WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship

WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship

Decent game. Potential to be outstanding, but failing at key areas. I give it a score of 68/100. Many rallies and stages are beautifully made and the lighting is at times awesome, perhaps best demonstrated in Rally Monte Carlo, the way that light shines through the leafless trees and from angles realistic to life. So, graphically, great game. But where’s the mud????!! Where’s the grime?? The RAIN??? The weather effects are hugely underwhelming, as in WRC 6. The game’s attempt at rain can’t even be called drizzle, and rally isn’t rally without mud and brutal, challenging conditions.

Real player with 234.2 hrs in game

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Sim racer here.. love sims like AC, rF2, RaceRoom, Richard Burns Rally, Automobilista. Went into this game VERY skeptical, but end up positively surprised.

WRC 7 is surprisingly sim-like, WAY more a simulation than any past WRC titles. Actually I rate this game higher as a SIMULATION than the disappointing Dirt 4. (Well, Dirt 4 Rallycross was okay, but their “physics upgrades” effectively sucked the fun out of rallying)



Best stages in any Rally game, period. Detailed, narrow, full of danger and surprises. Puts Dirt 4 to shame. The stages themselves are actually better than even Dirt Rally.

Real player with 76.5 hrs in game

WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship on Steam

Crash Drive 2

Crash Drive 2


My name is PIG! Let me tell you why CD2 is easily, my most favorite game. Most people think the game is over after they achieve 100% game progress. In my opinion, that’s when it really begins. I’ve been playing for several years now, and I’m still learning new things each time I play.

All vehicles have their own uniqueness, or personality. With 30 vehicles to choose from, it is very easy to find one that fits my style of play, if not several. What’s most impressive, is how well the vehicles and terrain work together. They both compliment the other very nicely. The controls are very simple, so children can easily master any vehicle. The complexity of the terrian, and physics of the vehicles, make the game very fun. I have the choice of 4 maps, with lots of hills, ramps, loops, and events. Aside from the main focus of game play, there are hidden locations, and secret ways of getting on top of the rock walls, loops, and structures. I can be as competitive, or as laid back as I want to be.

Real player with 4147.2 hrs in game

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You know when Keanu Reeves always says “whoa”? I think he must have been looking at an early copy of this game.

I had no idea what to expect when I threw this in my cart just to raise my order level a couple of bucks. I love racing games; and the description sounded good. The idea of it being multi-player with random events almost turned me off; mostly because I think online multi-player does nothing but bring up the worst possible players in games…not to mention I wasn’t worried about doing anything but driving cars.

Real player with 28.1 hrs in game

Crash Drive 2 on Steam

Where Is My Parking Spot - Parking Reimagined

Where Is My Parking Spot - Parking Reimagined

Where Is My Parking Spot: Parking Reimagined takes raging to the next level, Crash once and you fail, Do you have the skill to master all of the parking spots?!

Find your spot in the world. Why can’t you just park anywhere? Well that is because this age ol' tradition needs to stay alive. Parking can be a sport if you try hard enough!

  • Beat your time. Can you get a new record, or even show everyone that you are the boss?!

  • Leaderboards! Beat other player’s times and come out on top!

  • Cloud Saves! No need to lose progress! That cloud in the sky has your back!

  • Near Miss! Get to close to a parked car? Carful! you could hit them!

  • No Brakes Parking slows down for nobody!

  • And More!… Can you find all of the risky moves!?

  • Epic cars to collect! Can you unlock all the cars?!

  • Park In Style! Looking good while you park is the best way to go!

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Where Is My Parking Spot - Parking Reimagined on Steam