Street Dreams

Street Dreams

pretty cool

Real player with 144.1 hrs in game

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Great game! Personally I liked dual wielding weapons. The game is both great for a chill play-through or if you’re going for points/time and want to higher up on the Leader board. Personally my favourite gun was the Deagle. If you’re looking for a good VR experience, then definitely worth buying!

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

Street Dreams on Steam

Auto Age: Standoff

Auto Age: Standoff

A ton more fun than I was expecting.

Full disclosure, I am an indie dev living near where Phantom Compass is located, so I knew about the game and was given a free copy. Very surprised at how fluid and smooth and most of all FUN the cars are to drive. I absolutely love the way the little cars handle. It has that perfect “arcady, videogamey” vibe, where teh cars aren’t striving to feel realistic, they are striving for teh best player experiance possible, which I personally think is teh best way to go about this type of locomotion based game. They really did a great job tweaking the cars, and probably my favrit part about teh game is drifting around and boosting into teh air, feels so slick.

Real player with 119.0 hrs in game

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This is not a combat-racing game. vehicular brawling, varied classes/styles and weaponry, arenas, aesthetic; this is a car combat game - Auto Age is this in essence, and it’s not too shabby.

In my opinion, the last proper car-combat game was Twisted Metal for the PS3 released back in 2012, and when there are far too few games released apart from the Twisted Metal franchise that fit the bill for being considered part of the car-combat (sub)genre, and to date, as an indie title, Auto Age: Standoff covers the bases to officially be a part of the lineup and not be cringeworthy in 2018.

Real player with 61.8 hrs in game

Auto Age: Standoff on Steam

Rubber and Lead

Rubber and Lead

This game is very reminiscent of Autoduel, for those old enough to recall that classic. As compared, there are far fewer weapons and vehicles, and the game ends more quickly unless you really make a point of playing it out.

For those unfamiliar with older games, this is a simple, top-down, 1-player shooter with a slow-it-down button (not quite bullet time, but close), which I never used after figuring out what it does, which is: lets you see what the AI does, and presumably learn to target with missiles.

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

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Made sure I finished the game (no spoilers, BTW), and even earned all the achievements.

First of all, the presentation of design is lacking. Of course, it’s just a car game in entirely 2D top down. Though on the bright side, controls are not that hard to use. But as a person with a thing about repetition and cliches, it’s the most cheapest control design that can be made by anybody. Final thing about design, it’s entirely a game developed by beginners.

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

Rubber and Lead on Steam

Sniper Rust VR

Sniper Rust VR

it still has a little bit of polishing but then again I guess every VR game does

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

1st Impressions Video with Commentary // Oculus Rift + Touch // GTX 1060 (6GB):

My Thoughts:

What started out to be a charming game with great physics and weapon selection, soon crumbles into a looping disaster.

The game has issues and I could not even get past mission 3 without the game resetting. (See my Video)

I cannot recommend this game in it’s current state.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Sniper Rust VR on Steam

Super Hiking  Simulator 2020

Super Hiking Simulator 2020

Up front: While I enjoyed it, you get what you pay for.

This game is not a technical marvel. It is not polished or fully-featured, or realistic, per se. In fact, it’s a little janky. Don’t expect AAA anything, or revolutionary anything. But you can probably figure that out from the description. You can probably also figure out that it has a sidequest (

! that, in fully-intended irony, eclipses the main trail in terms of content and interaction). I enjoyed the game because of its unique charm and atmosphere.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game


Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Super Hiking Simulator 2020 on Steam

The Henchmen

The Henchmen

The Game

The Henchmen is a pulp-inspired, 90s fueled top-down, action retro open-world game. Set in the fictional city of New Queens, The Henchmen blends classic PS1-era games experiences, such as Driver and the first Grand Theft Auto with a modern approach, producing a unique experience.

The game is also designed from the ground up to be a co-operative experience, as the game can be played both in single-player and local 2 players co-op (both shared screen and split-screen), with story elements and missions changing depending on the number of players.

The Story

During the late sixties, the Castellano Mafia family had complete control over the City of New Queens: They Controlled the guns, drugs, and sex workers that roamed the streets.

This started to change, however, as the Homura Yakuza Syndicate started to chip away at The Castellano empire in the late 1970.

Anthony, the new leader of the family, is forced to rely on his henchmen to get back what was his, starting a bloody gang war in the streets of New Queens.

The game is set in two time periods: In the 1970s you play as Rachel, a young single mother who wants to quit the gangster life for the sake of her daughter, while also being both Castellano’s best gun and lover.

In the 1990s, you deal with the aftermath of the gang wars, as you take control of Samuel, an ex-army man who left his job to help his brother Jamal who owes money to the wrong kind of people.

What we’re planning:

-8 to 10 hours long main campaign

-Entire game playable in both singleplayer and local two players co-op

-Original Soundtrack and cutscene artwork

-Explore the city in its two time periods: A snowy 1970s rendition and a hot, more modern 1990s version.

-Indoor and outdoor fights, with both melee weapons and firearms

If you are interested, please do wishlist us at it helps us a lot.

The Henchmen on Steam



bad game

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

RacetronicVR is a free Hover car driving, laser shooting, VR racing fun with a space freighter load of obstacles, shortcuts, power ups and secrets. It worked on my new system, looked ok, played ok, sounded ok. The graphics are low rez basic shapes and blocky. The UI was ok.

CONS: - the locomotion mode causes wild swinging movements.

Warning: This game will cause motion sickness in some players. I was trying the tutorial and within a minute of using the locomotion i was feeling sick.

Try it, if you have a strong stomach, Otherwise don’t bother downloading.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

RacetronicVR on Steam

Sport Shooter

Sport Shooter

Sport Shooter is a competetive First Person Shooter, which puts the player in a sprawling open-world shooting ground, set amongst the rolling hills, forests, lakes and rivers of the breathtaking Northern English countryside, featuring a multitude of shooting sports, from clay pigeons; Trap, Ball Trap, Skeet, Sporting, Knock-Out, Simulated Grouse and partridge, to timed 3-gun competitions, with a choice of weapon types and courses to suit.

Over time I plan to expand on the number of gametypes, sports and disciplines featured in the game. The map will be laid out in a manner whereby it’s only a short drive to reach any of the gametypes featured,

Current features include: (as of 3rd Aug 2020)

64Km2 Open-world map, with seamless transition between gametypes.

Amphibious vehicle, to traverse land, rivers and lakes.

Skeet layout English rules Skeet.

Single Trap layout Single clay thrown, you can use the second barrel if you miss with the first.

Double Trap Layout Two clays thrown, two shots, potential of two kills.

Single Ball Trap Layout Also know as ‘wobble trap’ for obvious reasons, the Ball Trap oscillates in 2 axes, giving a random target presentation.

Double Ball Trap Layout. As Single Ball Trap, but releases pairs.

100 Yard Air gun range, featuring paper targets, metal knock-down targets, reactive (explosive) targets and static clays.

150 bird, 30 stand Sporting course (One course complete, more in the works) Traps/target launchers on all sporting stands controllable via remote control unit, available in practice mode. Allowing player to completely customise the target presentation, on all of the Sporting stands, throughout the whole game.

Simulated grouse and partridge stands, with high-volume drives on each stand.

Hunter Field Target course one (of 3) features 15 stands with 2 targets per stand. Points are scored based on which part of the target is hit.

1000 Yard Centrefire range. Good luck trying to reach the end of this range with a 12ftlbs air gun, let alone hit any targets. The 1000 Yard Centrefire range is best suited to powder-burning, fire-breathing rifles.

Flurry Trailer - The Flurry trailer hooks up to the back of the off-roader and can be towed anywhere on the map. The trailer is mounted with three traps, which can be controlled by the player, via the launcher remote control unit.

At present only the Sporting course has a full scoring system, but work is being done on adding the same functionality to the scoring for all gametypes.

Guns: Obviously more are in the works, but currently I have a break-barrel air rifle. Over & Under shotgun. Bolt action centrefire rifle.

A laser range finder is also available now, and can be found on the counter, in gunroom 1.

Sport Shooter on Steam

Captain Jackson

Captain Jackson

Revolutionary game, that improves your reaction time,


  • Cheap

  • Fast

  • Weiths literally nothing

  • RTX 3080ti graphics

  • In game item shop

  • music


  • Irritating when you spontaneously combust

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Great game! Can’t wait to see second part!

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Captain Jackson on Steam

Drive 4 Survival

Drive 4 Survival

Promising but heavy on the shooting

Very Early Access at time of writing, so understand that it’s a little rough around the edges, but zero crashes. It’s easy to pick up and play, and a strong showing this early into access.

Did I want another Open World Survival Craft game? I wasn’t sure I wanted to learn another set of you know leveling, currencies, crafting stations… with different graphics. But I got it for the driving and building, which is easy and nice. It looks as if there are plans to make this a little more involved and deeper.

Real player with 68.9 hrs in game

So what do we have here another EA open world survival game? Ok I’ll admit I’m a bit obsessed with the genre. What’s interesting here is your vehicle is ultimately the center piece or your main tool for survival. As a gearhead, mechanic and a MadMax fan this is something I’ve wanted to see happen for a while. I can see being the hardcore survival game I so wanted the MadMax game to be. So you have some pretty interesting features, there forest maps that have temperate climates but the main map is a frozen wasteland similar to The Long Dark and your vehicle is your main source of warmth. The engine heats up as you drive keeping you warm I don’t know if the engine can overheat yet but that would be a cool feature. Of course you’ll need gasoline to keep it running as well as water and food to keep your character running. The game has a cool way of carrying and transferring liquids you will need bottles or jerry cans whether it’s gas or water. For instance if you find a fuel barrel you will need to equip a jerry can walk up to the barrel and press a button to fill the can, you can also dump the contents of your jerry can into the barrel. Same if you want to consolidate liquids in your inventory you will have to drop one container and equip the other to move the liquids. Might seem like too much busy work to some but I like these kinds of details. You’ll have initially repair your vehicle when you get it with scrap and parts and this is how will maintain it. Human enemies have their own vehicles as well and you can drive them, you can also apparently collect other vehicles though I don’t know how yet. There is some base building and outposts that have to be found and repaired though I haven’t really got into that yet besides building my first garage and a campfire. There seems to be no map and you will need to have an actual compass in your inventory for it to show on your hud. For how early access this game is the vehicle handling is pretty good even with the keyboard it’s fun to drive. You get a 4X4 Camaro which is pretty BA if you ask me and it’s pretty capable vehicle. The game also has a pretty cool feature where radios in the game, the car radio and radios at bases and some POIs connect to a rather large list of real internet radio staions. A bit of everything from 70s dance to modern rock. I’ll say there is something fun about being chased by Hot Rodding bandits in an arctic wasteland while listening to Diana Ross “I’m coming out” that I think Fallout fans will understand. There is also another feature where when your “fatigue meter”(that’s what I call it anyway) runs out and your character will pass out right were you stand, or drive. I once had it happen while I was driving across a bridge and my character fell asleep at the wheel and drove off the bridge to his death which I thought was funny. The cold affects this meter as well as fighting and sprinting, and it was bit excessive at first but the devs responded quickly to feedback and have already balanced it and many other features to make it more manageable. Now on to the combat. This is very basic at this point, you’ll find yourself fighting wolves, bears, zombies, and human raider/bandit types. The 2 aforementioned animals are arguably the most decent. Decent animated, decent AI. They will actually fight each other if the haven’t noticed you yet. I’ll often come across bears fighting packs of wolves which is cool. Zombies are zombies pretty basic. Bandits are definitely the most janky at this point but not really in really bad way just animations are kind of weird. There ar only a handful of weapons and tools at this point so far I’ve seen and used the axe in both stone and metal versions, similarly the pickaxe. Then you can craft a wodden club and I found a version with nails. So far only 2 firearms a pistol and rifle both using the same pistol ammo and a hit scanning insta kill crossbow. Well everything except bears are insta kill with the crossbow. The bow and pistol are animated ok but the rifle is bolt action yet uses a pump action animation. Doesn’t seem to be locational damage but I may be wrong. This is definitely the weakest part of the game right now but it’s not terrible, again this is very early access and it’s also not the major focus so if that is a problem for you then maybe this isn’t the right game at the moment for you. The name of the game is “Drive” 4 Survival not “Fight” 4 Survival. However the devs seem very active as of writing this the devs have already put out like 5 or 6 updates, hotfixes and even rebalances based on player feedback and its only been out a few days. I was actually watching a Youtuber livestream and the dev jumped into the chat to get feedback and also give tips to the streamer. So they seem active in the community. Only time will tell but I do see a lot of potential here for a vehicular based openworld survival game and if that tickles your fancy like me give it a try.

Real player with 47.8 hrs in game

Drive 4 Survival on Steam