Heading Out - A Narrative Road Movie Racing Game

Heading Out - A Narrative Road Movie Racing Game

Heading Out is a road-movie inspired racing game mixed with an immersive narration, character creator and resource management.

We aim to recreate the spirit of cult American road-movies from the past. Such as Vanishing Point, Two-Lane Blacktop and Thelma & Louise.

Drive through the American West

Welcome to the mythical American West. You’re a vigilante driving across the country in a muscle car. How fast can you go coast to coast? Who or what are you running from? Are you looking for an adventure? Or do you want to get lost on the highways carved in vast American plains?

Beautiful cars, hi-octane races and the joy of the drive

Hop into a classic muscle car, tune in to a great Americana soundtrack and go on a drive through the American West. Run from the police, chase other drivers, maneuver in traffic, break through a sandstorm, contemplate views during a peaceful night ride through the desert… And most of all: enjoy the ride!

Create your own hero & story

You’re the Driver . Using a deep but easy-to-manage character creator, the player will answer questions about their fears, dreams and ambitions. What’s your motivation? Why are you on the run? Who’s chasing you? Choices made in the character creator determine what the player hears on the radio. Because you’re making headlines and everyone is talking about you!

Meaningful choices and unique adventure

Choose your path across America. Keep an eye on your fuel meter, car condition and wanted level. Think strategically. Study the map. Meet mysterious travelers, make interesting choices and discover fascinating sites.

Will you help a stranger? Will you leave your past in the dust? Will you take up the challenge to a duel on the blacktop? Build a legend that is uniquely yours.

Rogue-like structure, infinite replayability potential

Every time you click New Story, a new adventure is created. You can become someone completely different, encounter new events and make different, meaningful choices. After completing a run, you can immortalize your adventure and share it with other players!

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Heading Out - A Narrative Road Movie Racing Game on Steam

A Day of Maintenance

A Day of Maintenance

You’re a distant blip amongst the sands around New Port City; It’s been a long few shifts, but you’re almost done with doing your sweep of the guidance stations for the docking spaceships. Take your Massive Self-Sustaining Installation Repair Truck (or MSSIRT for short); & travel the landscape to fix the last few on your list for the day with your trusty multi-tool crane.

A Day of Maintenance is a new, unusual kind of exploration game, taking cues from In Other Waters, 17776, Signal from Tolva, and Euro Truck Simulator 2

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking:

“I want a kind-of-technical driving game with a little gay romance but also some discussion over robot worker consciousness. (With crane operation gameplay)"

This game is for you.

  • Around 8 hours long

  • This game is deliberately slow-paced. Enjoy the drive, sip a cup of something warm, fix sites in the distant future.

  • Chat with your Robot Boyfriend, 6 workmates, & a couple other characters along the way.

  • Best played with a gamepad. But there’s mouse & keyboard bindings for everything.

Chat with Orby about cool stuff like databases, satellite software, and the possibility of having your mind overwritten by a routine check-up.

As you drive the open desert, your crew of fellow maintenance robots will chew the scenery; debating over trains, spaceships, philosophy, and hats.

Oh! You might also uncover a conspiracy.

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A Day of Maintenance on Steam

The Last Hope

The Last Hope

Running simulator

In the game we play the role of a viking who must save the world. To do this, he has to go through several portals in order to reach his destination, which is Mars. In addition, we have to control life, collect food and drink. On the road we will also meet various enemies.

And now what does it look like? The game is to run from one point to another in front of you. Eating and drinking is useless, all we have to do is find first aid kits, which usually lie on the road. Enemies are bugged and don’t want to attack us, so the whole game is based on running through yourself. And so through 5(?) locations.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

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(Got this game for free from Marvelousga.com . Thanks, guys!)

I am walkin' to the limit! I am walkin' to the limit! I AM WALKIN' TO THE LIMIIIIIIIT!!!!!

The Last Hope is a game about walking to a destination which you have to discover while making sure you survive to meet it. During your quest, you will need to maintain your health, hunger, and thirst…which can become quite a challenge in various areas (this limit is removed the moment you board the plane to the USA, which makes the experience more casual and enjoyable). The overall objective is to push a small object a short distance (like nudging it off a cliff), but with a very long run towards the destination.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

The Last Hope on Steam

Transporter Truck Simulator

Transporter Truck Simulator

Day 535: I still cant figure out how to reverse, however pressing R does make your truck swear!

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

2/10 needs more oil

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Transporter Truck Simulator on Steam

Wheels of Aurelia

Wheels of Aurelia

Some people complain that there’s no innovation in the AAA games anymore, just TPP loot crafting shooters with stealth elements. Well, on the other side we have Wheels of Aurelia that is trying super hard to look like nothing else, combining a racing game with visual novel. Too bad it fails at pretty much everything it tried to do.

We’re a rebelious women that doesn’t need no man, a feminist (or the one that only looks like one) that picks up another chick at the disco. Both then decide to have a long ride to France along the Via Aurelia road, having all kinds of topic to talk to - abortion, kidnappings, abortion, family issues, music, feminist movements, traditional values, abortion etc. If I’m being not clear enough, the game has a statement to make, and the year of the game isn’t random. It encapsulates two main events from 1978 that have taken place in Italy - Moro kidnapping and legalisation of abortion. Both of these topics will be pretty much on our tongues no matter where we’ll ride or what hitchhiker we take next. No matter what you’ll get ‘strong independent womyn’ vibe from the protagonist, Lella, that is as rebelious as annoying. Every once in a while you’ll have an option to pick up a topic for conversation or your passenger will ask you a question about another topic. These can then be answered in one of two ways, and it can be summarised by ‘yes’, or ‘sarcastic yes’. Many topics present no real input on the conversation, your answers will always be in the spirit of the defined character, later even called a communist. Opinions of your character will always be skewed in one way - someone said something controversial and you want to disgree? Nope, you can either agree or say something mildly controversial too. Question about abortion is a prominent example - you can say it’s either just a medical operation or it might be a traumatic experience. Other time you can say that men are no longer needed. The whole story feels like it’s been written by a raging feminist who tried to put as many leftist ideas as possible. Later in the game (as 10 minutes later) you can ditch your friend for different kind of passenger, a priest or a has-been race driver, and these conversations aren’t that bad, but first couple of runs you’ll probably keep Olga till the end and you’ll get sick of woke comments.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

This is not a game. It’s a visual novel, with somewhat mature topics. (TL;DR: read the last paragraph in my review.)

If you are curious about the driving sections… They are extremely basic, they’re just a mildly interactive background scenario for dialog choices.

In this visual novel, you have the following kinds of control:

  • Pick which car you want to start with.

  • Pick one of three dialog options when asked. (Or don’t pick one, and go with the default answer.)

  • Choose between stopping to give a ride to hitchhikers.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Wheels of Aurelia on Steam

Caravan Sandwitch 🚚🥪

Caravan Sandwitch 🚚🥪

About this game

Caravan SandWitch is a wholesome exploration game focused on storytelling and character interaction.

You play Halice, a plucky adventurer who’s crash-landed on a desert planet. You need to call Mom so she can come pick you up, but the radio tower is so far away… Luckily, the locals are happy to help, and they’ll even lend you a ride!

Strap in for a heartwarming road trip through the desert, inspired by the badlands of Mad Max and the wild countryside of southern France. On your journey, you’ll visit diverse and colourful destinations, meet friendly folks, play games, and investigate a troubling storm brewing in the distance.

Take your time with the game. Pet the otter. Climb that cool boulder.

Caravan SandWitch is designed for you to play at your own pace.

Don’t be a stranger

Get to know the locals and their stories by chatting, giving them a hand, and playing slice-of-life minigames together. They’re kind people who have been through some tough times, so it’s special when they open up to you.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride

Explore the open desert in your trusty caravan! Set out on foot through the remains of a collapsed civilization. Encounter old-world tech, climb mining rigs, or go off on your own to chase sunsets.

Tinker with the world around you

Wherever you go, you’ll find new things to do. Plug in wires, repair machinery, and wrangle malfunctioning AI as an aspiring engineer-technician-roboticist-pilot. Your caravan is also equipped with scientific tools for tackling environmental obstacles.

Sand, sand witches, and sandwiches

The desert is vast and there are secrets (and snacks) behind every sand dune. Learn more about the planet’s history and its rapidly-changing environment, as well as the mysterious residents known as the “Sand Witches.” Document it all with cute, hand-drawn notes.

Caravan Sandwitch 🚚🥪 on Steam



I really enjoy this game, It truly nails the cyberpunk blade runner feel. No other game on steam can match this. People are giving negative reviews like its too dark, my goodness just adjust your gamma. This game has amazing detail for a small studio of only two people. They made another game blade net that was amazing as well, very unique, cyber punk feel game of hide and seek with a twist. People who leave negative reviews with only 0.5 hours of play you guys need to re think what you are doing. I have tried every cyber punk game on steam and this game really gives me that vibe, it is totally worth the low price of 19.99/17.99 its ok to point out bugs and issues but this game deserves a positive review. Look at it like this this game has so much potential but if people keep coming and dropping negative reviews after only 5 minutes of playing the game is going to do bad, and the developer might just give up, but if you play the game give good feedback more people are likely to buy the game and the devs will have more energy and resources to make more content. thank you to the devs for this game, it really enjoy it, thanks for all your hard work

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

What I love is that the world within the game seems so much bigger than what you see. Its atmospheric, dystopian Tokyo feel is served by an excellent soundtrack and unique narrative. Driving around was not only an entertaining part of the gameplay, it gave me an opportunity to explore the nooks and crannies of a city I had never really seen the likes of before.

I think the developer deserves kudos for building a universe that is stylistically reminiscient of Blade Runner without being trite, and filling it was sufficiently interesting things to do to capture my attention for a few hours. With some refinement and a little more time to incubate, the game would be a really hefty competitor in the cyberpunk genre. It has solid foundations and delivers on the intrigue of its concept, especially for an indie game. The uphill part of the battle is building a convincing in-game universe, even if it is a little sparse here.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

ENCODE on Steam

Queerskins: a love story

Queerskins: a love story

This left a bad taste in my mouth.

There just wasn’t enough time for reflection or enough moments to challenge the perspective that is being driven into us (that being Gay is wrong because it is against God). I suspect (hope) the intention was to prompt reflection and thought, but in a 15 minute 360 video, there is no opportunity for this, and the developers don’t fuel it at all.

The result, whether intentional or not, is a mess of bigotry and “cruel and irreligious piety.” I hate this. It should be withdrawn until it can be amended so that it isn’t provoking hate. I have reported it.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

game bad and about hating gays

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Queerskins: a love story on Steam

Rainy City: Pandemic

Rainy City: Pandemic

Rainy City: Pandemic

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for no cost for the purpose of reviewing. However, this does not affect my views and opinions of the game.

Short Review

Rainy City Pandemic is a story driven title where the player drives around the city delivering pizza, trying to save up enough money to pay for their sister’s medical treatment. The bulk of the gameplay focuses on conversations with other characters and interactions with them. The game takes place in a dystopian future where the the pandemic (the covid-19 pandemic, assumingly) is still rampant.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Crim’s Humble Opinion Curator


This is a revisited review. Check out the original review here .

Rainy Days

Rainy City Pandemic is a game about a delivery boy in a city that is swept up in the wave of a pandemic. You are attempting to raise money for your sister to get her the medical attention she needs. This game had started out as a seven dollar game and has gone through some patches and a price drop to raise the quality of life. I played through the game again after a wave of updates and admittedly I have yet to play the newest additions to the game. What I can say is that one of the weaker points of the games has been significantly improved. The weakest point before was the dialogue. When playing the game through again I was no longer running into dialogue that was repeated nor were there as many open ended short conversations.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Rainy City: Pandemic on Steam

The Caregiver | 終焉介護

The Caregiver | 終焉介護

As a fan of Chillas games, this is possibly the first negative review I’ve given of his/hers games.


  • Bigger maps than usual (or so it feels).

  • Superb atmosphere as usual.

  • Sprint ability!

  • Collectibles.

  • Good story.

  • Good sound design.


  • Objectives are a bit unclear. Like, after cleaning up urine one would assume next step is to put the cloth used in the washing machine, but I guess in Asian countries you just throw things in a plastic bag and keep it around your house…?

  • AI enemy very fast finding and attacking you when needing to perform actions. You need to run around and close doors behind you all over the house for at least half of the clocks in order to try and make it in time before being killed.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Curator page here-- [url] DaRevieweD #81 [/url] -- [i]New review every Sunday[/i]

The Caregiver (TCG) is the most recent j-horror experience to come out from Chilla’s Art (CA)- who doesn’t even need an introduction at this point! It’s no secret, I’m a huge fan of theirs; I actually want to review all of their games but it’s easier said than done because you must have nerves of steel and not prone to mini-heart attacks. If you love Japanese horror movies, and want to be a glorified “extra” then play any one!! My first ever was when I worked in The Convenience Store (TCS) , but that’s because I was shopping for more than I bargained for.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

The Caregiver | 終焉介護 on Steam