Red Rover

Red Rover

This experience is stunning if you like exploring space in VR and I love flying around the real terrain, feels like I am there on Mars. I have waited for something like this for decades! Nice one Dev this has become my new favourite diddn’t think anything would beat Lunar Flight so well done. If I could ask for a small request, could we have an untethered from vehicle roaming around EVA function so we can explore freely and an adjustment so we can calibrate our seat position in the rover up/down left/right for the viewpoint. I love it!

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Impressions Video with Commentary // Oculus + Touch // GTx 1060 (6GB):


This is more like a simulator and I would only recommend to people mad about space, mars and exploring.

There is not a lot to do in this experience, no quests or objectives, but what it’s designed for, it does it well so with that in mind and the price its hard to give this a negative review.

Graphics, sound and physics are well polished and simulate the Martian environment really well.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Red Rover on Steam

The Last Hope

The Last Hope

Running simulator

In the game we play the role of a viking who must save the world. To do this, he has to go through several portals in order to reach his destination, which is Mars. In addition, we have to control life, collect food and drink. On the road we will also meet various enemies.

And now what does it look like? The game is to run from one point to another in front of you. Eating and drinking is useless, all we have to do is find first aid kits, which usually lie on the road. Enemies are bugged and don’t want to attack us, so the whole game is based on running through yourself. And so through 5(?) locations.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

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(Got this game for free from . Thanks, guys!)

I am walkin' to the limit! I am walkin' to the limit! I AM WALKIN' TO THE LIMIIIIIIIT!!!!!

The Last Hope is a game about walking to a destination which you have to discover while making sure you survive to meet it. During your quest, you will need to maintain your health, hunger, and thirst…which can become quite a challenge in various areas (this limit is removed the moment you board the plane to the USA, which makes the experience more casual and enjoyable). The overall objective is to push a small object a short distance (like nudging it off a cliff), but with a very long run towards the destination.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

The Last Hope on Steam

RaceXXL Space

RaceXXL Space

RaceXXL is a decently fun game, but gets boring quick without other players or AI


  • Decent handling physics, doesn’t feel clunky

  • Foreground visuals are cool

  • Entertaining when getting wrecked by different obstacles, but that only lasts so long (see cons)


  • No AI or other players even though game photos show you racing with another vehicle. That doesn’t happen, at least not

for the first 3 races, which was enough to turn me off from continuing playing.

  • Background visuals are a bit cheesy but I can’t complain for a 6$ game

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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RaceXXL Space on Steam

Bionite: Origins

Bionite: Origins

At its current state I can’t recommend. I’ve re-downloaded when new updates were made, but sadly the game does not feel like BZ. The controls are too sophisticated (couldn’t implement the original’s?), unit AI needs a huge improvement, and many bugs just build on top of it all. Seriously though, commanding your constructor to build a guntower shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Bad pathfinding and controls plague a game where basic game mechanics should be a priority. Besides, 6+ years and it’s still in early access? Sorry, but donating to them was a mistake.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

As others have said, this game unfortunately seems to have grinded to a halt since 2018? Developers obviously lost interest. It’s a buggy mess that is COMPLETELY unplayable at this stage; controls are wacky and nothing seems to work correctly. Don’t buy it.

I think everyone was hoping something great would come of this spiritual successor… it’s a shame. Oh well, Battlezone 98 Redux and Battlezone: Combat Commander are on Steam now at least.

EDIT in response to developer:

I fully understand that game development is very difficult, especially when starting out or with only a small team, and as such, many projects take years to develop.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Bionite: Origins on Steam

In The Long Run The Game

In The Long Run The Game

Sincerely i was a bit scared by other reviews but the game, at this date, seems not so scary to play and also character controls could be better (no keybindings).

There was a bug preventing me to create a new character but, after reporting it the dev(s) fixed the game in a few hours. I suggest the dev(s) to work on overall usability and to add more items and more things to do. I’d say 6/10 at the moment but I will change my opinion if the game changes.

Real player with 12.9 hrs in game

I only write reviews in extreme cases. Right now the controls and menus seem like a joke. Everything about the game seems to be designed to make it completely unbearable to play. For instance, when you are mining, the character is heaving as though he is drunk and about to pass out. Since the mining ray is attached to a backpack it is constantly moving up and down and it is very difficult to perform what is supposed to be a very basic and simple task.

Some things should be simple and predictable. What the devs have done is like if you would design a car with the gear shift where the steering wheel goes, the steering wheel where the gear shift goes, and the gas pedal in the glove box. The major challenge in the game is finding the gas pedal.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

In The Long Run The Game on Steam