Miles of Cubes

Miles of Cubes

OMG I LOVE YOU!!! I’ve been looking for a infinite ski slalom type game for over a month now. And this! This is want I wanted, and didn’t even know I wanted.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

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Miles of Cubes on Steam

We Took That Trip

We Took That Trip

Imagine you and your best friends tripping and enjoying every moment with no worries and no hurries. This game its about that!

We Took That Trip is a chill road trip game. You drive your beloved van through procedural roads with no hurry, relaxing and enjoying the company of your best friends. Chill out with the dynamic weathers and the wide variety of biomes. Customize your van and enjoy this emotional ride.

#### Key features:


  • Travel through procedural roads, the road is never the same

  • Variety of biomes (hills, forests, deserts, beaches, swamps, fields…)

Chill Out

  • The soundtrack puts you in the mood with tracks by awesome artists of the internet

  • Enjoy the beautiful landscapes

  • Dynamic weathers

  • Dynamic time with gorgeous sunsets, sunrires, moonrises…


  • Grab them all on the way, the ride is much better with the ones that you love

  • Discover their stories and revive great moments


  • Yes, theres a cat, and he’s inseparable. So he is gonna enjoy the ride with you

  • You can pet him and he loves it


  • Paint your loved van

  • Change cosmetic parts and make it feels like home

Zen mode

  • If you are just looking to relax and refresh your mind, this mode is just for this

  • Choose who you want to go with or drive alone

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We Took That Trip on Steam

Planet Nomads

Planet Nomads

[May 16, 2019: Now that the game is released, I wanted to edit this review to reflect changes to the game since I originally wrote it,]

Will you enjoy Planet Nomads?

  • Yes if you enjoy sandbox building games.

  • Yes if you enjoy being creative.

  • Yes if you enjoy problem-solving (not fixed puzzles but real creative “how can I put this together” building challenges).

  • Yes if you enjoy a beautiful environment.

  • Yes if you enjoy a good soundtrack.

  • Yes if you enjoy single player.

  • Yes if you enjoy being able to customize your game world.

Real player with 4203.3 hrs in game

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Gameplay (Short Summary)

Let me start off this review by saying, that the game currently has very little to offer in terms of gameplay if you are not much of a creative person, but if you are, then be prepared to a big grind fest early on in the game until you get the ability to construct auto miners, after that prepare yourself to the next gameplay phase - driving simulator, because resources are scattered across multiple biomes and while driving at max speed from 30-50kmph, it takes a while to get you around the map.

Real player with 120.7 hrs in game

Planet Nomads on Steam

Race The Sun

Race The Sun

You have probably heard the expression “Less is more”. And it pretty much applies here because this game is quite simple with minimalistic design. But just because it is that way doesn’t mean that you will be able to complete it in few hours or feel that there’s something missing. Let me tell you more about it.

Let’s start with the story. There is not other way to put it but to say that there isn’t one. Yep, it is simple as that. Basically you are piloting a spacecraft fueled by solar energy and the sun is your death timer. And for this game it couldn’t have been better. On the bright side you don’t need to worry about the story being to complex, bad or uninteresting. This game is more about highest scores and tense gameplay.

Real player with 25.4 hrs in game

Do I recommend this game? YES!

Here’s why:

The game starts off slow… and you progressively learn to dodge random obsticles along the way. However the further into the game you get, the more hectic it becomes, the more intense the dodging becomes and the more… freedom. You feel genuine freedom when playing this game when you reach good speed and is able to turn on a dime.

Each day you get a new set of semi-randomly generated levels to play through and the leaderboards exists only map-per-map so they reset the global leaderboards every few days. Whether you have played this game for a few hours or hundreds of hours, you can not only feel the achivement of getting better … but you can also see a tangiable achivement of getting better as you end up on the leaderboards.

Real player with 15.9 hrs in game

Race The Sun on Steam

Space Ribbon - Slipstream to the Extreme

Space Ribbon - Slipstream to the Extreme

Cool and original game!

It’s like racing on a roller coaster track in space :-)

Single player: Campaign with three speed classes.

Multiplayer: Up to 4 players can play in splitscreen and optionally 1 of the players can play as the paver which creates the track.



The core mechanic is using slipstream to boost your speed which makes it possible to catch up and often makes the races very intense close to the finish line.

Side barrier:

Another “mechanic” is the side barrier. STAY away from it as it tends to slow you down a lot. It’s better to ease off on the gas and make a corner than smashing into the side.

Real player with 47.1 hrs in game

For my first Early Access game, this is pretty darn good. Not a bad way to go for $1 during the Steam Summer Sale. There does exist some balancing issues, which can make the game frustrating at times, but overall, it is all I ever hoped for in this game as an Early Access title. It’s a good way to start. Oh, and the demo doesn’t do the game justice. Developer, please remove the demo or update it please!

If you start a race with a mouse/keyboard, it locks you out of the Xinput controls (such as an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller). It doesn’t allow you to switch on-the-fly or on-demand. You either have to exit the Grand Prix or restart the game to make sure to use the other control scheme. My prefered method of control is a controller, not keyboard/mouse.

Real player with 12.6 hrs in game

Space Ribbon - Slipstream to the Extreme on Steam



Do you like a challenge? A race game? What about a race against time? Well when you buy this game I assure you that you will inevitably fall or harm the driver; but with great sacrifice comes… (add inspiring stuff here). Back to the point: It’s a challenging game but enjoyable nevertheless. The new update added new “karts” to play around with also bug fixes! Hurrah!

I also really like the aspect of having millions of tracks to try; a new game always has a fresh taste.

So overall its a fun game, reccomended.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Very fun game! Can’t wait for more updates! MP is fun worth spending the money for this game. lots of tracks!

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

DollKart on Steam

UNDER the SAND - a road trip game

UNDER the SAND - a road trip game

Note: this review is written for FullRebuilt#7

There are few games out there quite like Under the Sand for me, save for maybe Glitchhiker, though that game focuses more on a spiritual experience. Under the Sand, on the other hand, as it stands with the lastest full rebuilt version at the time of writing, offers a story-lite experience that encourages the players to weave their own experiences on a lonesome desert road. This is also what separates the experience from games like American Truck Simulator, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but also found wanting for a sense of wanderlust.

Real player with 27.5 hrs in game

DISCLAIMER: I am trying my best not to put too much bias into this review, and just give you the features and state of this game.

It’s a game with potential. the creator has seemed to have abandoned the project though. I have had a lot of fun with it anyways. I can’t really compare it to jalopy or the long drive, because I haven’t played either of them. I do think that if there is a large sale on this game, you should get it. otherwise, don’t. I find this to be an easy game, after 2 or 3 in-game “days” or drives between motels I had enough to buy the topper, and then it’s smooth sailing from there. if you want more difficulty, go for a different road trip game like the long drive. if you just want a slightly challenging, but peaceful way to pass the time during the quarantine, go ahead and buy it. some people say that it’s a scam, and I don’t think that they are wrong, it’s a half-finished shell of a game. But I don’t think it’s a complete waste of money. you get the game, and it works. The thing that makes people think it’s a scam is the fact that the developer has abandoned the project, but still has sales on it. I got this game 50% off for $2.50. and I think that that is the price it should be sold for normally. It’s not worth 5 dollars by any means. I hope the guy behind this game picks it back up, but I’m doubtful. I don’t think it has controller support, at least I couldn’t hook up my wheel. One final note, because this game has so little in terms of content, it runs quite well on low-end computers. I play this on a PC that crashes if I open CS:GO and uses onboard graphics. I hope you all stay safe and healthy through this difficult time and have a great day.

Real player with 23.9 hrs in game

UNDER the SAND - a road trip game on Steam

Virage Rally

Virage Rally

This game has promise for sure, I’ve played a bit of it.

The force feedback needs a little work, and maybe some actual human voices for the turn calls would be nice.

But with a little UI polish and some improvements to force feedback this could really be something. Keep on it!

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Controller controls are very sensitive, the shifting, when starting your car is really weird, and I don’t think the devs have thouched this game in over a year. The handling and camera motion are also out of tune it seems. This game had tons of potention but I doubt it’s going anywhere. Put your money somewhere else, don’t buy!

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Virage Rally on Steam

Classic Sport Driving

Classic Sport Driving

Classic Sport Driving is an upcoming racing game directly inspired from great classics from the 80s and the 90s, like Outrun, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Jaguar XJ220, Crazy Cars (Lamborghini American Challenge). 🏁🏎️===💨

Racing linesSolo campaignTrack generatorTime challengesOffline-multiplayer

Solo campaing

Enjoy your travel back to 1990, with a finely tuned, 24 races long, solo campaign!

Survive hundreds of different curves, face unpredictable weather, and… think your racing lines carefully, or you won’t pass the next checkpoint!

Race long tracks, in rally/travel mode (no boring same lap repeating over again and again!), filled with hordes of opponents that will mess up with your (almost always 😉) perfect racing lines!

⏩Difficulty levels range from easy travelling to really technical and challenging races.

Track generator

A lot of work has been put into the track generator, to get curves that are complex and nice to drive. Never run out of new tracks!😃

⏩Any track code you can imagine leads to a new profusion of curves to explore!


Share a challenge code with your friends, and they’ll join you on a best time chase on this new track.

⏩Race in hot seat mode, create private challenges for your friends, or challenge all your followers!

Classic Sport Driving on Steam

Retrowave Drive

Retrowave Drive

I am glad to be the first person to review this game as a retro game collector I was looking for a small game to buy and I enjoyed it can’t wait for updates, the only thing missing is badges and and profile backgroud but this is not an obligation.

𝚁𝚎𝚝𝚛𝚘𝚠𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚑𝚊𝚜 𝚗𝚘 𝚎𝚗𝚍 ːsundriveː

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

A very nice game

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Retrowave Drive on Steam