Miles of Cubes

Miles of Cubes

OMG I LOVE YOU!!! I’ve been looking for a infinite ski slalom type game for over a month now. And this! This is want I wanted, and didn’t even know I wanted.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

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Street Dreams

Street Dreams

pretty cool

Real player with 144.1 hrs in game

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Great game! Personally I liked dual wielding weapons. The game is both great for a chill play-through or if you’re going for points/time and want to higher up on the Leader board. Personally my favourite gun was the Deagle. If you’re looking for a good VR experience, then definitely worth buying!

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

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SYNTHALGIA is an arcade racing game set in the summers of the 1980’s. Drive dangerously, drive fast, earn credits, buy and upgrade cars all while jamming out to 80’s inspired music in a neon retrofuturistic world of fast cars, beaches and bright lights!


  • Popup Freaking Headlights!

  • Rad Synthwave Music!

  • Poster Dream Cars!

  • The 1980’s Baby!


  • Simcade Vehicle Controls & Physics

  • Xbox Series Controller Support

  • G920 Steering Wheel Support

  • Awesome Soundtrack

  • TH8A Shifter Support

  • Awesome Graphics

  • 1980’s Vibes

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Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip

Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip

You’ll find huge amount of guns. Stuff your enemies with bullets, cut them, burn them and blow them up. Find and use special items to slow down time, gain invulnerable, or bring a real armageddon. Everything in this world is created for destruction.

Gain experience and earn money to gather collection of vehicles. Improve and customize them to find the perfect perks combination for each arena and your style.

Комбинированные улучшения

Travel through unique realms: each arena is a parallel dimension, with its own topology, atmosphere and mechanics. Feel really unforgettable experience.

Meditate on destruction. Hypnotic visual style combined with a hardcore gameplay will give you a doses of adrenaline and endorphin just in a few minutes. Repeat until complete satisfaction.

Players already compete for leadership - and this is a really epic battle. Welcome.

Music is what we are inspired to create each game, and here it has a special role. The soundtrack was written by a wonderful russian musician Moa Pillar and creates an atmosphere of insane rave. Reach for the lazers!

There is no story.

  • No bullshit - pure action

  • 11 types of guns

  • 9 special items

  • 40+ upgrades combinations

  • 16 types of enemies + 5 bosses

  • 5 unique arenas

  • 3 battle vehicles

  • Endless ammo

Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip on Steam

Midnight Bike

Midnight Bike

Well speaking as the top placed player in the game (#1 on Leaderboards) It’s a great game that requires an influx of mental strength and agility. Skin blistering speeds will make you double up on chapstick before you know it. Honda Civics and other bean cars alike fly by as you coast at a smooth 140 down I-4 as the wolves howl.

I dare you to take my seat on my throne.


Edit 10/13/2021 - I have been dethroned.

Real player with 9.5 hrs in game

great game, i played for like 4 minutes n was 9th on the ldrboard so its kinda easy! i suggest adding multiplayer? maybe something like a race but obv the winner is the one that stays on the longest, and being able to customise your bike. add difficulty too maybe. do keep the original as a gamemode if u do change smth bc its really relaxing and fun!

overall amazing game

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

Midnight Bike on Steam

Street Heat

Street Heat

has anybody won a race? if so i want to see video evidence! i want to see one of the devs win a race on easy because for a start its not possible to select difficulty on local mode! i dont believe the devs have even played the game!!!!!!!! its impossible to win. online mode is pointless cos theres always an ai with you that will win every time. making a game impossibly difficult will not bring sales. big fail devs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

According to Steam, I last played this for around an hour back in 2017 when this game was still in Early Access. On a whim I decided to revisit it, and all I gotta say is, I’m really disappointed. When I last played this, I felt that the concept was cool but it was lacking in content, and just needed something more; according to the discussions, I’m not the only one that felt that way.

Other than some bugfixes according to the patchnotes (although OneWay’s AI is just broken), version 0.6.7275.31597 (which is the current version as of me writing this) has two new maps and SLIGHTLY different car handling. Nothing else, no alternate game modes, no new cars, no career mode, nothing. Just quick play with bots, other people on the same screen, or literally no one online. My problem with that is, Street Heat feels nothing more than a proof of concept that you get bored with after maybe an hour tops. At least grinding the car unlocks & achievements only takes three total at most.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Street Heat on Steam

Boring in paradise

Boring in paradise

Two arcade games in one: “Antipain” & “Antitrolley”.

The first is a pseudo-three-dimensional runner. It’s a kind of meditation.

The second is race against time with a top view. Run over few pedestrians by accident or become a road killer.

From the author:

To avoid pain or to be that pain. Notice objects in this world or discern a foundation in it. To choose. Not to choose. Accident or cruelty. Mercy or coincidence. Music. Screams. Overcome or substitute. Imaginary cities or a mirror of loneliness. Executioner and victim, at least. They are close. They almost communicate, even if they delegate to doubles. A world is seen again.

Boring in paradise on Steam



I got it for the aesthetic but stayed for the music and lore.

At an asking price of $3.99, it’s worth every penny.

After spending even more time with this game, I can add 4 more points to this review:

  1. This game is great for a casual gamer but it also has depth for folks that want more out of their investment.

  2. If you enjoy achievements, this game has a bit of interesting depth that can require adjusting playing styles. This can keep the game interesting, prolonging playability.

  3. For the actual driving game play, the game feels good. Its not quite as fluid as some other throwback driving simulator like “80’s Overdrive” - PalmRide is a bit snappier, simulating an 8-bit driver, without being as painful as an actual 8-bit driver.

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

This is the 1980s scrolling driving game that the scrolling driving games in the 1980s couldn’t be, at least in my house with my childhood ATARI 2600. I guess the Dream Machine had slightly flashier ones, but nothing like this. Really great soundtrack, interesting power-ups (you can even make your car fly), different play modes, and you can shoot other cars that get in the way of your speeding.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

PalmRide on Steam



SnowRocket is a single snowmobile race for the best time.

The track is tricky enough and will probably play against you.

Trees and animals, sharp turns and other obstacles.

Race for the best score with other players.

Show who is really the best here!

Currently only one racing track is available in the game.

The game in a prototype state now. There is still plenty of work ahead.

Feedback and review and suggestions from players will help determine the priorities for the development of the game.

SnowRocket on Steam

Synth Retro Vapor Wave

Synth Retro Vapor Wave

its a great game, surpised my GTX 970 works, but the card is pushing at 98% game runs smooth, tried with AI cars, co pilot, all maps seem to work, game settings work with the card i have, this game is alot like what i have on my phone except you can choose to have an open road or traffic, an idea for you is you can have the tracks react with the music, that seems to be fun, i love the idea where this is heading, a map idea you can add i like to see is as you drive you can have lights light up around the track, they ccan change colors, shapes etc. that be cool to see smthing like that react to the music you listening to with awesome trippy effects,

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

One of the most relaxing games I have played. The gameplay is simple, you drive on a highway and overtake other cars. Or you can play it as an idle game by removing the traffic and just enjoy the scenery while listening to the awesome soundtrack.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Synth Retro Vapor Wave on Steam