Planet Nomads

Planet Nomads

[May 16, 2019: Now that the game is released, I wanted to edit this review to reflect changes to the game since I originally wrote it,]

Will you enjoy Planet Nomads?

  • Yes if you enjoy sandbox building games.

  • Yes if you enjoy being creative.

  • Yes if you enjoy problem-solving (not fixed puzzles but real creative “how can I put this together” building challenges).

  • Yes if you enjoy a beautiful environment.

  • Yes if you enjoy a good soundtrack.

  • Yes if you enjoy single player.

  • Yes if you enjoy being able to customize your game world.

Real player with 4203.3 hrs in game

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Gameplay (Short Summary)

Let me start off this review by saying, that the game currently has very little to offer in terms of gameplay if you are not much of a creative person, but if you are, then be prepared to a big grind fest early on in the game until you get the ability to construct auto miners, after that prepare yourself to the next gameplay phase - driving simulator, because resources are scattered across multiple biomes and while driving at max speed from 30-50kmph, it takes a while to get you around the map.

Real player with 120.7 hrs in game

Planet Nomads on Steam

Critical Gravity

Critical Gravity

Very incredible start to game. Very good engaging gameplay, well played physics. Looking forward to seeing where this game ends up. Largest potential in a VR, racing, car physics game I’ve played!

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

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Experienced on the Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers and Xbox One controller

I absolutely love racing in VR. Unfortunately, I really didn’t like this game. It’s not awful, but it’s just not very good at the moment. It’s still in Early Access so there’s time for it to improve. It is definitely a different racing experience. Basically, you’re racing on these space cylinders. And apparently gravity is strong but high speeds and certain angles can lead you to lose your grip on the “road” and spin out of control out in space.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Critical Gravity on Steam

Motor Assailant

Motor Assailant

Fast driving, regular updates, recommended.

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

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Interesting combination of racing (you have to reach the end of the level before time runs out) and shoot ‘em up, although neither part is really prominent. You will rarely lose a level because of a timer if you just don’t stop moving forward, and the fighting part of the game only becomes interesting on bosses (which are quite different from the main game and could be really challenging sometimes).

Could be fun for speedrunning, most of the time I’ve played it I was trying to optimize my time on certain levels that I liked the most. But don’t think about it as a racing simulator. When you try to go fast your car feels more like a rocket ship, so maybe this game will fit wonky physics simulator lovers more than racing lovers.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Motor Assailant on Steam

RaceXXL Space

RaceXXL Space

RaceXXL is a decently fun game, but gets boring quick without other players or AI


  • Decent handling physics, doesn’t feel clunky

  • Foreground visuals are cool

  • Entertaining when getting wrecked by different obstacles, but that only lasts so long (see cons)


  • No AI or other players even though game photos show you racing with another vehicle. That doesn’t happen, at least not

for the first 3 races, which was enough to turn me off from continuing playing.

  • Background visuals are a bit cheesy but I can’t complain for a 6$ game

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

RaceXXL Space on Steam

The Last Element: Looking For Tomorrow

The Last Element: Looking For Tomorrow

The Last Element: Looking For Tomorrow - Atmospheric cyberpunk arcade racing game!

This game is very interesting. As i like a sci-fi and stuff I can say with confidence that the game strongly reminds me of the VHS era. Сulture of the 80’s, ‘‘Knight Rider’’, “The Fifth Element” kinda “Back to the Future”. It is a new world in the arcade racing genre. Get behind the wheel of a flying car of the future and participate in dizzying races, where you can overtake the cars not only on the side but also from below or above. Graphics are good, and concept is simple and pure. it’s good time travel in expectation of Cyberpunk 2077

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

For what it is, it’s good fun.

A really laid back, non competitive, time passing game. Graphics are phenomenal for the price too! Love the fact there is a global leaderboard.

I do enjoy the added ‘scenes’ option, I feel it adds a bit more depth but annoyed at the same time you can only look and not interact.

It would also be a good idea to have more than just the standard level on the game, maybe a couple to choose from?

6.5/10 overall

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

The Last Element: Looking For Tomorrow on Steam



Digitizer is a Sci-Fi FPS RPG set in a post-capitalist open-world, where a constant war between factions has destroyed most of the world’s cities and left islands of Hightech fortresses surrounded by masses of poor survivors.

Pick your side and fight to support those who should survive. Fight for the Future you want as new technology rises that can preserve or destroy what is left of the old world.

This technology can give the common and poor survivors eternal life inside a simulated reality, but the price is high, they will lose their biological life. Will you support this technology, its inventor, and the city council? Or will you join the resistance and restore the old world order? The choice is yours and the Digitizer’s fate is in your hands.

The game features:

First and third-person control.

Fighting with ranged and melee weapons, and with car-mounted machine guns.

Inventory system with trade and crafting.

Branching dialogues in NPCs’ conversations. Without cutscenes.

Player character customizations and clothing switching.

Stats, perks, and skills to develop as you level up.

Vehicle upgrades in workshops.

Open-world exploration, teleport, maps, and location discovery system.

Digitizer on Steam

A Day of Maintenance

A Day of Maintenance

You’re a distant blip amongst the sands around New Port City; It’s been a long few shifts, but you’re almost done with doing your sweep of the guidance stations for the docking spaceships. Take your Massive Self-Sustaining Installation Repair Truck (or MSSIRT for short); & travel the landscape to fix the last few on your list for the day with your trusty multi-tool crane.

A Day of Maintenance is a new, unusual kind of exploration game, taking cues from In Other Waters, 17776, Signal from Tolva, and Euro Truck Simulator 2

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking:

“I want a kind-of-technical driving game with a little gay romance but also some discussion over robot worker consciousness. (With crane operation gameplay)"

This game is for you.

  • Around 8 hours long

  • This game is deliberately slow-paced. Enjoy the drive, sip a cup of something warm, fix sites in the distant future.

  • Chat with your Robot Boyfriend, 6 workmates, & a couple other characters along the way.

  • Best played with a gamepad. But there’s mouse & keyboard bindings for everything.

Chat with Orby about cool stuff like databases, satellite software, and the possibility of having your mind overwritten by a routine check-up.

As you drive the open desert, your crew of fellow maintenance robots will chew the scenery; debating over trains, spaceships, philosophy, and hats.

Oh! You might also uncover a conspiracy.

A Day of Maintenance on Steam

Frag Grounds

Frag Grounds

I saw no reviews and I got curious.

First impression, Servers are completely dead. They’re so dead in fact, Steam Charts can’t process the level of JFK dead this game is. SteamDB can though, and there were 2 players on Jun 9th. Peak playerbase was 5 players, on July 23rd, 2020. I hope everyone had fun when they played the game.

My central issue with this game is simple: The singleplayer mode has one map, and the multiplayer, the meat of this game is, as stated, quite dead. In fact, to run a server, I had to rent one from a shady Euro site, whom kept shutting down my server due to the game lobby having a max of 12 players, and the server only being paid for 8 players. That’s on 4NetPlayers however, not the developers.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Frag Grounds is an abandoned Early Access FPS arena shooter with a militaristic “tacti-cool” theme. There’s a multiplayer mode (no players) and a wave survival shooter mode where you start in a building and dozens of completely identical AI come running at you for you to shoot.

The developers abandoned the game less than a year after it launched to the sound of crickets. The last update for the game was in April 2021.

The quality here is deplorably bad despite the venerable Unreal Engine backing the game. It looks like many of the game assets are just asset flips from the Unreal Asset Store.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Frag Grounds on Steam




Cyberpunk styled combat racing inspired by all the amazing 90’s and 00’s racers. Featuring fast paced, frantic racing action with intense strategic combat.


Equip four types of abilities simultaneously for ultimate destructive capabilities! Load up with homing missiles, plasma launchers, laser cannons, proximity mines, gatling guns and more! Strategy and combos are key if you want to quickly dispatch opponents.


Change team liveries, colours, chassis, race numbers, wheels, loadout and more. Build relationships with fellow pilots and draft them on your team. Research abilities and technologies then set your loadouts before the event.


Race across five vastly different locales, each with destructive and interactive environments. Use track hazards to your advantage to trap opponents and force a mistake. Blow up volatile trackside objects for big damage.


Play online with your friends, or join up in a two person super team with split-screen co-op!

Phaseshift on Steam



This game is great!

The game does a great job of taking an idea of a society like the one seen in movies like BladeRunner (or fuckin Pluto Nash) and expands on it. The world has enough new elements to make it stand out.

The main characters are great and you really do end up loving them. The side characters are also great in how funny or wacky they are while sometimes being effectively used symbolically to highlight real world issues and topics.

While the controls of the ships can be a little wonky everything else is pretty spot on.

Real player with 49.7 hrs in game

Full game video -

I had my reservations about this game to begin with, I thought it was going to be yet another 8 bit style game trying to be something more impressive. Well, I was quite wrong, this is a good game with a good storyline and impressive graphics with out of this world lighting. My only criticism is the rigidness of the story every answer and every question is already planned out, now normally I wouldn’t mind that layout but I feel the game deserves more. There is a lot to love about this game, I felt sorry for control and was invested in Rania’s life enough to keep playing. A good game with good characters and fantastic lighting, man I love that lighting :-). One last thing to add, the city is glorious, fascinating to drive around and big, very very big.

Real player with 23.7 hrs in game

Cloudpunk on Steam