Down the River

Down the River

This is not a casual game. The controls are difficult, the physics are difficult and everything will try to drive you mad.

You try to steer your kayak down the river towards the goal and you do this as fast as you can! But beware of obstacles and rocks that will destroy you if you bump into them too hard!

  • Use only the paddle to steer your kayak

  • Don’t crash into things

  • Don’t drop your camp gear (sleeping bag)

  • Pick up camp gear after you dropped it

  • Paddling requires stamina

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clown town 1443

clown town 1443

I’m just gonna say it, I honestly expected a lot worse going into this.

But I’m glad to say that this game certainly didn’t disappoint. Taking inspiration from the classic era of flash games, this game follows a well-established formula with a few extra strings attached. Simple but challenging, short and sweet, it is definitely worth picking up.

While the graphics in some aspects may be somewhat crude, it adds so much to the overall charm the game brings. The gameplay is solid and enjoyable, as physics are used very well to give the car a sense of weight and velocity. Although it is only 10 levels long for the main game, it can be very challenging at times. Especially with the 10 bonus levels you get from getting a high enough score in the endless mode.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

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I bought clown town 1443 because the developer was in a random unrelated Twitch stream dropping Steam keys out of nowhere. That kind of guerrilla marketing appealed to me and so I decided to purchase the game instead, and that isn’t just me coping for not being fast enough to snag one of the keys despite how generous the developer was in giving them.

As a big Friday Night Funkin' appreciator I have a soft spot for games that are basically love letters to Flash classics, and this game is very clearly wearing its Trials influences on its sleeve. There’s a bit more to it than just a straight clone, as this game features a bit more depth to its mechanics, such as a heat bar that must be managed. You’re free to bump around generally as much as you want, but if you overheat from too much acceleration you temporarily lose control of your vehicle. Crash in this state, and you’ll have to restart the level again.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

clown town 1443 on Steam



Offline split screen, amazing! Nice art, beautiful soundtracks and challenging tracks.

Loved this game. Good work guys. Keep it up. Enjoyed it 3

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

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So, it’s the first game of a small studio called Nadan. Considering it’s their first game it’s quite good. The artistic environment of the game is really cool. It has an aesthetic vibe.

The controls are good. I’ll admit the gameplay is not the best indie gameplay of all time but it’s okay. What I love the most about this game is their soundtracks. Each race track has a different soundtrack that really goes with the vibe of the environment.

The game has single player, online multiplayer and a split screen local multiplayer. And I really had a good time playing the split screen multiplayer with my little brother. These indie games are really good when you have someone to play with. Also, this game has more than 50 maps which is crazy!

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Oscillate on Steam

Radical Relocation

Radical Relocation

This game is fun, HOWEVER it is hair-pulling levels of frustrating. The physics is god-awful sometimes, half of the vehicle unlocks suck, multiple game crashes that delete game data, killing hours of progression, and level upgrades are all trash except for the rope.

Things that pis$ed me off especially…

1. The trailer upgrade bugging out and sending all my nicely stacked items flying.

2. Hopping curbs and having all my items ping off. It’s 50/50 whether or not a curb with make you bounce :(

3. The last car unlock, the truck with bed, is horrible. Sure you can carry tons of stuff, but only while going 5 mph, so your worthless breaks don’t get you killed.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

I genuinely enjoyed the first 30 levels of the game. The puzzles are good and there’s a decent amount of variety considering how “modular” the maps are - they all use the same obstacles and props. However, after level 30 the game hit a brick wall when it introduced boats. I played a few levels past ### 30 and just put the game down.

The car variety is pretty good, although there’s only a few to choose from. My personal favourite is the Ute.

There’s no damage model on cars - you just bonk into everything. Certain furniture items will break into pieces or get dented up. If you like those weird “oddly satisfying” videos all over the internet you’ll probably enjoy crashing a truck full of potted plants into a speeding train.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Radical Relocation on Steam

With almost 2k hours in this game you can tell I enjoy it. But this newest update has been more annoying than anything. Im not a huge fan of this new hud, and every time I start the game it keeps resetting my keybinds and I spend more time fixing that than actually playing. There has also been bugs with this new ui where I cant open up the radial menu and it freezes every time I try to change or spawn in a vehicle.

Real player with 1759.8 hrs in game

I used to love BeamNG but unfortunately recent updates have made this game unplayable for me.

Especially after the last big update wich gave us a completely new menu system.

-Incredibely long load times

-Tons of menu glitches

-UI apps not working

-Every time I start the game I have to adjust the graphic settings

-Scenarios don’t load properly again if you fail

-In general laggy/stuttering

I play on a good system, (3900x, 2080super, pcie gen4 SSD)

so I don’t think it’s anything hardware performance related.

Real player with 285.6 hrs in game on Steam

Bigger Trucks

Bigger Trucks

Its broken and u can t play it but for the money u can t ask for more

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

I felt that this game was lacking lots of material for the game. The game crashed a few times for me. Then once I did manage to play the camera would go wonkey half of the time. The gameplay wasn’t great and no instructions on what to do or how to play.

Review at:

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Bigger Trucks on Steam

Xpand Rally

Xpand Rally

This was the first racinggame using Techland’s Chrome engine and just as I like that game I like this one too.

For starters I still think this game has great graphics even though they’ve aged (see guide for setting it too your desktop resolution) and while it doesn’t have an official WRC license or cars it does have an interesting carreer mode where you can buy upgrades for your cars.

In simulation mode a good setup, knowing the limitations of your cars and managing your speed accordingly are key to win in this game and I found this refreshing after comparing the driving in this game with the more arcade oriented rally games of the time, only Richard Burns Rally was more realistic.

Real player with 66.9 hrs in game

I’ll admit that rally games are my guilty pleasure. Most feature mushy controls, daft physics or ridiculously undamageable cars. this has none of those. The controls are crisp, the physics moderately good, and cars which will fly apart satisfyingly when you ram into a building or errant rock. The career feature is quite well done, leaving you to decide which cars to buy to win certain races. It does have relatively few maps (4 maybe?), but a lot of variety of tracks round them keep things moderately interesting. Stability-wise, there were very few glitches (I can count them on one hand, after months of play). The car addons actually feel like they’re making a difference, and strategic part and tyre-selection can make an impossible stage remarkably enjoyable.

Real player with 28.6 hrs in game

Xpand Rally on Steam

art of rally

art of rally

Not really arcade, not really sim, art of rally is a compelling top down racing game with multiple layers to be discovered and a high skill ceiling. Chill but also competitive, it’s demanding enough to stay interesting but the whole atmosphere, beautiful aesthetics and a banging soundtrack also make it a relaxing and memorable experience.

The different cars have a weight to them and feel amazing after a bit of a learning curve, you feel completly in control. The difference in handling is really noticeable between the vehicules, the best example being RWD vs AWD. If you’re familiar with racing/rally you’ll find techniques like weight transfer, handbrake turns and drifts can and should be applied here. You can even clutch kick. The game offers manual or automatic transmissions and controllers and wheels are supported. ( And highly recommended, please don’t play this game on keyboard.) There is A LOT of cars to try and mastering them will take time, some will fit a specific driving style, some will control you more than you control them. Most engines sound great, some better than others, but they are pretty decent overall.

Real player with 118.0 hrs in game

### To do something dangerous with style, is art…

art of rally is a minimalistic, bird’s eye view racing game. Your goal is to win championships spanning from the 60s and through to the mid-90s.

Beauty in simplicity.

One of the most striking things about art of rally is the presentation: a wonderful, vibrant low-poly visual style, which also includes atmospheric volumetric lighting. Driving towards the setting sun on evening stages is a sight to behold. On top of this, a photo mode is available for your pleasure. It lets you enjoy the lawyer-friendly rally cars blasting through the track, leaving trails of thick smoke in their wake and with their brake discs glowing and sparking. The trackside spectators being cubes may seem odd at first, but they actually complement the game’s aesthetics very nicely.

Real player with 38.6 hrs in game

art of rally on Steam

Race Condition

Race Condition

Race Condition is a fast paced arcade style racing game. You compete against eleven other cars in a frantic battle for the podium. Win medals to unlock new tracks around the globe. This game is all about the core racing experience and strives to put you into a zen-like state of flow as you speed around the tracks and become the first to cross the finish line.


  • Fast paced action

  • Fun gameplay

  • Intelligent AI-driven opponents

  • 15 atmospheric tracks

  • Win medals to unlock new tracks

  • Various weather effects, such as rain and snow

  • Finely tuned game physics

  • Split-screen multiplayer

  • Support for both keyboard and controller

Why Are We Making This Game?

We have a lifelong love for racing games, reaching back to the fun times at the arcade in the 80’s. Our ambition in making this game is to create the racing game we always wished we had, growing up. A game with emphasis on driving a fast race car with precise handling all whilst keeping it fun and exciting rather than technical and complicated. We hope you will like it as much as we do!

Race Condition on Steam

Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing

Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing

I don’t know why these Tony Stewart games are better than the mainline HEAT series from Monster, but it is really quite special.

If you enjoy dirt circletrack racing, but don’t want to enter into competitive sim-racing like iRacing, these are the games for you. This game has updated physics, and a progessive dirt layer added to the cars. The two things, really, that the already great Sprint Car game was missing.

It would have been nice if Monster added the Sprint Car content to this title. It will also be nice to see additional classes like Late Models, Super Late Models, Pro Trucks, and maybe some more models in Street Stock.

Real player with 52.1 hrs in game

It has been so long since Dirt Track Racing games were released. This game is a very nice upgrade from those versions. First impressions are very positive. Very simple, fun racing game. Game play is very similar to Dirt Track racing, with greatly improved graphics.

Pros: 3 classes of cars to chose from, custom paint schemes (limited), tuning (simple or advanced)

Cons: Limited custom paint schemes, no track conditions (wet/dry), zero advantage to running the cushion (high side) of track.

Real player with 46.0 hrs in game

Tony Stewart's All-American Racing on Steam