • Bigger maps than usual (or so it feels).

  • Superb atmosphere as usual.

  • Sprint ability!

  • Collectibles.

  • Good story.

  • Good sound design.


  • Objectives are a bit unclear. Like, after cleaning up urine one would assume next step is to put the cloth used in the washing machine, but I guess in Asian countries you just throw things in a plastic bag and keep it around your house…?

  • AI enemy very fast finding and attacking you when needing to perform actions. You need to run around and close doors behind you all over the house for at least half of the clocks in order to try and make it in time before being killed.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Curator page here-- [url] DaRevieweD #81 [/url] -- [i]New review every Sunday[/i]

The Caregiver (TCG) is the most recent j-horror experience to come out from Chilla’s Art (CA)- who doesn’t even need an introduction at this point! It’s no secret, I’m a huge fan of theirs; I actually want to review all of their games but it’s easier said than done because you must have nerves of steel and not prone to mini-heart attacks. If you love Japanese horror movies, and want to be a glorified “extra” then play any one!! My first ever was when I worked in The Convenience Store (TCS) , but that’s because I was shopping for more than I bargained for.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

The Caregiver | 終焉介護 on Steam