Explore and survive in the harsh weather conditions of northern lands.

In Kalt,you will find yourself in the middle of a mossy chunk of land placed near the arctic circle.You will need to explore even the farthest corners of the terrain and make use of whatever you find in order to adapt extraordinary conditions of this location.Your most important tasks will be keeping your body temperature high enough to avoid hypothermia and having access to food and water,so finding a shelter is mandatory,but you will eventually travel away from your home to find essential items and take the risk of not being able to comeback.However having a vehicle can shorten this process dramatically,even if it means building yourself one.You will be able to collect the needed parts and you will have a car in working condition if you have the right tools.


-Having the ability to monitor your health condition.

-Open world.

-Endless gameplay.

-Car assembly.

-Packed food and drinks.

-Drivable vehicles

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Kalt on Steam

Planet Nomads

Planet Nomads

[May 16, 2019: Now that the game is released, I wanted to edit this review to reflect changes to the game since I originally wrote it,]

Will you enjoy Planet Nomads?

  • Yes if you enjoy sandbox building games.

  • Yes if you enjoy being creative.

  • Yes if you enjoy problem-solving (not fixed puzzles but real creative “how can I put this together” building challenges).

  • Yes if you enjoy a beautiful environment.

  • Yes if you enjoy a good soundtrack.

  • Yes if you enjoy single player.

  • Yes if you enjoy being able to customize your game world.

Real player with 4203.3 hrs in game

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Gameplay (Short Summary)

Let me start off this review by saying, that the game currently has very little to offer in terms of gameplay if you are not much of a creative person, but if you are, then be prepared to a big grind fest early on in the game until you get the ability to construct auto miners, after that prepare yourself to the next gameplay phase - driving simulator, because resources are scattered across multiple biomes and while driving at max speed from 30-50kmph, it takes a while to get you around the map.

Real player with 120.7 hrs in game

Planet Nomads on Steam



Update Mar 2021 - The sole developer of the game, according to

his statement, has been (quite unexpectedly, judging by the tone

of his message) drafted into the Russian Armed Forces. My guess

as a former Soviet would be him suddenly dropping out of college

as a most likely reason. But I am not here to speculate.

Here is his message.


An important announcement that you should know about. I, the developer of this game, was taken into the army until November 2021. Based on this, you have already realized that at this time I will not be able to continue development, and of course I will continue development with tripled strength when I return.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

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Taiga on Steam



Remember JUST SURVIVE, it was my favourite game till it was dropped by Makers.Hooray to the makers of UNKNOWN REGION, it is awesome in so many ways: Heaps of cool cars, weapons, the wildlife is unbelievable;  playing is so good its hard to stop.  I love the excitement of not knowing what crazy thing will happen next!  Its the most unique survival games I’ve played. Awesome early access release and can’t wait for future updates!

Well done to SYDNEY GAMES thank you top game.==================================================================== UNKNOWN REGION new update no 2  New Map.

Real player with 296.6 hrs in game

This is a great game. Survive against mutated humans, creature, bears, wolves etc. The crafting system is incredible, very elaborate & well thought out, also with the newly added trader system. Work out how to craft scrap metal to make the game easier to survive. Building is enjoyable also but you can live in the RV at the spawn location & place objects inside. Congratulations to the Developer Sydney Games for producing this game.

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game


Dude Simulator 4

Dude Simulator 4

Nice game but it’s really hard to find what to do,

There are many bugs in it and you can’t even change your keybinds.

But you can piss on people, so whatever.

But still I wouldn’t recommend it!

Real player with 36.8 hrs in game

Do not like this game. It’s hard to get money without the police coming to get you and when they do they don’t stop. Once your health is down to zero it basically restarts the game and you have to hunt for money all over again. There is not much to do anyways. I wish there was an option to keep the police from hunting you.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Dude Simulator 4 on Steam

The Ground Division

The Ground Division

You are alone.

As the threshold passes by, the cryptic broadcasts finally stop. But maybe they were trying to help you, did you ever think of that?

The Ground Division on Steam



Some weirdness:

  • Since the maps is really small, the resources are regenerating. (rocks, trees, animals…)

  • You can’t repair your ride

  • Who the Hell cares about the color of the car?

  • The aliens. Not adding much to the gameplay (nothing)

  • Steam Inventory drop? Well, could give you few cents after marketing them…

  • You can’t do much thing at all, it’s EMPTY.

I remember the “original” version of the game which was a bit different.

But not much progress since…

Supporters pack? Nah, skipping it…

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

This game is bad, good concept though, gameplay reminds Rust. It is good if it was someone learning how to make video games but it doesn’t even play smoothly.

Why a cap at 30FPS? That was in 2006, now he play at a minimum 60FPS. 30FPS basically broke the game for me.

Didn’t see a single animal, zombie or alien.

Map is limited, I got to a fence or whatever and couldn’t get past.

UI doesn’t seem professional in the slightest. Must get better.

Sound too loud, headphone users be aware when you start the game, you must lower the volume immediately.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Andarilho on Steam



BEST GAME EVER! !!!111!!1!

but just wait for discount. too expensive for now.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game


Theo’s World

Theo’s World

Theo’s World is the rarest game I have ever played. I personally believe that the best part of Theo’s World was the fact that I felt elite knowing I was one of the only sets of eyes that would likely ever see this game. There was clearly alot of effort that went into the map, however within 5 minutes I was stuck, glued to my tricycle and forced to do nothing but tour the island. Another 5 minutes past and poor Theo tipped over the tricycle and we got stuck, in the hellscape that is Theo’s World.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

when i clicked usar, it says please close to any items or esc button. i clicked esc and actions doesnt disappear and i cannot do anything cuz of that i have to exit to menu all time.otherwise game’s graphics are good and should be uptaded. GO on!

Edit: They fixed the problem. They will be more uptaded for this game i guess. Optimization was better than previous uptade btw.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Theo's World on Steam

Lockdown Hero

Lockdown Hero

A Collectathon Platformer with Farming mechanics, Lockdown Hero is a 3d platformer where you explore your surroundings,gather materials ,learn skills in order to combat the threat of a virus. Gameplay reminds me of early 2000s platformers and farming/gathering mechanics from games such as stardew valley and animal crossing. The premise of the games is quite simple really collect resources such as alcohol and toilet paper while evading or tackling the virus. The virus itself instantly kills your player as you come in contact with it thus you need to find alcohol which kills the virus. You then manage your supply of Toilet paper and alcohol in order to buy/trade with npcs throughout the map. Npcs may also send you to do tasks that reward you such as with unlockable skills,clothing and resources. Exploration is a must as the city is where you spend most of your time and need to take a boat in order to access the other areas. Controls of this game such as double jumping and dashing feels like any 3d platformer unlocking more of these skills greatly helps your movement ability. All i can say is that Lockdown Hero is an enjoyable game with many things to do and unlockable content justt waiting to be discovered

Real player with 25.7 hrs in game

Pros and Cons


– Lockdown Hero is a game that feels like a completely new concept and not just a (good) recycled one.

– There are many side quests in this game next to the main quest.

– There is a casino with many mini-games to play where you can earn new equipment.

– You can learn many skills to access new areas.

– The progress system feels fair and is also rewarding.

– The game continues after you have found the cure instead of just rewinding time to before finding the cure.

– The game is one of the most addictive ones I have played in a while.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Lockdown Hero on Steam