Down the River

Down the River

This is not a casual game. The controls are difficult, the physics are difficult and everything will try to drive you mad.

You try to steer your kayak down the river towards the goal and you do this as fast as you can! But beware of obstacles and rocks that will destroy you if you bump into them too hard!

  • Use only the paddle to steer your kayak

  • Don’t crash into things

  • Don’t drop your camp gear (sleeping bag)

  • Pick up camp gear after you dropped it

  • Paddling requires stamina

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Down the River on Steam

Big City Rigs: Bus Driver

Big City Rigs: Bus Driver

For $3, hard to complain much. But game gives you no guidance. You go out on a route, no idea where you are supposed to turn in the city, so you end up wheer you “cant continue here” and you end up late, and it cancels the ride. Real fun! Also cars seem to run into you for no apparent reason. Also no rear view mirror. All in all, lacking quite a bit, even for 3 bux. lol

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

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Okay where to start, I got this in the sale and its not worth £3 and before you think it yes I know thats cheap so why complain, its really glitchy, I completed 4 out of 13 successfully, not because I suck but because every time it would load with a car stuck inside the bus and you cannot move. The only choice you have is to cancel the mission. The road is FAR too small for the bus which makes it hard to turn around the corner which is worsened when you have a bus stop right beside traffic lights and you need to turn right. The game also glitches with the traffic lights if you back end in still in when its amber it fines you and says you have run a red light. Its hard to go faster around the corners right beside the lights due to narrow. I have also had it when I have pulled up at a red light. It says I cut the light but was no where near. Another bad thing is the camera, urk! when you pull up to a stop if flips around so now you see the bus from the side, this is so you can see the passengers go in (will explain glitch on this too) problem is once you have shut the doors the camera spins but not at correct angle. If you move the camera yourself so you can drive off straight it spins again side to side as if the game doesn’t understand you have moved it. Both versions if you leave it or correct it will make you hit property and again be fined. The camera has also got a tendency to flip so you are looking at and angled side and you cannot drive straight and again hit things. Passengers glitch, when they go inside they stand but you can hear a cash kaching noise when they have paid. This sort of indicates that the NPC has now finished it action and you can close the doors. How WRONG! I have killed three people and I’m currently hiding behind my sofa waiting for the po po to break down my door and have me on murder charges. I have even waiting after the noise to see if they move or sit and they do not and still they die (my story I am sticking to it lol). The game seems to have a lot of spacial recognition problems. This tends to fine, break, kill or glitch with stuck car spawns the game, it does the same with the stops, they’re a white border which glows (like a seven shape) you fit in this by lining up you nose with the line. Doesn’t work well, sometimes you will be over or under or miles away. You do know your route, if you press M you will get a map up which has a highlighted green path for you and dots which show your stops the next stop ahead is red. The game is a good concept and I won’t deny I’m a bit let down as I was looking forward to playing this and having some fun but its really ropy for me and the glitch (mostly the car, made me think is it two transformers getting it on the way they are stuck together) drives me crazy. My advice, I’d avoid and look for another version .

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Big City Rigs: Bus Driver on Steam

NASCAR 21: Ignition

NASCAR 21: Ignition


pants ok..


First and foremost. This game has disappointed not only me but everyone who bought it.

This game is faaaaaar from what I both wanted and expected. But thats my fault for letting my imagination take hold instead of being realistic. Lets look at this package we have here. rFactor 2. What a sim… once you get over that steep learning curve that is the UI. Even with the updated UI s397 put on it, it is still a major pain in the rectum than it has any right to be. But the physics.. the PHYSICS are so good. Coming from Machines amazing NASCAR Mods, this game matches up to what I feel on rF2 with its own feel. The tracks on N21 are easily its best selling point, just feels so right even though there is so much wrong. This game is missing alot of key assets, such as Assignable Buttons for steering wheel, use of H-Pattern Shifters or a Practice only mode. I hate that so much is missing but I can understa.. WAIWAIWAIT HOLD ON HOLD ON PLEASE JUST LISTEN.

Real player with 34.8 hrs in game

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FIX THE GAME!! This is a joke!

PRO: Graphics

CONS: Everything else about the game.

To pay $90 for this is absurd. I have played several hours trying to not leave a negative comment, but this is a complete joke.

Don’t put out a game and then try to work out the bugs. That should be done first and foremost.

Real player with 23.9 hrs in game

NASCAR 21: Ignition on Steam

18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal

18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal

This is my favorite 18 WOS installment. This game hooked me from day one when I purchased in 2005. This game instilled a love of trucking in my little grade-school self that built me into the real life truck driver that i am today.

Lets go over the good and bad of 18 WOS PTTM.


  • The gameplay is fantastic. Picking up loads and delivering them to the correct locations is easy and straight forward. No tutorial required, just go from point A to point B.

  • The progression system in this game is my favorite of all the 18 WOS games. It features income based progression in the beginning, building to a prestige system later on allowing you to unlock more cargo and more highly valued routes.

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

The game is well worth it full and on discount both, its the favorite from the series, for multiple reasons, though I only had full version of this when I was a child beside the Hard Truck 18 Wheels of Steel

I recommend it to anyone who is into the genre or wants to try the genre out, gives a different experience than ATS and other newer SCS titles, 10/10 for me, fully and wholeheartedly recommanded

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal on Steam

Agent Intercept

Agent Intercept

For being an expanded port of “just” a mobile game, this one’s great.

My only two complaints are irregular, but severe crashes and the fact that the campaign is rather short.

Though, regarding the latter, Score-Hunters will still have plenty of fun with the arcade mode.

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

This is a really fun game. It has striking character design, engaging gameplay, and a funky soundtrack. The story and dialogue can be goofy but that’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Incidentally, I have not encountered any bugs.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Agent Intercept on Steam



a fun little game for an amazing price

would be cool if it had a little more obstacle variety

really worth it

edit: it might not be relevant for many people but it works just fine with wine/proton on linux

Real player with 52.4 hrs in game

(TL;DR at the bottom) This is a very fun game, I recommend buying it if you have time to kill every now and then.

It has many different ways to play, by having different visual styles that change up the way the game looks, making it all more interesting to play. You also get to collect points and use those points to buy more cars, but I don’t see any difference in the way these cars work, which is kind of disappointing considering they get more pricey with each car, so I’m going to assume that they get pricey based on looks. The whole track is randomly generated, however the structures it generates are really easy to remember as there aren’t many, so over time played this game gets much easier. I hope the dev adds more structures to generate, since the structures that already exist are very interesting and fun to drive through, but get boring. When it comes to gameplay in general though, it’s very smooth and you won’t notice many bugs in the game, I’ve only noticed failing to a very small bump upon entering a new structure.

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

DriftOn on Steam

Firefighters - Airport Heroes

Firefighters - Airport Heroes

good but has stuff to fix

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

They have managed to simulate all the worst parts of working in an office: the tedium, the pointless office meetings, the extremely slow pace. I suppose you could call that a success.

Unfortunately, no part of this game is fun.

The cars drive too slowly.

The character moves too slowly.

The fires are hella unimpressive.

It is grindy as anything. Just avoid this.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Firefighters - Airport Heroes on Steam

Taxi Chaos

Taxi Chaos

Awesome, very close to sega’s crazy taxi which was out in the late 90s. That version is available on steam but Taxi Chaos is more modern with better graphics!

Has a sense of humour with driver/passenger chat and so on. You only have a few moments to deliver a passenger to his or her destination then you simply move on to your next customer. Each customer asks to go to a different location which can be long or short distance. Long distance gives you more points but short distance takes less time so you can move on to your next customer more quickly and boost your time limit counter.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Not what I was expecting. Since Crazy Taxi is one of the only comparable game in this genre, I’ll be using that as a basis.

For starts, everything about this game is a watered down version of Crazy Taxi, even to the original. The game isn’t nearly as chaotic or fast paced.

The environment is based of of NYC and isn’t nearly as fun or dynamic to traverse as the other Crazy Taxi games. Because it’s NYC and as a flat as a board, the game is built around having to jump like an Italian plumber to even get a good time if you can find the spots to do that, that is.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Taxi Chaos on Steam

WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship

WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship

When I first bought this game I thought it was horrible and didn’t play it for months. Few weeks ago I started going thru each setting, literally one click at a time till I found a combination that works really well with a DD2, R300 Podium Wheel and Heusinkveld Pedals. According to Steam I’ve played DR2 over 1800 hours, and have to say after getting my wheelbase configured properly I have no plans on going back anytime soon.

I really like the way the handling changes when you crash the vehicle, the way the dust clouds the front window. I don’t have any complaints about the FFB, at times I can even feel the large round circles in the road. Not all, but I do feel some of them. Rally’s in Turkey, Chile and Argentina are a blast.

Real player with 252.4 hrs in game

Ну что же. WRC 8 неплохая аркадная гонка с точки зрения геймплея и ужасно недоделанная с точки зрения нововведений по сравнению с WRC 7.


Её очевидно решили взять из V-Rally 4, которую делали разработчики в 2018. Много упрощений в поведении автомобиля по сравнению с WRC 7. И если гонять в аркадном стиле – это прикольно. Ставишь отсутствие повреждений и понеслась. Когда приноровишься к управлению начинаешь так входить в управляемые заносы, что сам себе удивляешься. Взлетаешь, кувыркаешься, ездишь по скалам и буеракам без всяких проблем. Но если включить после этого WRC 7, то понимаешь, что в угоду упрощениям автомобилю просто ампутировали подвеску и ты здесь словно на воздушной подушке скользишь по любым покрытиям. Мне зашло то, что я смог комфортно управлять с камерой позади автомобиля, чего не мог сделать в предыдущей части. Но ощущение дороги конечно не то. Отдельно порадовали местные лужи, после проезда по которым автомобиль просто швыряло в сторону. Хоть и не ново в гонках, но молодцы, что сделали. Также автомобиль интересно ведёт себя на мокром покрытии, а вот на снежном в WRC 7 мне больше нравилось.

Real player with 52.4 hrs in game

WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship on Steam

18 Wheels of Steel: Hard Truck

18 Wheels of Steel: Hard Truck

The first video game I have ever played at around age 3 or 4. Never understood the objective before the disc broke. A couple months ago I find it here, and the feeling of progressing further than ever before in a game you haven’t played in roughly 14 years is exhilarating.

Real player with 54.2 hrs in game

old but gold

Real player with 16.6 hrs in game

18 Wheels of Steel: Hard Truck on Steam