Radical Relocation

Radical Relocation

This game is fun, HOWEVER it is hair-pulling levels of frustrating. The physics is god-awful sometimes, half of the vehicle unlocks suck, multiple game crashes that delete game data, killing hours of progression, and level upgrades are all trash except for the rope.

Things that pis$ed me off especially…

1. The trailer upgrade bugging out and sending all my nicely stacked items flying.

2. Hopping curbs and having all my items ping off. It’s 50/50 whether or not a curb with make you bounce :(

3. The last car unlock, the truck with bed, is horrible. Sure you can carry tons of stuff, but only while going 5 mph, so your worthless breaks don’t get you killed.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

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I genuinely enjoyed the first 30 levels of the game. The puzzles are good and there’s a decent amount of variety considering how “modular” the maps are - they all use the same obstacles and props. However, after level 30 the game hit a brick wall when it introduced boats. I played a few levels past ### 30 and just put the game down.

The car variety is pretty good, although there’s only a few to choose from. My personal favourite is the Ute.

There’s no damage model on cars - you just bonk into everything. Certain furniture items will break into pieces or get dented up. If you like those weird “oddly satisfying” videos all over the internet you’ll probably enjoy crashing a truck full of potted plants into a speeding train.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Radical Relocation on Steam

Forklift: Simulator

Forklift: Simulator

Needs more hentai.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

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I finished the game but i didn’t get one single achievement for it. Fix this and give me my damn achievements plz

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Forklift: Simulator on Steam

A Day of Maintenance

A Day of Maintenance

You’re a distant blip amongst the sands around New Port City; It’s been a long few shifts, but you’re almost done with doing your sweep of the guidance stations for the docking spaceships. Take your Massive Self-Sustaining Installation Repair Truck (or MSSIRT for short); & travel the landscape to fix the last few on your list for the day with your trusty multi-tool crane.

A Day of Maintenance is a new, unusual kind of exploration game, taking cues from In Other Waters, 17776, Signal from Tolva, and Euro Truck Simulator 2

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking:

“I want a kind-of-technical driving game with a little gay romance but also some discussion over robot worker consciousness. (With crane operation gameplay)"

This game is for you.

  • Around 8 hours long

  • This game is deliberately slow-paced. Enjoy the drive, sip a cup of something warm, fix sites in the distant future.

  • Chat with your Robot Boyfriend, 6 workmates, & a couple other characters along the way.

  • Best played with a gamepad. But there’s mouse & keyboard bindings for everything.

Chat with Orby about cool stuff like databases, satellite software, and the possibility of having your mind overwritten by a routine check-up.

As you drive the open desert, your crew of fellow maintenance robots will chew the scenery; debating over trains, spaceships, philosophy, and hats.

Oh! You might also uncover a conspiracy.

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A Day of Maintenance on Steam

Parking 3D

Parking 3D

This game is very easy to pick up and play without spending hours at the computer. It’s very easy to learn and rewards you for playing with different cars. However, the camera angles can be awkward and would be improved with the ability to see from the driver’s perspective.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

It’s not bad. I think it takes a bit too long to go from ‘driving’ to ‘parking’, and it’s missing a lot of the situations that make parking interesting… have you ever parked in an underground parking lot in Spain which has 8 spaces and 10 cars? Or have you parked in a shopping mall lot where there’s only one space and ten people trying to get it? Or what if the only space has a person who parked slightly across it so the space is too small? Have you ever done that thing where you’re trying to find the best street parking space, close to where you’re going, and you keep seeing spaces and thinking ‘no, I could do better’? There’s a lot you could do with this concept but it’s not really explored here.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Parking 3D on Steam

Pathological Tires

Pathological Tires

I was able to try this game during Early Access and it is extremely well-made. It remains one of the only examples of a “Racing Puzzle Game” I’ve heard of, and it’s not just a good concept – the level design is stellar, with new challenges and mechanics expanding the design space from area to area, and the game really sticks the landing. If you’re a fan of either puzzle games or racing fandom, this game is for you!

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

This time, the Salesman is Traveling in style!

Pathological Tires is a great example of simple-yet-challenging. The core gameplay of telling a car what path to take is understood immediately, with clever level design naturally revealing the game’s complexity as you play. Once you start having to think carefully about acceleration and cornering, it gets really interesting.

The game retains some nice racing quirks, too. Setting a new “Personal Best!” time on a puzzle feels really good, even if you’re not quite to the par time yet, and watching your new solution’s car race your previous Best’s ghost is exciting.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Pathological Tires on Steam

The Casebook of Arkady Smith

The Casebook of Arkady Smith

This is a game that I have played through 5 different times, twice on PC, twice on Switch, and once on PS4. This game has a lot of flaws, I will say. Bugs will pop up, janky controls, and an empty open world. However most reviews for this game miss the point of what the developer was going for. This feels like a true call back to classic detective games of the past, giving you a challenge in solving each case. Case’s can become very complex, and solving each of them can be very satisfying. The score and atmosphere in this game are absolutely beautiful, really getting you immersed in the setting. Some players complain of getting lost and feeling like there is nothing to do, and to be honest that is entirely fair. This game would have benefited greatly from ditching the open world entirely, because at the core of it, the cases are what shine in this game. If you want good puzzles to solve in a beautiful but dark cyberpunk world, play arkady. But if you’re going into it for an openworld GTA like game, than no, that isnt what this game is.

Real player with 12.8 hrs in game

This game is exactly the one that I wished for for such a long time! It is a classic cyberpunk detective story with neo-noire motives and great atmosphere. Recommend it highly and strongly wish for more content around it and new games in the same setting. Thank you so much devs! Please let me know how to support you.

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

The Casebook of Arkady Smith on Steam

PICK ME UP! - Rescue Rangers -

PICK ME UP! - Rescue Rangers -

Very arcade-y, you control a vehicle through the maze-like stages to pick up and deliver different color people to the respective color stops. Pretty fun to coordinate the best route to maximize score. Sometimes you need to get vehicle power ups to cross water, break rocks and put out fires in your path. 25 levels and can be tricky to 3-star some. I got it on sale for like two bucks but I’d say it’s worth full if you like arcade style score chasers.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

It is a game. More of a mobile game. Would be good for kids.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

PICK ME UP! - Rescue Rangers - on Steam

Car Parking Simulator VR

Car Parking Simulator VR

Car Parking Simulator is a fully interactive, realistic and immersive car parking experience. Introducing one of the most advanced and dynamic car physics in VR.

Car Parking Simulator will provide a very lifelike sandbox in VR for you to play with, where you will be solving environment based puzzles via the vehicles, learn to park if you are new to driving or simply have fun the way you want to.

Giving players more wings of freedom by introducing a Free Roam mode in a town with a realistic traffic system, bustling with various fun activities and challenges to compete in, or just drive around and chill with any of your unlocked vehicles.


  • All cars have realistic controls and interactive interiors with customizable right or left steering orientations.

  • Three main vehicle challenges, ranging from Sedan, SUV and Hatchback.

  • Formula One (F1) vehicle available as a bonus car for fun!

  • Different exhilarating environments in different parts of the day and night cycles.

  • Total 45 levels, giving you ratings based on your driving and challenge completion skills.

  • A free roam mode for players to explore using any of the unlocked vehicles or to try its own activities and challenges.

Controls :

  • Utilize the full power of 6 DOF VR controls while driving.

  • Turn On/Off the car by pressing Start/Stop button.

  • Take full control of the steering wheel and changing gears, both using your hands.

  • Interact with the car interior controls with your fingers, like opening/closing the windows or turning the music On/Off/Go to Next/Previous music tracks etc.

Future Updates :

  • Future updates will be adding more vehicle challenges, including Two Wheeler, Trucks, more exotic cars etc.

  • New environments for you to explore.

  • Expanding on more fun activities to do in the free roam mode.

Car Parking Simulator VR on Steam

The Adventures of Mr. Bobley

The Adventures of Mr. Bobley

A 10/10 masterpiece. For starters, the graphics are absolutely stunning, with Bobley himself being one of the most aesthetically pleasing characters this gamer has ever laid their eyes on. Gameplay wise, you will find yourself constantly faced with daunting moral dilemmas that will make you question your definition of right and wrong. The puzzles are delightfully balanced so as not to be too easy or too frustrating; just the right amount of challenge for everyone. And the platforming, oh my the platforming. What can I say other than that it’s absolutely splendid. It will remind you of classic platformers like Super Mario 64 and Jak and Daxter, all while still maintaining a unique feel all its own.

Real player with 44.1 hrs in game

The Adventures of Mr. Bobley take place during Post-VIetnam. You play as Private Bobley, an unstable man who has found himself loss in a VIetnam POW (Prisoner of war) camp and must escape before he is re captured.

It us up to YOU to help Bobley escape and get back to his commanding officer.

-DRIVE many vehicles like the communist forklift, Bobley’s piss stained jeep, and MORE!

-LEARN how to escape japs and roll under hidden traps

-EXPERINCE the multiple endings and loving characters such as…..

Real player with 27.6 hrs in game

The Adventures of Mr. Bobley on Steam

Forklift & Box

Forklift & Box

Forklift & Box is a free Sokoban ripoff put together with the godawful GameMaker Studio game construction kit. There’s no working fullscreen, and the primitive retro pixel graphics make Flash games look advanced.

The developer seems to have made the game completely free, and while this is a noble demonstration of the developers belief in their game and a service to the gaming industry, the quality here is still too low that I would recommend to other gamers, even for free.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Quite a charming little free-to-play game.

Only played it for 6 minutes at the time of this review (felt a lot longer), but I had fun for the most part.

Using a forklift to move boxes, what more could you ask for in a game titled “Forklift & Box”

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Forklift & Box on Steam