We Took That Trip

We Took That Trip

Imagine you and your best friends tripping and enjoying every moment with no worries and no hurries. This game its about that!

We Took That Trip is a chill road trip game. You drive your beloved van through procedural roads with no hurry, relaxing and enjoying the company of your best friends. Chill out with the dynamic weathers and the wide variety of biomes. Customize your van and enjoy this emotional ride.

#### Key features:


  • Travel through procedural roads, the road is never the same

  • Variety of biomes (hills, forests, deserts, beaches, swamps, fields…)

Chill Out

  • The soundtrack puts you in the mood with tracks by awesome artists of the internet

  • Enjoy the beautiful landscapes

  • Dynamic weathers

  • Dynamic time with gorgeous sunsets, sunrires, moonrises…


  • Grab them all on the way, the ride is much better with the ones that you love

  • Discover their stories and revive great moments


  • Yes, theres a cat, and he’s inseparable. So he is gonna enjoy the ride with you

  • You can pet him and he loves it


  • Paint your loved van

  • Change cosmetic parts and make it feels like home

Zen mode

  • If you are just looking to relax and refresh your mind, this mode is just for this

  • Choose who you want to go with or drive alone

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We Took That Trip on Steam

Titan Chaser

Titan Chaser

A mechanically rough Early Access with a great concept and surreal mood about finding and rescuing giant titans roaming the land using all kinds of bright lights.

Your only two companions are a run down, beige coloured Chrysler K platform car that’s held together by glue, droplets of constant fog and the sheer enthusiasm of the main protagonist and a mysterious, freakishly tall hotel manager named Jasper. He’s also your main contact when your car decides to bunny hop down a hill and gets stuck on the train tracks or you decide to test how far into the water you can drive.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

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This modestly priced Early Access walking sim has some great ideas at its core and even though I am not huge on buying in before the product is complete, I feel like I have already got my money’s worth and could quite happily recommend this to a walking sim fan who wants something a little bit different.


  • unexpected. You can almost count the versions of a walking sim on 1 or maybe 2 hands. Angsty teen, space station, psychological horror, but never have I played a walking sim where I basically have to drive around and shoo-away monsters.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Titan Chaser on Steam

Truck World: Australia

Truck World: Australia

#### Get ready for a next-generation trucking experience!

Travel across Australia behind the wheel of the mighty Road Train! Haul extreme cargo thousands of miles and explore the Outback’s wilderness in some of the most intense conditions on earth!

Large, Open-World

The geography of Australia encompasses a wide variety of biogeographic regions! Australia may be the world’s smallest continent, but Australia is also the sixth-largest country in the world. The geography of the continent is diverse, ranging from the snow-capped mountains in the Australian Alps to large deserts, and tropical and temperate forests. Explore them all!

Road Trains

Australia is home to the longest and heaviest Road Trains in the world, which is why these gargantuan trains are so famous. Made up of three or more trailers, Road Trains will be the ultimate driving experience.

Among many features:

  • Haul cargo across Australia.

  • Explore a large, Open-world.

  • Transport oversized loads, high-risk cargo, and more!

  • Experience a dynamic weather system with the Day/Night Cycle.

  • Be part of an ever-changing economy based on developing your own business.

  • Unlock, upgrade, and customize lots of unique vehicles.

  • Moddable with Steam Workshop.

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Truck World: Australia on Steam



Wake up at midnight, tune the radio to your favourite station and drive. As a small time courier, you’ll meet an cast of unusual characters, carry their packages across the region and learn their stories. Deliver packages through the night until the long shadows of dawn calls you back to your bed.

Your goal is to pick up packages from locations and deliver them on time. It’s 1986, so there’s no satnav— you’ll rely on your map and street signs to learn the best routes. Late deliveries mean less money.

At the end of each night, you return to your garage. Completing deliveries and earning cash unlocks new garages and cars, allowing you to travel further, complete bigger deliveries and build a delivery empire.

  • Explore an open world of open highways and sparkling skylines

  • Deliver packages for a cast of characters in story missions, or in unlimited procedurally generated missions

  • Upgrade your car from fixer-upper to lean muscle machine

  • Unlock new garages to take longer jobs and explore more of the world

  • Hire and manage drivers to build a business empire

  • Stream radio, MP3s, and podcasts on your car stereo

  • Photograph your journey with a range of lenses, filters and effects

  • Turn off missions and time limits with Endless Night mode

Transmission on Steam

Catching a Ride

Catching a Ride

Catching a Ride is a soft adventure about feeling lost, finding your way, and making friends at the roads.

You find yourself alone on a journey away from home. Driving an old car at night and no headlight.

Therefore, you need to utilize the passage of other vehicles to see the road, and memorize your path.

Gradually find out little friendships, and discover where to go.


The game is within the RSoft universe, and takes place in 2030 in a huge wave of climate changes, that forces people to move from their home cities, to a secure place.

Alle, had to rush out of his quiet town and venture out into the night in an old car with a burnt-out headlight.

Key Features:

  • Contemplate a minimalist art in Topdown-View.

  • Enjoy an original soundtrack with relaxing acoustics.

  • Feel the vibe of traveling on a nighty journey.

Catching a Ride on Steam

The Bus

The Bus

Review of the release version

Not perfect yet, but you shouldn’t expect that as it’s still in the early state of Early Access.

Generally I really do enjoy this new City Bus Simulator.

What you are getting right now is the TXL line, a 1:1 scale recreation of that part of Berlin, the Scania Citywide in two variants, and some in Game line editors.

Doesn’t sound like much, but the main key is that lots of new things are going to be added during this Early Access, especially looking forward to the Map Modding Tools.

Real player with 99.2 hrs in game

As a community, we are giving constructive feedback to the developers. And they don’t seem to know or listen about the physics. This game should not be called a simulator. Because the only game that should be called that way is OMSI 2. As for now, the game should work a lot on the driving physics, before it can be a joy for me as an OMSI driver, to enjoy this game. For now I would only recommend this game to Euro truck and American truck driver. I also used to play euro truck simulator 2, and since I play OMSI 2, I can tell what a simulator is and what not when looking at the physics. I’ve also raced a lot in Rfactor and other simulation games. Based on this experience I can tell this game is not a simulator. It is more like a Berlin sight seeing game for now. I hope this review helps you to decide to buy the game or not.

Real player with 23.4 hrs in game

The Bus on Steam

Extreme School Driving Simulator

Extreme School Driving Simulator

The game can get addicting but also frustrating. There are levels that are really easy and then others that can take a decent while to get around. However I do feel like there should be more levels because you can complete some 1 to 5 mins and then hard levels 25mins max.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

My Friend bought me this game for my b-day and i thought to myself sure i’ll play for a bit than I couldn’t stop. I hit level 13 and I meet my maker I tried everything I possibly could. The seasons changed form winter to summer and back. Finally I killed god and the devil and consumed there soul’s for power. Than only than I beat it. I thought the nightmare was over for level 14 was easy as pie BUT LEVEL 15 SAID BONJOUR BITCH. Anyway I beat level 15 and the universe could not handle my power. Now I float through out the void wondering Why? Why does my friend Hate me?

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Extreme School Driving Simulator on Steam

Race Condition

Race Condition

Race Condition is a fast paced arcade style racing game. You compete against eleven other cars in a frantic battle for the podium. Win medals to unlock new tracks around the globe. This game is all about the core racing experience and strives to put you into a zen-like state of flow as you speed around the tracks and become the first to cross the finish line.


  • Fast paced action

  • Fun gameplay

  • Intelligent AI-driven opponents

  • 15 atmospheric tracks

  • Win medals to unlock new tracks

  • Various weather effects, such as rain and snow

  • Finely tuned game physics

  • Split-screen multiplayer

  • Support for both keyboard and controller

Why Are We Making This Game?

We have a lifelong love for racing games, reaching back to the fun times at the arcade in the 80’s. Our ambition in making this game is to create the racing game we always wished we had, growing up. A game with emphasis on driving a fast race car with precise handling all whilst keeping it fun and exciting rather than technical and complicated. We hope you will like it as much as we do!

Race Condition on Steam

TramSim Munich

TramSim Munich

The game is absolutely beautiful.

There are so many cool features, such as:

  • Live Weather (yes!!)

  • being able to switch lines easily (from 23 onto 28 without going to the main menu)

  • actually working trams

  • good quality

It is just an amazing game! I can’t wait for future updates though

Real player with 27.4 hrs in game

In the current form this game feels more like an early access game. The game play itself is fun, but there’s just too many bugs and missing things like trackside signs. I’m confident that the dev will keep on improving and releasing updates for the game (2 have been released since this review).

Things I like:

  • Graphics are well done, it feels like I am driving through Munich.

  • audio is good, but it is missing some sounds.

  • Game play is fun and have 3 routes to choose from. (2 of the routes share the same track for much of it’s route)

Real player with 24.5 hrs in game

TramSim Munich on Steam

UNDER the SAND - a road trip game

UNDER the SAND - a road trip game

Note: this review is written for FullRebuilt#7

There are few games out there quite like Under the Sand for me, save for maybe Glitchhiker, though that game focuses more on a spiritual experience. Under the Sand, on the other hand, as it stands with the lastest full rebuilt version at the time of writing, offers a story-lite experience that encourages the players to weave their own experiences on a lonesome desert road. This is also what separates the experience from games like American Truck Simulator, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but also found wanting for a sense of wanderlust.

Real player with 27.5 hrs in game

DISCLAIMER: I am trying my best not to put too much bias into this review, and just give you the features and state of this game.

It’s a game with potential. the creator has seemed to have abandoned the project though. I have had a lot of fun with it anyways. I can’t really compare it to jalopy or the long drive, because I haven’t played either of them. I do think that if there is a large sale on this game, you should get it. otherwise, don’t. I find this to be an easy game, after 2 or 3 in-game “days” or drives between motels I had enough to buy the topper, and then it’s smooth sailing from there. if you want more difficulty, go for a different road trip game like the long drive. if you just want a slightly challenging, but peaceful way to pass the time during the quarantine, go ahead and buy it. some people say that it’s a scam, and I don’t think that they are wrong, it’s a half-finished shell of a game. But I don’t think it’s a complete waste of money. you get the game, and it works. The thing that makes people think it’s a scam is the fact that the developer has abandoned the project, but still has sales on it. I got this game 50% off for $2.50. and I think that that is the price it should be sold for normally. It’s not worth 5 dollars by any means. I hope the guy behind this game picks it back up, but I’m doubtful. I don’t think it has controller support, at least I couldn’t hook up my wheel. One final note, because this game has so little in terms of content, it runs quite well on low-end computers. I play this on a PC that crashes if I open CS:GO and uses onboard graphics. I hope you all stay safe and healthy through this difficult time and have a great day.

Real player with 23.9 hrs in game

UNDER the SAND - a road trip game on Steam