Digitizer is a Sci-Fi FPS RPG set in a post-capitalist open-world, where a constant war between factions has destroyed most of the world’s cities and left islands of Hightech fortresses surrounded by masses of poor survivors.

Pick your side and fight to support those who should survive. Fight for the Future you want as new technology rises that can preserve or destroy what is left of the old world.

This technology can give the common and poor survivors eternal life inside a simulated reality, but the price is high, they will lose their biological life. Will you support this technology, its inventor, and the city council? Or will you join the resistance and restore the old world order? The choice is yours and the Digitizer’s fate is in your hands.

The game features:

First and third-person control.

Fighting with ranged and melee weapons, and with car-mounted machine guns.

Inventory system with trade and crafting.

Branching dialogues in NPCs' conversations. Without cutscenes.

Player character customizations and clothing switching.

Stats, perks, and skills to develop as you level up.

Vehicle upgrades in workshops.

Open-world exploration, teleport, maps, and location discovery system.

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Digitizer on Steam

Rubber and Lead

Rubber and Lead

This game is very reminiscent of Autoduel, for those old enough to recall that classic. As compared, there are far fewer weapons and vehicles, and the game ends more quickly unless you really make a point of playing it out.

For those unfamiliar with older games, this is a simple, top-down, 1-player shooter with a slow-it-down button (not quite bullet time, but close), which I never used after figuring out what it does, which is: lets you see what the AI does, and presumably learn to target with missiles.

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

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Made sure I finished the game (no spoilers, BTW), and even earned all the achievements.

First of all, the presentation of design is lacking. Of course, it’s just a car game in entirely 2D top down. Though on the bright side, controls are not that hard to use. But as a person with a thing about repetition and cliches, it’s the most cheapest control design that can be made by anybody. Final thing about design, it’s entirely a game developed by beginners.

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

Rubber and Lead on Steam



I really love wheel travel it is very hard to grasp at first but after you figure out the controls and the area around you you can start to play the game and explore the world at first i played about 30 minutes of the game and i couldnt figure it out but after i put a few hours in i really started to enjoy the game i recomend this game as of now id give it around a 7 or 8 out of 10

Wheel travel has many bugs but with only a few months in development all are somewhat easily ignorable and dont kill the game. in wheel travel there seems to be almost an endless amount of parts for the trucks upgrade parts to stock parts you can buy for replacement or just customizing your ride.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

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Great foundation for a good off-road game. The amount of customisation is surprisingly good. There are currently some bugs but the game will get better as it develops. With most being resolved by saving so if the game closes you just load a save you made, loosing near to no progress. Doesn’t take long to get used to the controls either. Just make sure to read what the help says and you’ll be set. Other than that, it is an enjoyable game.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game


Badland Envoys

Badland Envoys

In a broken world of desolated wastelands, chaos, rage and destruction dictate the rules of survival. Far stretches of the ruined land are ruled by self-acclaimed warlords and bandits that roam the roads with their diesel-fueled war machines, delivering the cruelty to anyone that dares to enter their domain. In all of this madness, pockets of a new civilization start to shimmer. That’s where you come in. As a member of the Badland Envoy’s, and elite guild of skilled drivers, you’ll be tasked with leading the expeditions between towns and newly created settlements, establishing safe routs, protecting the cargo, and eliminating any encountered threat. You’ll be a messenger, a porter, a warrior, and most of all, a new hope for those that try to rebuild humanity.

Do you have what it takes?

If you’re get stopped out there, you’ll die. Think fast, drive faster, react instantly. Remember, it’s not always about the speed of your car – sometimes it’s about the speed of your trigger.

Spending some of that hard-earned buck on your rides is always a good idea. Installing new armor plating, homing missiles launcher or a high tech nitro system can make a difference between life and death out there on the road. Be good to your chariots and they’ll repay you with the same. Trust me.

So you’ve got a few extra wheels and hired some new crew members? Good. You can trust them to have your back, but when things get really tough, don’t hesitate to give them commands from a more tactical point of view. It can save your life, and more importantly – your cargo.

If it wasn’t about the job, we’ll be no different than the bandits. The orders placed through the Guild give us goals, meaning and hope for a better feature. Remember that all orders have different sets of requirements. Delivering medicine through hills requires more vehicles, different gear and more specialized crew than a recon mission deep into marshlands. Plan ahead and you’ll be fine.

See you on the road.


  • Experience fast-paced, action-oriented vehicular combat.

  • Use Tactical mode for more top-down approach.

  • Unlock deadly vehicles to ride, upgrade and shine with style.

  • Gather unique vehicle customizations, including armor plating, weapons, and tuning parts.

  • Encounter savage enemies, each witch different strengths, weaknesses and combat tactics.

  • Challenge world bosses, including armored train and mechanized desert fortress.

  • Complete dozens of orders spread through the far reaches of Badlands.

  • Recruit additional crew members, each with a different set of unique skills and traits.

  • Traverse various environments – from town ruins, through desert wastelands, all to the bogged wetlands.

  • Experience a day and night cycle that affects gameplay – It’s harder to aim at night, but remember - it works both ways.

  • Witness various environmental conditions and dangers, like corrosive acid rain or deadly desert storm.

Badland Envoys on Steam

Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip

Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip

You’ll find huge amount of guns. Stuff your enemies with bullets, cut them, burn them and blow them up. Find and use special items to slow down time, gain invulnerable, or bring a real armageddon. Everything in this world is created for destruction.

Gain experience and earn money to gather collection of vehicles. Improve and customize them to find the perfect perks combination for each arena and your style.

Комбинированные улучшения

Travel through unique realms: each arena is a parallel dimension, with its own topology, atmosphere and mechanics. Feel really unforgettable experience.

Meditate on destruction. Hypnotic visual style combined with a hardcore gameplay will give you a doses of adrenaline and endorphin just in a few minutes. Repeat until complete satisfaction.

Players already compete for leadership - and this is a really epic battle. Welcome.

Music is what we are inspired to create each game, and here it has a special role. The soundtrack was written by a wonderful russian musician Moa Pillar and creates an atmosphere of insane rave. Reach for the lazers!

There is no story.

  • No bullshit - pure action

  • 11 types of guns

  • 9 special items

  • 40+ upgrades combinations

  • 16 types of enemies + 5 bosses

  • 5 unique arenas

  • 3 battle vehicles

  • Endless ammo

Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip on Steam

Just Ride:Apparent Horizon 狂飙:极限视界

Just Ride:Apparent Horizon 狂飙:极限视界

As you know, this game has a lot of small bugs at this stage, but the developers obviously have a passion for this game, and the update speed is also very impressive. As long as this situation is maintained, it will continue to improve, I believe that This game will not disappoint players.

Of course, I think the feedback from the players to the developers is also very important. If there are more players to express their opinions, we can see the mature games more quickly. Let’s cheer together.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

While the core gameplay is moderately fun, various technical issues, developer oversights, and a translation so bad it makes 4kids look excellent; all end up marring what could be a unique and quirky game.

To start off the game is quite janky It has the love/hate physics bugs and small graphical glitches such as colliding textures, but those aren’t deal breaking if you’re used to games which can be rough around the edges. The real dealbreakers all seem fixable, but considering it’s out of early access, quite unlikely.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Just Ride:Apparent Horizon 狂飙:极限视界 on Steam

Bigger Trucks

Bigger Trucks

Its broken and u can t play it but for the money u can t ask for more

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

I felt that this game was lacking lots of material for the game. The game crashed a few times for me. Then once I did manage to play the camera would go wonkey half of the time. The gameplay wasn’t great and no instructions on what to do or how to play.

Review at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPIooGLEgns

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Bigger Trucks on Steam

Era Of Newborns

Era Of Newborns

I don’t understand why everyone is being so negative. This version of the game has only been out one day….ONE DAY! Do ya’ll not understand what early access is? It is access to a game early so you can help the project team squash bugs and make the game work like you all think it should now. $20 is cheap, this game “will be” worth $50-$70 dollars when done and you would have gotten it for $20……Rant over now onto the real review;

I payed my $20, chump change and My first glance at this game was like all the bad reviews but then I told myself, it is almost pre-alpha and I need to dredge up my early access survival skills. Once I did that, my progress skyrocketed! Within 6 hours I was in the steel age and was mining the meteorite that’s needed for endgame stuff! The graphics are not what I expected but that’s an easy fix which will come with time, the game play is great, survival deadly wolves and robots, starvation, thirst, I mean come on, if you really enjoy the genre you will enjoy this game…..period

Real player with 131.4 hrs in game

I have to admit i’m enjoying it. i like the crafting, exploring and scavenging for supply’s. There’s robots, bears,wolf’s,foxes and dear. still early development so its what you make of it. I buy a lot of early access games cause i my opinion that’s where the new ideas come from.

I fell that this has plenty of room to become a good game, just needs the attention and care of the people making it and the community to support it. allot of games started out in early access, allot are dud’s but some have really become something good. So if you want a game ready to play then just wait, if you want to play and watch the game grow and develop then go for it.

Real player with 32.4 hrs in game

Era Of Newborns on Steam

Hard Truck Apocalypse / Ex Machina

Hard Truck Apocalypse / Ex Machina

There are a lot of games on Steam, but once in a while, you browse the catalogue and discover a little gem hiding somewhere in the deep ends of the underated section. Ex Machina is one of those games, but let me start off by saying that this game certainly isn’t for everyone, it’s genre is considered to be a very acquired taste, but I would say it’s worth the buy anyway just for the sake of trying it. I didn’t expect it to be anything amazing given it’s lack of popularity, but I was wrong, this game is truly brilliant.

Real player with 96.5 hrs in game

The Crossout single-player predecessor, Hard Truck Apocalypse (original name Ex Machina fits it even better) was somewhat quite intense when it first hit the shelves. The gameplay (similar to the golden classic of the Russian game development, the Vangers) was quite addictive, with all that driving in the wastes of the post-apocalyptic open world, shooting bandits, upgrading your car, delivering some post quests and convoying caravans… Driving, driving and then some more driving and fighting with your car. There was also an intriguing sci-fi story plot, with some twists and various ways to go through the game (two starting quest lines, non-linear solutions in every big chained mission in every game area, and two endings, with two different boss fights and outcomes).

Real player with 75.8 hrs in game

Hard Truck Apocalypse / Ex Machina on Steam

Farming Tractor Simulator 2021: Farmer Life

Farming Tractor Simulator 2021: Farmer Life

simple simulation

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

The game feels like its still in development but isn’t bad for the price it is sold for and it needs more work.


Fine Graphics

Good Concept (can be a really good game if some changes are made)

Good unlocking system


Bugs (Tractor Gets stuck everywhere)

Can very easily get monotonous after a few minutes of gameplay

Sounds effects

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Farming Tractor Simulator 2021: Farmer Life on Steam