Classic Racers Elite

Classic Racers Elite

There was a time when pilots were TRUE pilots. It was the 60’s. The time of Rock’n’Roll, movie stars and iconic cars.

Drive furiously fast on gorgeous landscapes and fight against your monstrous car. A pure Time Attack game where you’re driving cars from the “Gentlemen Drivers” era.

Cross the finish line at the top off the hill as fast as possible ! Make the best time to be the best ranked at the world leaderboards.

-5 car categories (from micro cars to F1) to drive in 17 unique locations with slalom, reversed and split variations for a total of 51 tracks !

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Classic Racers Elite on Steam

Cyber Driver VR

Cyber Driver VR

Not having played the original or any of the other Meng games, I stumbled upon this one by chance while looking for some VR games to try out. Simple in nature and addictive from the start, I found myself really enjoying it.

I recorded my first impressions here:

Since I mostly rambled thanks to the fast pace of the game, I really thought the taxi part of the game could be expanded upon. Passengers may net you lots of points, but you could get the same amount of points by simply surviving and collecting signs/going through portals, which you might end up doing a majority of the time since passengers are few and far between as you drive. Whether or not passengers are supposed to be rare, I think they should be a more vital part of the game, especially since you seem to be playing a taxi driver, or at least someone who drives people around.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

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Very underwhelming. This could’ve been controlled by WASD keys on desktop and it would not have made a difference. Imagine playing Crazy Taxi with half an Xbox controller.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Cyber Driver VR on Steam