Virtual Driving School

Virtual Driving School

Buckle up and check your mirrors!

Get ready to put your driving ability to the test! Learn the basics in the car park and then prove your skills on the road. Control your speed and respond correctly to hazards to gather maximum points!

Virtual Driving School is a serious, skills-based game that gives players tips on how to become safer drivers, in a hyper-real, virtual environment. Modelled around a ‘Sim City’- style simulated world, you can visit city streets and highways. Choose from and a wide range of unique driving challenges and scenarios that require precision and concentration. It’s an exciting ride!


Tutorial Mode

Driving Lessons

HD environments

Realistic car physics


Tutorial Mode

Driving Lesson content set in real UK locations

Respond to a variety of hazards

On the 18th of June 2021 we launched a free demo of ‘Virtual Driving School’ on Steam. Please try it out and join our online community to tell us what you think or what features you would like to see in the next update


We have listened to your feedback and we are working hard to add VR and Controller Support to the next build!

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Virtual Driving School on Steam

Homebrew - Patent Unknown

Homebrew - Patent Unknown

Edit: Updated at 4,500 hours of play time


This game is basically a watered down 3D modeling program with a bit of gameplay. The world is mostly empty, save for a few interesting areas to drive around and some player made areas. However, the gameplay is not the reason why I play. I play for the building. I have yet to find a sandbox building game with a better builder. It is an extremely powerful tool, letting you build incredibly complex and detailed creations.


The building in Homebrew is done with a few simple tools. You create plates, pipes and shapes, then modify and move them to create the shapes and designs you want. There are servos, hinges, and springs with a parenting tool that allow you to create complex moving parts and vehicle suspensions. There are several prebuilt parts like engines, seats, and wheels that you use to make your creations work. The logic system is also just as detailed. Every working part has a logic box in the tuner that can be hooked up with other logic boxes to behave in whatever way you want.

Real player with 4746.4 hrs in game

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Update Dev 2015: The v14 patch is here! This is a big one. The devs basically remade the game in Unity 5. Some of the systems are entirely re-done and it is overall a big improvement. I’ll highlight a few great points below, but this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the great changes / addition.

  • much more flexible building tools (like being able to adjust pipes after welding them to your vehicle, etc).

  • you can save vehicles / sub-assemblies and spawn / weld them in other projects :)

  • flexible plating / skin system: It’s only the start right now but there are already some easy to use parts for making body panels that far surpass the rigid old dog plates from v13.

Real player with 2179.5 hrs in game

Homebrew - Patent Unknown on Steam