Til Nord

Til Nord

Nominated as Game of the Year!

Til Nord is fabulously beautiful and a lot of fun.

The feel of the ride is quite good, though it seems more of my wipe-outs should be killing me when they’re not. When a wipe-out is as funny as it is in this game, I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more of them.

The ‘missions’ you are tasked with are fun, if few. The races are all quite fun and a bit challenging, but not overly so.

The scenery is incredible; just don’t give it close-up scrutiny in most places. Take in the full view, which is jaw-droppingly amazing.

Real player with 48.6 hrs in game

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Driving a snowmobile through snowy Norway. An enjoyable experience for free!


In Til Nord you are free to explore the snowy Norwegian mountains. There is a mission-chain which can be spotted easily by the huge vertical waypoints, that the game uses to guide the way. The missions explore most of the area.

There are also races, that unlock other races when you finish with any time. All races also have an achievement for beating a certain time. This time is pretty sharp, and gives a true challenge to beat! The only time we couldn’t beat was the ‘junkyard race’, while some took many attempts.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Til Nord on Steam

ArcticBoy: The Interactive Story

ArcticBoy: The Interactive Story

Genius Kojumbo Does it AGAIN!

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

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Another completely whacked out story line game from this developer, this time it’s a story about internet romance gone horribly wrong!

I will say that this game is well worth the price tag.. but NOT as a game for “you” to play yourself.

.. By far, the best value in this game is to GIFT it to someone you want to troll and tell them just to play it. Then watch them as they get hooked enough or curious enough as I was.. to play it all the way through to the end! Haha!

My Score.. To play it yourself.. 2 out of 10. My Score to troll as friend as a meme: 9.7 out of 10!

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

ArcticBoy: The Interactive Story on Steam



Might as well just be called “Hold Right Arrow to Win”. This was a complete chore to play. The courses are practically the same, just varying how high and low the hills and valleys are. Z/X is used to rotate your vehicle (and perform tricks, of which there are only 2) but it seemed random at best whether they actually helped me to win or not. The music stops playing when you’ve played a track to long without completing it and sometimes you will lose randomly (only seen 3x in the last 5 levels of the race portion). A complete ripoff at the full price of $10 and pretty much still a ripoff on a deep sale.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

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Don’t… just don’t…

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game


Baby Racer

Baby Racer

This Game offer multiplayer mode where you can play whit your friends and enjoy the real racing thrill.

Multiplayer mode comes with,

Custom room - where you can play with your friends to specific room.

Matchmaking - play race with random people.

Baby racer provide you a exciting experience of racing.

In this game you can play as baby who is ready for race and ready to win.

This game provide you in total of 13 races.

This game offer three different types of racing track such as

Baby Racer on Steam



The SpinTires/MudRunner series has finally become a full fledged game. SnowRunner brings map exploration and change to a new level with the ability to improve and repair disaster struck areas. The trucks have a high level of customization and unlocks to make them increasingly capable as you delve into stickier situations. Finally, the map sizes and routes require planning in the late game to ensure you bring the right tools for the job; don’t prematurely lose your load; and make it to the finish line with more than fumes in your tank.

Real player with 427.2 hrs in game

Snow runner is the much anticipated sequel to Mud runner, the third game in the spintires off road simulation series, and this new installment takes the spintires concept from being a curious toy to a full fledged game. Quite a monumental leap to say the least. I won’t be covering many of the things that stayed the same from mud runner, as I already made a review of it.

It does this mainly by adding a new progression system. Trucks and upgrades are now earned through money, an XP level system, and scavenged from the maps as you play. In some ways, this makes the game into a bit of a metroidvania type of ordeal. There are many areas starting out that you simply cannot reach with your current equipment. And that can be rather frustrating to someone unfamiliar with spintires. Your biggest enemy is yourself if you don’t know what your trucks can and cannot do. Many judgement calls will have to be made. Especially when doing a super heavy haul contract with early game equipment.

Real player with 315.3 hrs in game

SnowRunner on Steam

Riding Seas

Riding Seas

Riding Seas is a cartoon-style boat racing game that fits into the arcade racing games of the 2000s (WaveRace, Splashdown, …). A family friendly game, with varied, colorful and fun decorations in which you will find many references to cinema and / or video games.

The game offers:

Riding Seas on Steam