Excavator Simulator

Excavator Simulator

WANTED: Excavator driver! Who doesn’t dream of swapping a shovel and spade for a big excavator? Even as children, we all played with excavators and trucks in the neighbourhood playgrounds. Enough dreaming! Now you take on the role of an excavator driver, eat, sleep, dig, repeat!

Excavator Simulator has many exciting, fun and challenging tasks in store for you! With skill and dexterity, you’ll learn how it feels to control such a powerful piece of equipment and master increasingly difficult tasks. The realistic operation of your excavator, detailed mechanics and many different excavator models will give you the feeling of swinging the shovel and chisel like in real life.

Digging trenches, moving, transporting and placing objects, distributing material, loading and unloading objects and materials, working and moving on difficult terrain and using the hydraulic breaker are just some of your many tasks as an excavator operator.

Now get in your excavator, lift the bucket and do what even little kids dream of!


  • Dig the biggest and deepest holes and fill them with material

  • Lift, transport and place heavy objects

  • Use the hydraulic breaker and destroy concrete and asphalt with it

  • Move your excavator on difficult terrain - no hill is too steep for you, no platform too high

  • Get your hands dirty! Feel the realistic dirt simulation

  • Switch between different excavator models: Heavy, Normal, Light, Super-Light

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Excavator Simulator on Steam



Give this game a chance guys. At a glance it looks like a copy/paste of Heat 4. But try playing this for an hour or two then go back to Heat 4. You will see and feel a significant difference. Several tracks were improved both visually and on how they drive. On top of that, the AI have been improved a bit, providing the most fun single-player racing I’ve seen in a heat game. I honestly barely played single player in Heat 4, but i’m enjoying it a lot more now. Another great thing is the new custom car options. Sure it’s no paint booth but to me it’s satisfactory for the most part and they will be adding more templates via DLC. Custom seasons in championship mode are also awesome, though sadly you can’t put tracks that series doesn’t normally go to such as Cup at Road America, though this might change.

Real player with 538.3 hrs in game

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First off let me say, I’ve been sim racing for 3 decades (which yes, makes me old!). I started with Indianapolis 500: The Simulation and have played each and every Papyrus game since. I have also run iRacing and I have been a HUGE fan of each and every one of those games.

This year, during the pandemic, NASCAR Heat 4 was on sale and I thought, what the heck, I have time on my hands, lets give this thing a try. I set out wanting to not like it to be very honest. My expectations were low, quite low in fact. After running my first few races I felt I was liking it just enough to try running a career. A few days in I realized something. I was having fun. More fun than I expected. I kept playing, and my fun level continued to rise. I continued to play NR2003 for my weekly races but kept coming back to NH4. It was a damn fun game. Was it perfect, absolutely not. But, the racing was very good, the setups fun to build and I was moving on up in my career.

Real player with 203.8 hrs in game

NASCAR Heat 5 on Steam

Space Ribbon - Slipstream to the Extreme

Space Ribbon - Slipstream to the Extreme

Cool and original game!

It’s like racing on a roller coaster track in space :-)

Single player: Campaign with three speed classes.

Multiplayer: Up to 4 players can play in splitscreen and optionally 1 of the players can play as the paver which creates the track.



The core mechanic is using slipstream to boost your speed which makes it possible to catch up and often makes the races very intense close to the finish line.

Side barrier:

Another “mechanic” is the side barrier. STAY away from it as it tends to slow you down a lot. It’s better to ease off on the gas and make a corner than smashing into the side.

Real player with 47.1 hrs in game

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For my first Early Access game, this is pretty darn good. Not a bad way to go for $1 during the Steam Summer Sale. There does exist some balancing issues, which can make the game frustrating at times, but overall, it is all I ever hoped for in this game as an Early Access title. It’s a good way to start. Oh, and the demo doesn’t do the game justice. Developer, please remove the demo or update it please!

If you start a race with a mouse/keyboard, it locks you out of the Xinput controls (such as an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller). It doesn’t allow you to switch on-the-fly or on-demand. You either have to exit the Grand Prix or restart the game to make sure to use the other control scheme. My prefered method of control is a controller, not keyboard/mouse.

Real player with 12.6 hrs in game

Space Ribbon - Slipstream to the Extreme on Steam

Truck World: Australia

Truck World: Australia

#### Get ready for a next-generation trucking experience!

Travel across Australia behind the wheel of the mighty Road Train! Haul extreme cargo thousands of miles and explore the Outback’s wilderness in some of the most intense conditions on earth!

Large, Open-World

The geography of Australia encompasses a wide variety of biogeographic regions! Australia may be the world’s smallest continent, but Australia is also the sixth-largest country in the world. The geography of the continent is diverse, ranging from the snow-capped mountains in the Australian Alps to large deserts, and tropical and temperate forests. Explore them all!

Road Trains

Australia is home to the longest and heaviest Road Trains in the world, which is why these gargantuan trains are so famous. Made up of three or more trailers, Road Trains will be the ultimate driving experience.

Among many features:

  • Haul cargo across Australia.

  • Explore a large, Open-world.

  • Transport oversized loads, high-risk cargo, and more!

  • Experience a dynamic weather system with the Day/Night Cycle.

  • Be part of an ever-changing economy based on developing your own business.

  • Unlock, upgrade, and customize lots of unique vehicles.

  • Moddable with Steam Workshop.

Truck World: Australia on Steam

Panama Canal Simulator

Panama Canal Simulator


Live your dream of traveling thru the Panama Canal! Pilot a ship from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean and back. Take part in prototypical canal transits. A full 1:1 scale re-creation of the manmade waterway that changed the world, the Panama Canal.


Taking two countries over twenty-five years to build, the Panama Canal was the project they said couldn’t be built. They said man and machine lacked the ability to cut thru mountains and the Continental Divide. They could only be right for so long. Begun by the French under the leadership of Ferdinand de Lesseps after his completion of the Suez Canal, and completed by the United States, the Panama Canal opened for passage on August 3, 1914 and significantly cut travel time by sea between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and cut out the extremely hazardous journey around Cape Horn. Requiring the removal of 200,000,000 cubic yards of dirt, rock, and mud, and costing thousands of lives due to accidents and disease, the Panama Canal is one of mankind’s most important engineering accomplishments.


Start just outside the canal and follow the buoys and range lights into the canal, or take the long approach from 100 miles out and spend some time at sea as you look for land and lights. Choose your time of day. Transit the canal at night using nothing but the lights. Accelerate time or immerse yourself in a real-time simulation of an overnight canal transit and hours at open sea.

Drive legendary ocean liners, cruise ships, or Panamamax container ships. Meet ships along the way and take care to avoid collisions. Autotrack guides your ship as you control the engines and path. Watch for traffic and signals in the canal or watch the sun rise and set over the Caribbean and the Pacific. With buttery-smooth physics, rich vivid graphics, and ultra-realistic atmosphere and lighting, Panama Canal will set the standard for PC simulator games for years to come.


Simple and fun enough for kids and accurate and thorough enough for professional training, Panama Canal offers something for everyone! Hardcore simulator fans will revel in the advanced propulsion model, video game novices will appreciate the easy-to-use menus and controls that make playing super easy! Start the simulation and your ship is underway. Increase speed with the ‘D’ key. Slow by cutting your power with the ‘A’ key, and toggle your ship’s anchor with the ‘Back’ key to stop. Press F5 to toggle the HUD, F6 to show landmarks, and F7 to show other vessel traffic. Sound your ship’s horn with the ‘Space’ key and change views with keys 1 thru 6. It’s as simple as that. The ship is on a track and the water is holographic.. there’s no chance you’ll get lost and there’s no chance of seasickness.

Own one of the seven wonders of the modern world.. own the the Panama Canal!.. Add Panama Canal to your Steam Wishlist today! Coming August 2021!


Panama Canal Simulator on Steam

F1® 2021

F1® 2021

Jednocześnie chcę powiedzieć że gra jest super dla osób które chcą pojeździć w singlu. Jednak dla jakiegokolwiek ścigania multiplayerowego:

-co wyścig ktoś ma z kimś desynchro, to znaczy widzi go w kompletnie innym miejscu na torze niż rzeczywiście jest,

-rozsypująca się delta czyli różnice czasowe między zawodnikami, nie wiadomo kto ile do kogo traci,

-przy wyjściu hosta sesja się kompletnie wysypuje,

-ludzie z dobrym internetem potrafią dostać lagi z dupy, gdzie w innych grach wszystko działa perfect,

Real player with 126.5 hrs in game

The cream of the crop for racing games and the best (once again) in the F1 series. After my glowing review of 20 i actually lost interest pretty quickly so i’ve held off reviewing this. After 70 odd hours this is by far my go to game whenever i fancy some action, the new story mode “Braking Point” is great, though i don’t think it’s one you can replay more than once or twice.

My Team has taken yet another huge step and is starting to slowly feel more and more like a true authentic management style mode but there is still a way to go. Saying that what we currently have is absolutely fantastic.

Real player with 81.4 hrs in game

F1® 2021 on Steam

The Ghost Train | 幽霊列車

The Ghost Train | 幽霊列車

Visually, this game is appealing. I feel like that’s the only pro I can mention. If you’re wanting a plot in this game then you will get a plot, just expect it to be a plot hole. Basically, all you do is go to the restroom in the train station, go to the smoking area, then ride the train until you reach the very end of the game. The puzzles were okay, but the last puzzle with the items you pick up was very confusing to figure out. If anyone is stuck on that… when you pick up the items (the cane, shoes, bug cage, windmill toy, and beer can) you set them on the train seat opposite of the reflection in the window in which character they belong to. It took me forever to figure it out. The endings weren’t as immersive as with the endings in The Convenience Store & Missing Children. Overall, decent game, but it gets a bit tedious for the time you spend playing it. I highly recommend playing Missing Children and The Convenience Store instead. Those are phenomenal, plot based, and wonderful atmospheric games!

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

This was my first game experience from Chilla’s Art and I got to say I wish it’d happened sooner, appearantly I’m an avid J-Horror fan and I didn’t even know it before crossing this game. I ended up reading Japanese urban legends at 4 AM in the morning- besides Kisaragi I guess

! the chase part is a reference to Teke Teke. Can’t wait to play the other ones.

My cons for the game is the walking/running speed and the fact that

! getting killed or not killed by the girl not affecting the ending type you get. And I can get the reason for low speed, building up tension etc. etc. but instead of that it just straight up frustrated me, drove me to boredom at first portion of the game. It felt repetetive and laggy, but after progressing enough and getting both endings the repetetive parts felt justified.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

The Ghost Train | 幽霊列車 on Steam

Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths

Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths



Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths challenges you to transport huge variety of goods using your excellent driving skills in the South American wilderness. Contracts become more profitable as you gain more reputation, each allowing you to improve your cash balance so you can upgrade or customize your truck. Take care, though, and watch the road as accidents and involuntary pit stops cause more problems than simply making your clients mad! If you have no choice, just leave the cabin and make some temporary repairs. And remember to refuel as often as possible!

And most importantly, remember that there are many paths leading to your destination.

The most dangerous South America paths are waiting for you!

Embark on the most exciting adventure of your life and test your driving skills on the world’s toughest roads.

Personalize and upgrade!

Your truck doesn’t have to be boring, go to the garage and make it your own. No one can forbid you to look fancy.

Get out of the cab and fix it!

Being in a stalemate you can always leave your cab and try to fix your problems with a few basic tools. Set up your field workbench, and start repairing.

Your truck is your best friend

Remember to keep your truck in excellent condition. A moment’s inattention can force you to make a quick pit stop and waste time.

Stay in touch with others!

Remember that you have a CB radio with you and in case of bigger problems do not hesitate to call for help, try to inform your colleagues about problems on the road and they will certainly repay you in the future.

Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to make two steps forward.

You have to be creative without it you will not be able to overcome many obstacles on your way. You never know when the ground will slip on your path. Look for alternatives!


Orders don’t grow on trees, check the trading points and petrol stations for the most profitable ones.

Load and unload

Depending on how you place the goods on the back, your truck will react differently on the road. Try to place it in such a way, that you won’t end up driving before you start.

Key Features:

  • Loading and unloading goods by yourself

  • Performing minor repairs on the road

  • Ability to improve, service and change the look of your truck

  • A living South American ecosystem

  • High level of realism

  • A dynamic weather system and a day and night cycle

  • Diversified terrain obstacles

  • Possibility to drive on the most difficult routes in the world

  • A working CB Radio

Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths on Steam

Alaskan Truck Simulator

Alaskan Truck Simulator


Get behind the wheel of a mighty truck and jump into the boots of the Alaskan truckers, challenge and be challenged by one of the harshest and dangerous environments.

Alaskan Truck Simulator is a unique game that blends the well-known simulators’ classics with the ruthless environment of Alaska and elements of survival. Buckle up, we are about to set off for the proper adventure!

What comes to your mind when you think of Alaska? Endless wastelands, towering peaks, harsh winters, and sunny spring-like meadows. Alaska is a unique place to explore. How to do it better than driving a truck across the entire state? Experience changing weather, vehicles’ behavior on snow, cross the uneven roads, and find out how is your truck’s condition affected by harsh climate or the driver itself –this is just to name a few elements of the game.

It would be a dreamy world if you could carelessly drive around Alaska, but let’s be real, you need these bucks to fuel your truck and feed yourself, ain’t you?

Let’s start with a few cargoes. In order not to take the fun out of driving, while progressing in the game you will gain access not only to the better trucks or equipment but also to the more challenging missions. Anyway, no matter the prestige of your mission, always drive with cautious as you may lose your cargo, damage your truck and finally, end up with debt instead of earning.

You are here for a bit of adrenaline too, right?

We want to show by our game the bond between man and the machine, what shows it better than exploring the basic needs of both? You will need to pay attention to the stats management as well for yourself as for your vehicle. Hungry, tired, out of fuel or with a broken tire - take care of all the difficulties you can encounter on the road!

Among many features:

  • Dynamic weather system with Day/Night cycle

  • Vast interactive environment to explore

  • A dynamic economy based on jobs, ranks, and performance

  • Survival system

  • Useful knowledge to gain and mysteries to discover

  • Crafting, upgrading, repairing

  • Multiple roads, routes, and wastelands to conquer in your truck

Check out another great game which is being developed in cooperation with Discovery Channel:



Alaskan Truck Simulator on Steam

Great Lakes Simulator

Great Lakes Simulator

Great Lakes Simulator… Drive 1:1 Scale Lake Freighters On The World Famous Great Lakes!

Live your dream of driving legendary lake freighters on The Great Lakes with this revolutionary new PC simulator that will take you to another level! Great Lakes Simulator puts you at the helm of a massive lake freighter underway on the Great Lakes. Head downbound from Lake Superior thru Whitefish Bay and the St. Mary’s River to Lake Huron and back in a 1:1 scale re-creation of the most famous fresh-water waterway in the world.. The Great Lakes.

Simulating a journey thru the Great Lakes allows you to gain an understanding of what to expect on the real journey. After a journey through Great Lakes Simulator you will be graced with the knowledge a seasoned mariner would need in order to approach such a journey with confidence. Great Lakes Simulator can accurately teach you the designated shipping lanes, dredged channels, anchorages and port locations, and the accurate locations of range lights, buoys, and lighthouses. You can set sail anytime you like.


The Great Lakes is a system of giant freshwater seas along the U.S. and Canada border connected by both natural and artificial channels and huge locks which enable navigation by large ships. The Soo Locks between Lake Huron and Lake Superior and dredged channels in the St. Mary’s River, the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River between Lake Huron and Lake Erie allow passage of huge lake freighters most years from late Spring through early Winter.

The Great Lakes are prone to sudden and severe storms, in particular in the autumn, from late October until early December. Thousands of ships have met their end on the lakes. The first ship to sail the Great Lakes, and the first ship to sink in the lakes, was Le Griffon. Caught in a 1679 storm while trading furs between Green Bay and Michilimacinac, she was lost with all hands aboard. The largest freighter ever wrecked on the lakes is the Edmund Fitzgerald, which sank near Whitefish Point in a violent storm on its last run of the 1975 season, taking all 29 aboard to the bottom of Lake Superior.

The greatest concentration of shipwrecks lies near Thunder Bay, Michigan, beneath Lake Huron, near the point where eastbound and westbound shipping lanes converge. The Lake Superior shipwreck coast from Grand Marais, Michigan to Whitefish Point is known as the “Graveyard of the Great Lakes.” More vessels have been lost in the Whitefish Point area than any other part of Lake Superior. The Whitefish Point Underwater Preserve serves as an underwater museum to protect the many shipwrecks in this area. In Great Lakes Simulator, you will travel through both of these dangerous zones.


Pilot a massive lake freighter downbound from Duluth, Minnesota across Lake Superior, down into Whitefish Bay, and into the St. Mary’s River. Not far downriver you will pass through the Soo Locks which will lower your ship 22 feet to the level of Lake Huron. A few miles past the locks the river makes a sharp right turn into a narrow dredged channel comprised of a number of ranges marked by special range lights set out in pairs to keep a ship in the center of the channel. Each set of range lights has a name which you can toggle onto the display using the F6 key. At Ninemile Point Light, the upbound and downbound channels split and follow separate paths around Neebish Island coming back together just before Hay Point.

Along the way, the Oak Ridge Range Lights and the Rock Cut and Moon Island Leading Lights guide your ship through some of the tightest and narrowest parts of all of the Great Lakes. Soon the lake widens before taking you past the town of Detour, Michigan and into Lake Huron. As Lake Huron opens up in front of you, an empty horizon reappears and suddenly you are back in the middle of the open sea. Travel downbound thru Lake Huron past Presque Isle, Thunder Bay, and Harbor Beach before arriving in Port Huron, your destination for a downbound journey. The upbound journey from Port Huron to Duluth is just as intense.

Great Lakes Simulator was built to accurately simulate the distances and times involved in transiting the lakes. At over 750 miles end-to-end, one complete round-trip journey will take almost 100 hours to complete. All of the included journeys total well over 500 hours, and advanced users can add their own mods and create their own journeys for a fully-customized world and an infinite combination of possibilities!


The highlight of any journey thru the Great Lakes is the spectacular light show put on by the seemingly endless array of lighthouses and red, white, green, and yellow range lights, buoys, beacons, and light towers. Marvel as you sail past some of the most legendary lighthouses of the lakes including Detour Reef, Whitefish Bay Light Station, Manitou Island, Gull Island, the New Presque Isle Light, Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, and the Thunder Bay Light. And depend on the range lights and buoys of the St. Mary’s River as they guide your ship through the narrow dredged channels.

Nautical charts and Digital Elevation Model data were utilized to accurately recreate this dream world to an unbelievable level. Accurate latitudes, longitudes, elevations, and distances make this one of the most prototypical 1:1 scale digital environments possible. Many have pondered life aboard a Great Lakes freighter - this is your chance to simulate the journeys you would take in real time and in full scale. Sixteen miles an hour has never felt so sweet.


Take the long approach and spend some time in open sea as you look for land and lights. Choose your time of day. Transit the lakes at night using nothing but the lights. Accelerate time or immerse yourself in a real-time simulation of a days-long transit and dozens of hours at open sea. Journey thru blinding snow and intense thunderstorms. Drive a massive cargo ship to real destinations. Meet ships along the way and take care to avoid collisions. Watch for traffic and lighthouses or watch the sun rise and set over Lake Huron and Lake Superior. With buttery-smooth physics, rich vivid graphics, and ultra-realistic atmosphere and lighting, Great Lakes Simulator will set the standard for PC simulator games for years to come.

Own one of the most famous and important waterways in the world.. own the Great Lakes!.. Add Great Lakes Simulator to your Steam wishlist today and set sail on launch day, December 15th. And be sure to tell all of your friends that are fans of Great Lakes shipping about Great Lakes Simulator. Thanks for your support!

Great Lakes Simulator on Steam