Munich Bus Simulator

Munich Bus Simulator

To begin, I would like to disagree with most of the other reviews, because this is a very good game. It is a massive improvement to Bus Simulator 2012, by the same developers. I do agree that the format is a bit strange, but it just takes a bit of getting used to. The graphics are of a very good quality, especially the weather effects and I usually get good FPS as well. Please be aware before you purchase, that this is quite a graphically demanding game and you will require a high end system. Let’s begin with what makes this game really enjoyable:

Real player with 73.7 hrs in game

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a lot of crashing! crashing into a curb that you barely touched but the sound of it is like you hit a brick wall head on 90mph if you are not crashing into stuff that you barely touched or did not touch at all dont worry the ai traffick will take over for you and crash into you and when you finally get the hang on how to not crash into stuff by taking huge turns away from all curbs and soda cans just to make sure then the game simply just crash to desktop! there are a lot of stuff that is said to be in this game but im not sure they are talking about the same game here because i sure dont see or find it this game really feel like it is still in early release or still in beta stage it is very bugy and clumsy when a game is worse then OMSI then there is something seriously wrong. still this game is not all bad there are under certain situations a very impressive scenery to be seen and the graphic sometimes comes out great but most of the time the graphic is all very strange either too bright or too dark a big area lighted up in solid whit in middle of the night with no lightpole nearby so why is it so bright maybe a failed attempt for alien invasion my sugestion dont buy this one there are other better one out there or better yet just wait a little longer i have a feeling that someone is actually gona be able to successfully make a bus simulator that actually is playable im sure its coming soon but i dont think its coming from germany though but hey what do i know…………………….this is just my opinion from playing the game take it to the heart or ignore it entirely its up to you.

Real player with 34.6 hrs in game

Munich Bus Simulator on Steam

Heading Out - A Narrative Road Movie Racing Game

Heading Out - A Narrative Road Movie Racing Game

Heading Out is a road-movie inspired racing game mixed with an immersive narration, character creator and resource management.

We aim to recreate the spirit of cult American road-movies from the past. Such as Vanishing Point, Two-Lane Blacktop and Thelma & Louise.

Drive through the American West

Welcome to the mythical American West. You’re a vigilante driving across the country in a muscle car. How fast can you go coast to coast? Who or what are you running from? Are you looking for an adventure? Or do you want to get lost on the highways carved in vast American plains?

Beautiful cars, hi-octane races and the joy of the drive

Hop into a classic muscle car, tune in to a great Americana soundtrack and go on a drive through the American West. Run from the police, chase other drivers, maneuver in traffic, break through a sandstorm, contemplate views during a peaceful night ride through the desert… And most of all: enjoy the ride!

Create your own hero & story

You’re the Driver . Using a deep but easy-to-manage character creator, the player will answer questions about their fears, dreams and ambitions. What’s your motivation? Why are you on the run? Who’s chasing you? Choices made in the character creator determine what the player hears on the radio. Because you’re making headlines and everyone is talking about you!

Meaningful choices and unique adventure

Choose your path across America. Keep an eye on your fuel meter, car condition and wanted level. Think strategically. Study the map. Meet mysterious travelers, make interesting choices and discover fascinating sites.

Will you help a stranger? Will you leave your past in the dust? Will you take up the challenge to a duel on the blacktop? Build a legend that is uniquely yours.

Rogue-like structure, infinite replayability potential

Every time you click New Story, a new adventure is created. You can become someone completely different, encounter new events and make different, meaningful choices. After completing a run, you can immortalize your adventure and share it with other players!

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Heading Out - A Narrative Road Movie Racing Game on Steam

Observatory: A VR Variety Pack

Observatory: A VR Variety Pack

The music video alone is worth the price, totally mental stuff, my favourite VR experience so far!

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

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I truly didnt know what to expect when i picked up the demo for this, i will not add any spoilers at all. However i will say one thing.. the VR experience itself is mind blowing, Phantasmagoria as a music video in a true VR enviroment is just incredible. It really is an mazing experience its my all time favorite out there so far.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Observatory: A VR Variety Pack on Steam

RaceXXL Space

RaceXXL Space

RaceXXL is a decently fun game, but gets boring quick without other players or AI


  • Decent handling physics, doesn’t feel clunky

  • Foreground visuals are cool

  • Entertaining when getting wrecked by different obstacles, but that only lasts so long (see cons)


  • No AI or other players even though game photos show you racing with another vehicle. That doesn’t happen, at least not

for the first 3 races, which was enough to turn me off from continuing playing.

  • Background visuals are a bit cheesy but I can’t complain for a 6$ game

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

RaceXXL Space on Steam

Ultra Off-Road 2019: Alaska

Ultra Off-Road 2019: Alaska

Love the stunning visuals, they attracted me to the game in the 1st place. UOR played on ultra is really beautiful, almost yelling IT’S ALASKA, MAN! The feeling of freedom is also very nice - what the real off-road is all about. Let’s say my inner explorator feels FINE. :D

Next - the driving experience. There was a simulation/arcade debate here, also addressed by the devs. Imho it feels quite balanced right now, though I’m not a hardcore sim fan. My jeep could bounce more/jump higher - maybe some future arcade feature? ;)

Real player with 17.8 hrs in game

This game still needs a lot of work, and they still need to update some of their game description to match with what is currently available, to what is planned for the future as they don’t seem to tally up or match. And I dont consider this game a simulator, but rather a simcade which it matches perfectly and is honestly the type of game that I enjoy sinking a few hours into. Also, I dont have a problem with floating objects like pizza, fuel and as such, but it may be nice to have an option to enable or disable them, but seriously its not an issue for me at the current state.

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

Ultra Off-Road 2019: Alaska on Steam

Autobahn Police Simulator

Autobahn Police Simulator

I just wanted a police sim. I mean, there are a couple coming out this year that look really good, but I just really wanted to play one. Sure, it’s got some “mixed” reviews, but Steam can be a little harsh. And I don’t want the shoot-em-up sort of police sim; I want something that celebrates the mundane tasks of the traffic cop. It sounded like a winner.

No. I hate this game. I thought it was maybe that I had to get used to it but, no: listen to the reviews, this game sucks.

Other reviews seem to talk about the driving mechanics, and that is by far the worst thing in this game. Driving is so difficult that the developers obviously knew it, and though there is a damage meter for your car, it actually goes back down if you don’t hit anything for a few seconds.

Real player with 18.5 hrs in game

Well i spent over a week deliberating this one, in light of the mixed reviews. I ended up watching video reviews online to help me make up my mind.

I’m glad I bought this game. I prefer sims over any other genre, and I always thought a highway police sim would be cool.

Personally, I really can’t understand why there’s so many negative reviews. I guess a lot of them were written prior to the updates/patches, which appear to have corrected most of the bugs and glitches. It’s really not a bad game at all if you’re into simulators. And i think this is where most people make the mistake of reviewing it like a regular game instead of a sim.

Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

Autobahn Police Simulator on Steam

World of Subways 4 – New York Line 7

World of Subways 4 – New York Line 7

Much worse than WoS3… it’s even worse in some ways than WoS 1 and 2. Physics are non-existant, there is no cab sway (the train is glued to the tracks), weather effects are pretty bad (seriously - snow looks like fireflies), most of the train sounds are all recycled from WoS 3 (like the doors and handles); new sounds (like the compressor for the brakes) are stiff just like the physics - they start and stop in an obvious loop cut. The train is stiff, braking is quite bad (the first few notches do almost nothing and then with the last two you can stop a massive train litteraly on a dime); there is absolutely no feel for the weight of the thing; not even Trainz levels of feel. And on top of it all the graphics are super choppy, and my system is not at all bad… TS2015 runs awesome on it, and even OMSI runs pretty good.

Real player with 55.6 hrs in game

This is just one of those titles where you either love it or hate it. I have a large margin of forgiveness when it comes to this game’s gameplay(physics, AI etc) because of the content involved. By saying that you can consider this review biased because I rode the 7 train to school daily growing up, and rode them to and from work for years and miss the Redbirds dearly.Graphics 10/10 - I can concur with the other early reviews and tell you that the scenery is just perfect. They nailed key locations like Aviation High school, Queens Blvd, Roosevelt Ave, and other spots that would only be recognized by people who ride this line regularly. The stations are modeled perfectly. Some details are a miss, but not everything can be perfect. TML did a great job of getting the feel of the Redbirds. As a child and early teenager, the conductors used to leave the cab door open all the time while driving the train so I would always watch them at the controls. It is safe to say that the cab has been detailed perfectly down to the last detail. It is amazing to finally understand what the conductor was doing all those times I watched him drive the train since now I am sure most of the trains(r160’s) are controlled by computer more than actual manual controls and air brakes. I have not gotten into the mission part of the simulator yet since I am still trying to get better control of the train itself, but I understand the complaints about the physics. Sometimes you think there is actual physics working in the back round because when you are going uphill, the train slows down and vice versa on the down hills. Gameplay 7/10 -For what its worth, its an awesome simulation. Like I said earlier this game gets my vote because 1. Part of the route is modeled after the neighborhood I grew up in/live in 2. It rendered probably the coolest of the MTA NYC subway lines aside from say the F train since you can see so many cool things above ground compared to tunnels. Even the tunnels were kept pretty interesting. I have to say that if they went for complete realism on the tunnels, they would have been more bland. They actually spiced up the tunnels with extra lighting here and there and threw in pipes and stuff I normally don’t see since its so dark and dreary in the actual tunnels. Audio 8/10- The sounds are pretty well done also. the screeching tracks, the train doors and all appropriate sounds are emulated. The only ones I actually noticed were missing were the air brakes releasing the pressure and the announcements for each stop amongst a few others. It still amazes me that I can simulate driving the 7 train.

Real player with 52.0 hrs in game

World of Subways 4 – New York Line 7 on Steam

OMSI 2: Steam Edition

OMSI 2: Steam Edition

This is still the best bus simulator. It is a good improvement on OMSI 1.

MAPS/VEHICLES: The Spandau map is much extended with a new chronology function where you can see the routes/fares and most importantly the Berlin reunification/fall of the Berlin wall between 1986 and 1994. Two maps are included the fictional test map Grundorf (one route, the 76) and Berlin Spandau (routes 92 (137), 5 (130) and also two night routes. Two new buses come with this game the articulated (bendy) bus MAN NG272 (GN92) and the MAN NL202 (EN92). The two double deckers from OMSI 1 are improved and the MAN SD202 has two new variants; the D90 and the D91. There are new AI cars including ambulances with working sirens. There is also much more trains in OMSI 2.

Real player with 3171.6 hrs in game

OMSI is a deeply odd and divisive creation, it is at once both an abysmally dire example of horrendous software design, while also one of the profoundest delights available to those with a passion for buses.

Learning the many arcane processes for getting this simulation to work is no small feat. Don’t bother trying to suck-it-and-see - there is no realistic chance of you fully getting to grips with OMSI inside the 2-hour limit for refunds - it requires an enormous commitment of time and energy to achieve a working understanding of OMSI. (In that respect, I suspect it’s not unlike actually learning to drive a real bus).

Real player with 839.3 hrs in game

OMSI 2: Steam Edition on Steam

Inertial Drift

Inertial Drift

Inertial Drift is easily one of the best racing games I’ve ever played. If you like racers, this game might just become your new favorite.I’ve been looking for a game to replace OutRun 2. I love that game, and there are a lot of reasons Inertial Drift are able to rival that game- easily. Inertial Drift rocks. The gameplay is amazing. The two-stick controls deliver everything it promises to and more- there’s hundreds of hours of potential here. Each car handles uniquely, and the story mode used as a medium to unlock these works. It’s not the next Final Fantasy VI, but the story is good enough to satisfy the need as a gameplay facet. I even liked it. The music and camera work within the game create the perfect feeling of dynamics, and you’ll sit down glued to the game hours at a time. The game is even more pretty when you play, than when you watch it. Like, as soon as you hold this game in your hands and play, you’ll be chuckling with joy. Its so fun.Nothing’s perfect though, and there are some minor issues with the game. I’m writing this review on the first patch, close to release. There’s a couple glitches to be sorted out, but patches are coming through well. The music is awesome, but there aren’t a ton of options. You’ll never get tired of it looping soothingly in the BG, but more options could be sweet. Also, cars don’t collide (at least not in the normal story mode) so passing an opponent isn’t a tactical epic. But you get to focus on making the best lap times on the best lines- so if that’s your cup of tea, its either there or its not.Otherwise? Play this game. The demo will hook you. Every moment is historic racing awesomeness. See you on the road.

Real player with 49.6 hrs in game

Now, it should be said at first, that this game isnt a traditional racing game. its a time trialling game, along the lines of dirt rally or trackmania, where its less about wheel to wheel racing and more about perfecting your racing line. if thats not what you want, you might want to think a little harder about getting this.for those who DO enjoy time trialling though, i highly suggest you pick this up. the control scheme alone could easily carry this game, allowing a level of precision i dont think ive ever seen in another driving game. coupled with great track design, lots of very individual cars, simplistic but great looking graphics, the sense of speed and the games way of encouraging you to just get better and better and better by always showing you the next player on the leaderboards to beat makes this one of my favorite racing games only complaints really are a… “lack” of tracks - theres ten in total, all available in reverse as well. while this is enough for now, it might get a little stale later on. additional tracks, maybe in a dlc, would be very welcome - the rather dim lighting, which can make tracks unpredictable if you play them for the first time, although thats not a problem the more experience you get, and… while not really a complaint, it certainly is a bit annoying that there is no eurobeat in this game. the game’s soundtrack isnt bad, quite good actually, but… its a shame the game doesnt have it….oh, and the “story” is quite bad. the events themselves are fine, but the writing is awful. then again, its a racing game, so who cares about the story.tldrtime trials, no racing heregreat controlsgreat vehicle varietypretty graphicsgreat sense of speedvery rewardingonly minor complaints…get this game, it be good.

Real player with 38.0 hrs in game

Inertial Drift on Steam

TramSim Munich

TramSim Munich

The game is absolutely beautiful.

There are so many cool features, such as:

  • Live Weather (yes!!)

  • being able to switch lines easily (from 23 onto 28 without going to the main menu)

  • actually working trams

  • good quality

It is just an amazing game! I can’t wait for future updates though

Real player with 27.4 hrs in game

In the current form this game feels more like an early access game. The game play itself is fun, but there’s just too many bugs and missing things like trackside signs. I’m confident that the dev will keep on improving and releasing updates for the game (2 have been released since this review).

Things I like:

  • Graphics are well done, it feels like I am driving through Munich.

  • audio is good, but it is missing some sounds.

  • Game play is fun and have 3 routes to choose from. (2 of the routes share the same track for much of it’s route)

Real player with 24.5 hrs in game

TramSim Munich on Steam