Tristan Cole’s Pro Driver

Tristan Cole’s Pro Driver

Ever wanted to kickflip a car?! Tristan Cole’s Pro Driver blends together the fast paced action of combo based extreme sports games & the breakneck speeds of racing games to create a genre-bending driving experience like you’ve never seen before.

In TCPD you’re a stunt driver for hire and willing to take on any paying gig that gets you closer to buying that new set of wheels; taxiing passengers around town, completing todo lists, winning races, and more! Drive fast & with a lot of style to impress your customers as you wheelie, drift, flip, grind, and do crazy aerial stunts in traffic.

Challenge other drivers in a variety of multiplayer modes to show off your style & prove that you’re the best stunt driver on the streets!

Weave through multiple levels in your choice of heavily modified caged street cars equipped with a custom suspension built for high speed tricks and an insane amount of power. Customize your vehicle to fit your personal style!

Dodge pedestrian vehicles as you navigate your way through the streets or take your vehicle ‘off-roading’ by grinding roadside barriers & building supports, jumping & drifting across rooftops, and barreling through various shortcuts found around the levels!

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Tristan Cole's Pro Driver on Steam

Rocket Skates VR

Rocket Skates VR

This is a unique arcade racing game, because it is a unique, arcade, racing game where you ride on jet skates, from the first person through an obstacle course. In addition, it is also a sports game, since all movements in the game world come from physical body movements: that is, you need to squat and wave your arms. This is one of the first games in which it is not only pleasant to play, but also good for health, which helps to burn calories and keep muscles in good shape. There are a lot of chips, the gameplay is very diverse!

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

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A 20% discount allowed me to show interest in a new game of a modest studio EpiXR Games UG, which makes chic projects without extra pathos. “Quality games at a modest price” - that’s about the slogan they have ;)

As for the game itself - I liked almost everything.

Most of all I liked the idea of the game. Our task is to fly a rocket passing checkpoints on its way. In the process of the game, as you gain skills and experience we will be available a variety of items (eg baseball bat) which adds not only interest to the game and more and additional features.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Rocket Skates VR on Steam

clown town 1443

clown town 1443

I’m just gonna say it, I honestly expected a lot worse going into this.

But I’m glad to say that this game certainly didn’t disappoint. Taking inspiration from the classic era of flash games, this game follows a well-established formula with a few extra strings attached. Simple but challenging, short and sweet, it is definitely worth picking up.

While the graphics in some aspects may be somewhat crude, it adds so much to the overall charm the game brings. The gameplay is solid and enjoyable, as physics are used very well to give the car a sense of weight and velocity. Although it is only 10 levels long for the main game, it can be very challenging at times. Especially with the 10 bonus levels you get from getting a high enough score in the endless mode.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

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I bought clown town 1443 because the developer was in a random unrelated Twitch stream dropping Steam keys out of nowhere. That kind of guerrilla marketing appealed to me and so I decided to purchase the game instead, and that isn’t just me coping for not being fast enough to snag one of the keys despite how generous the developer was in giving them.

As a big Friday Night Funkin' appreciator I have a soft spot for games that are basically love letters to Flash classics, and this game is very clearly wearing its Trials influences on its sleeve. There’s a bit more to it than just a straight clone, as this game features a bit more depth to its mechanics, such as a heat bar that must be managed. You’re free to bump around generally as much as you want, but if you overheat from too much acceleration you temporarily lose control of your vehicle. Crash in this state, and you’ll have to restart the level again.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

clown town 1443 on Steam

The Ramp

The Ramp


The controls took a bit to get used to but very easy and super flow-like once you get the hang of it.

The problems i have is i wish that once you get air you could then grind upon your landing because the orange box in the skate park bowl map just looks way to tempting :)

I do really wish the creator would announce plans for updates like workshop support, new maps, tricks, custom or other characters, and bowl transitions, this would make it feel like less a tool and more of a mini-game sandbox type which it already feels like but all in all the ‘tool’ is worth the money just wish the creator would get serious.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

This game does exactly what it says on the tin, and it does it pretty dang well! If you want a game to just relax and unwind to, or you’re looking for a different skateboarding experience, definitely give this a shot. For the price, it feels like a steal! Yes, it only focuses on one kind of skating and I see how that may not appeal to everyone, but what it does, it does really good. The feeling of gaining momentum or just flowing through tricks on the different ramps (there are more than 1) feels incredibly rewarding. Getting the hang of the controls doesn’t take long either. Buy it! Support awesome stuff like this!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

The Ramp on Steam

Crash Drive 3

Crash Drive 3

Because I enjoy Crash Drive 2, I volunteered to help test this game (unpaid, but I got a free copy) and have played every day for over a year. Not because I’m dedicated (actually I’m rather lazy), but because it’s fun.

Like CD2, you can easily play for just a few minutes at a time, as each event or tank battle is only a few minutes, so ideal to fit in to the spare moments in a day. The vehicle physics is certainly not realistic, but rather sort of cartoony. You can drive up vertical walls, spin mid-air and many other impossible but entertaining things. It is particularly crazy on the moon.

Real player with 1127.7 hrs in game

I’ve had to change my review from positive to negative to positive. Here’s why.

AN IN DEPTH REVIEW So you can make an informed purchase! haha!

Firstly, straight up this game, from the moment you load it up, it’s just a good time. Always a good time!

The few(8) negative reviews on here suck, so I’ll try to address those first and the actual issues here. This is my first Crash Drive title.

1. You don’t need a roll button since the game does roll you over back, but a rest button could be handy.

Real player with 47.6 hrs in game

Crash Drive 3 on Steam