Bionite: Origins

Bionite: Origins

At its current state I can’t recommend. I’ve re-downloaded when new updates were made, but sadly the game does not feel like BZ. The controls are too sophisticated (couldn’t implement the original’s?), unit AI needs a huge improvement, and many bugs just build on top of it all. Seriously though, commanding your constructor to build a guntower shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Bad pathfinding and controls plague a game where basic game mechanics should be a priority. Besides, 6+ years and it’s still in early access? Sorry, but donating to them was a mistake.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

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As others have said, this game unfortunately seems to have grinded to a halt since 2018? Developers obviously lost interest. It’s a buggy mess that is COMPLETELY unplayable at this stage; controls are wacky and nothing seems to work correctly. Don’t buy it.

I think everyone was hoping something great would come of this spiritual successor… it’s a shame. Oh well, Battlezone 98 Redux and Battlezone: Combat Commander are on Steam now at least.

EDIT in response to developer:

I fully understand that game development is very difficult, especially when starting out or with only a small team, and as such, many projects take years to develop.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Bionite: Origins on Steam

Dark Future: Blood Red States

Dark Future: Blood Red States


Overall, it’s a decent game with great visuals and works well as a “play for a couple hours at a sitting” arcade game. If you pay attention to the developing story, it gets a lot more interesting. Take the time to read everything; it’s worth it, and begs you to stick around for the next chapter. Some of the mission types are a little ugly and grinding, some are great, but in general it’s more fun than not.

Full Review:

I have about 28 hours of playtime during the Beta weekend in addition to the hours playing the release version, so this review takes some of that into account as well.

Real player with 59.8 hrs in game

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Based on a board game from the 80s, Dark Future: Blood Red States is a tactical car combat strategy game set in the near future in an American wasteland ruled by a number of warring factions with armoured cars with big guns. The game consists of multiple seasons, with each season seeing you assume a new role fighting for or against these factions. With each season, you have a choice of missions to undertake, be it Escort missions, where you have to escort a vehicle a certain distance, or to just kill as many opponents as you can.

Real player with 53.6 hrs in game

Dark Future: Blood Red States on Steam

Carrier Command 2 VR

Carrier Command 2 VR

I have only played a brief little bit, but so far I have been able to control my units, drive the carrier, and do the first island mission without any problems in VR, but I am using Valve Index Controllers so I do not know how it will work on other types.

My only concern is that the carrier’s main camera looks a little funky as it is like a big circular 2D screen inside a glass sphere that you are standing in and for a few moments I didn’t know what I was looking at or why the screen was in my way. Once I started moving the camera and zooming in it all made sense and I was able to use it no problem. It does look weird though and makes you wonder where you are and what happened the first time you use it.

Real player with 30.9 hrs in game

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Yes, now I can recommend this game since the latest update allows all functions to work with my Odyssey+, even though the devs don’t officially support WMR. (I’m hoping they will later, however.) I did have to use a community-made set of bindings, but everything works with the only exception being the air/sea radar, where I can’t seem to increase or decrease the scan range. Fortunately, the default value of 1250m still works just fine, so it’s not a game-breaking issue. I haven’t tried modifying the bindings, so it’s possible that I could still find out the fix for it. I spent about 2 hours capturing 3 islands and I had no trouble using all the same tactics that I would in pancake mode, although it took me the first 30 minutes just figuring out what all the controller buttons did. But once I did, I was bounding between screens and stations, giving orders to units, operating gimbal cameras, manipulating maps, and driving the carrier with ease. The only really hard part was doing it all standing up… I need to get a chair next time, as my feet were starting to hurt by the 3rd island captured.

Real player with 8.5 hrs in game

Carrier Command 2 VR on Steam

Helicopter Simulator 2020

Helicopter Simulator 2020

Helicopter Simulator 2020 - it’s simulator about pilot of helicopter, who battle in some places.

Realistic Physics of helicopter. it’s inovation aviasimulator. In this simulator you will be defend base of your army and attack fortresses of enemy army.

You helicopter any bullets and missles, that can destroy any enemy. You will be fight at the snow hills, in the Ocean and jungle. 5 interesting big Locations.

Helicopter Simulator 2020 on Steam



Don’t buy this game! Horrible game. Overpriced. Horrible people who run the discord. Including the founder and his friends. Just a clearifcation: If you are looking into buying this game and have watched gameplay by emegenyc, they have good computers which give them access to fast game play. Highly unsuggested if you don’t have atleast a $300 graphics card! First off with the game: They say its only a beta, which I understand there will be bugs. Unless you have a very good PC and you run the game at very low, your lucky to get 20 fps. Very laggy. I have a 1080 ti myself. Unless im hosting a multiplayer lobby I wont have lag as much. The frames drop greatly to the point where its unplayble. Especially when there 3+ players on multiplayer. For the last week, the game founder has been playing with a new group called 5th battalion with people who purchased the game. I like this idea, but instead of working on the game a partial part of the day, he plays with his friends and other people on the discord, instead of working on a game that all of us payed for. While hes relaxing with over 1 million dollars that he flexed on his Instagram. He has the balls to say he doesn’t have enough money, or that its too much money for a simple couple of game developers to work on it. Not even full time it could be a partial part so that the game could be up on its feet. Not much progress has been made. He will probally defend this with “Ive made a couple of updates this week”. Only thing hes done has added manhattan for the everyone on 5th battalion and tried to optimize lag which hasn’t worked. Now tools don’t work and so don’t ladders show.

Real player with 317.2 hrs in game

TLDR The game has some good points but it s definitely buyer beware. The reason I m giving a “not recommended” is because after owning the game for a year if I had the chance to refund I would not hesitate to do so. The dev team is very small and consistently encounter delays. They also seem to keep changing direction, ie releasing than removing multiplayer and instead of fixing problems trying to add “window dressing” to the game.

Firstly to clarify a few issues that have been raised in previous reviews:

Real player with 169.9 hrs in game

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