Gold Rush: The Game

Gold Rush: The Game

The loans are so broken 50% interest even if you pay it right back. which you likely will do because the scroll wheel wont let you get a even number like FS with $5000 increments no its 21245 and 32339. not only all that you can only take one loan so if you dont get enough money the first time you haft pay double back immediately too get another loan to get what you needed with the first loan which has now stole all your money at a net gain of 0 other than that its a ok if not somewhat glitchy game. but really for a game aiming at realism 50% interest is not only unrealistic but not even allowed at real banking institutions even illegal.

Real player with 90.3 hrs in game

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I personally hate making these styles of review, but in order to give my honest opinion I see this as fitting, in all seriousness this game means a lot to me being one of the first games I ever played on PC, so I cherish it quite a bit. (Love the soundtrack, brings back memories for sure.)


☐ RTX On

☐ Beautiful

☐ Really Good

☑Satisfies the soul.

☐ Lacking

☐ Yikes

☐ 140P


☐ Wow!


☐ Not bad

☐ Its ok.

☐ Needs work

☐ Very Bad


☑Nostalgia Achieved

Real player with 69.8 hrs in game

Gold Rush: The Game on Steam

Coal Mining Simulator

Coal Mining Simulator

Welcome to the world of Coal Mining! Start with almost nothing and get to the top - develop your mine, sell coal, buy new machines and avoid dangers in this sandbox simulator.

Coal Mining Simulator is a sandbox experience in which it’s up to you to create new tunnels and pathways. Make your mine truly yours, as you go deeper and deeper in order to mine more coal.

Take control of numerous mining machines. Destroy, mine, drill, transport and blow things up - just remember to follow safety protocols and regularly maintain your equipment. Nothing works forever - if something gets broken, it’s up to you to repair it.

There is no end goal in Coal Mining Simulator - you can take contracts and complete special assignments to get unique rewards or just follow your own path. The choice is yours!

Mining is a dangerous job. Avoid earthquakes or gas explosions and be prepared for anything - whatever you buy, you can very easily lose if you are not careful!

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Coal Mining Simulator on Steam

Red Tractor Tycoon

Red Tractor Tycoon

Its a fun Farming simulation which you can relax and watch your crops grow

While your crops growing you can check out your animals and various industry building you make butter and with that butter and corn you can make popcorn.

Complex game with cool mechanics to enjoy

I just wish there is a way to automate animal production to buildings and animal food to storage as well

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

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Great game very peaceful and relaxing

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Red Tractor Tycoon on Steam



Some weirdness:

  • Since the maps is really small, the resources are regenerating. (rocks, trees, animals…)

  • You can’t repair your ride

  • Who the Hell cares about the color of the car?

  • The aliens. Not adding much to the gameplay (nothing)

  • Steam Inventory drop? Well, could give you few cents after marketing them…

  • You can’t do much thing at all, it’s EMPTY.

I remember the “original” version of the game which was a bit different.

But not much progress since…

Supporters pack? Nah, skipping it…

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

This game is bad, good concept though, gameplay reminds Rust. It is good if it was someone learning how to make video games but it doesn’t even play smoothly.

Why a cap at 30FPS? That was in 2006, now he play at a minimum 60FPS. 30FPS basically broke the game for me.

Didn’t see a single animal, zombie or alien.

Map is limited, I got to a fence or whatever and couldn’t get past.

UI doesn’t seem professional in the slightest. Must get better.

Sound too loud, headphone users be aware when you start the game, you must lower the volume immediately.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Andarilho on Steam

Quarry Simulator 2021

Quarry Simulator 2021

Quarry Simulator 2021 - inovation simulator and economical strategy about develop of the quarries. You beginner magnat, that need earn some money for his bussiness. INOVATION AND ORIGINAL IDEA. For beggining you will need choose and buy place of your quarry, after you need be explore this place, then ypu will be have all information you will can dig the ground. You can using dynamite for destroy the hills. After you will be using some big drills and big trucks for the mine the raw ores, also you can direct control the drills and the cars, that have realistic physics. At the next big location you will be can using miners trolley and after big trains with ores, that transport ores to the railway station. Using government contracts for mine gold and diamonds. After all mining works you will be need recover landscape and plant new grass and trees.

Quarry Simulator 2021 on Steam

BoomTown! Deluxe

BoomTown! Deluxe

The game seems great and it has so much potential to be a great game, it’s just a shame the developers couldn’t decide on a game element and instead they dumped way too much mechanics into the game and none of them has the QOL aspects to truly make this a great game. The game sells for a decent price making it a worthy purchase you will get more than your moneys worth of fun and entertainment from this game, so this game is worth it from the get go, i just wished they did more with this game it really has the or in this case had the potential to be something quite unique, so whether you want the game or a +1 in game count or perfect games you have it here with this title.

Real player with 32.8 hrs in game

To preface this, I won this on

Boom Town is a fairly simple simulation game where you build a mining town and go mining using explosives. You essentially pick out the spots on the map where you think there is gold set explosives then drive around the map with your truck to pick up the gold. You then take your profits improve your truck, the town, and your explosives.

The concept is pretty simple and as well as the gameplay. There isn’t much of a fail state, it is more of just trying to complete the scenario as quickly as possible. The games mechanics all seem to work properly together and it is a fun relaxing game. There are some issues however, notably that it is a grindy game and the core gameplay isn’t that good to keep you wanting to come back to it time after time.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

BoomTown! Deluxe on Steam