Storage Hunters

Storage Hunters

Have you already heard about storage auctions? Do you want to try, but be afraid of the risks? This game was created especially for you! Hundreds of storages, garages, realistic auction system: hundreds of players compete for garages in real time! Buy, open, pay off, upgrade! Do you want to cheat? Be careful, law enforcement officers are watching you!

  • Open world

  • Unique upgrading system

  • Realistic auction system

  • In-game marketplaces

  • Law enforcement system

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Storage Hunters on Steam

The Ghost Train | 幽霊列車

The Ghost Train | 幽霊列車

Visually, this game is appealing. I feel like that’s the only pro I can mention. If you’re wanting a plot in this game then you will get a plot, just expect it to be a plot hole. Basically, all you do is go to the restroom in the train station, go to the smoking area, then ride the train until you reach the very end of the game. The puzzles were okay, but the last puzzle with the items you pick up was very confusing to figure out. If anyone is stuck on that… when you pick up the items (the cane, shoes, bug cage, windmill toy, and beer can) you set them on the train seat opposite of the reflection in the window in which character they belong to. It took me forever to figure it out. The endings weren’t as immersive as with the endings in The Convenience Store & Missing Children. Overall, decent game, but it gets a bit tedious for the time you spend playing it. I highly recommend playing Missing Children and The Convenience Store instead. Those are phenomenal, plot based, and wonderful atmospheric games!

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

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This was my first game experience from Chilla’s Art and I got to say I wish it’d happened sooner, appearantly I’m an avid J-Horror fan and I didn’t even know it before crossing this game. I ended up reading Japanese urban legends at 4 AM in the morning- besides Kisaragi I guess

! the chase part is a reference to Teke Teke. Can’t wait to play the other ones.

My cons for the game is the walking/running speed and the fact that

! getting killed or not killed by the girl not affecting the ending type you get. And I can get the reason for low speed, building up tension etc. etc. but instead of that it just straight up frustrated me, drove me to boredom at first portion of the game. It felt repetetive and laggy, but after progressing enough and getting both endings the repetetive parts felt justified.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

The Ghost Train | 幽霊列車 on Steam

Delivery Boy

Delivery Boy

Add the game Delivery Boy to the wishlist and you will be the first to know about its release on Steam!

Play as a funny guy Johnny, who moved to Crystal City in search of work and got a job as a courier. Here is a city of great opportunities, help Johnny climb the career ladder and become the best courier.

■ The best courier. Take various orders, deliver them to the right place and get money and experience points.

■ Move faster. Buy various vehicles - a gyro scooter, an electric scooter, an electric bike, an electric skate, a mono wheel, an ATV and other means of transportation.

■ Your business. Open and manage delivery services. Hire workers, buy transport and various equipment.

■ Secrets of the city. Collect the relics hidden in Crystal City and explore the interesting sights of the city.

The game is being developed by one person - Sergey Poroshin, a self-taught indie developer. Thank you for your support!

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Delivery Boy on Steam

Lawnmower Game: Racing

Lawnmower Game: Racing

A good indie race, it helps to relax in the evening with a cup of tea, and without straining to go through the levels, I liked the driving mechanics, the levels that are now, lvl-design, as well as the atmosphere of the game, visually I really liked the game, in the graphic plan there is room for improvement, as a singleplayer game, it turned out very well, although there is a lack of drive in it, as well as a small number of game mechanics and a variety of movement, physics is far from the best feature in the game, but it is unlikely that it can cause any inconvenience, I really look forward to the development of a multiplayer component from this game, as well as the possibility of co-op passing so that you can compete with friends, thanks for the opportunities provided in the game, I really look forward to updates in the near future.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

Incredible! Truly a game to remember! I’ve already 100% it on stream and I still can’t stop playing it! Beware, when you start playing, you will start to have thoughts of becoming a lawnmower. You will begin to inhale oil as a lawnmower does and you will try your best to convince your friends to become lawnmowers as well in order to race with them. You will also spend your money on pure gold to create gold barrels so you can collect them for achievements. Pure agony.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Lawnmower Game: Racing on Steam

Taxi Chaos

Taxi Chaos

Awesome, very close to sega’s crazy taxi which was out in the late 90s. That version is available on steam but Taxi Chaos is more modern with better graphics!

Has a sense of humour with driver/passenger chat and so on. You only have a few moments to deliver a passenger to his or her destination then you simply move on to your next customer. Each customer asks to go to a different location which can be long or short distance. Long distance gives you more points but short distance takes less time so you can move on to your next customer more quickly and boost your time limit counter.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Not what I was expecting. Since Crazy Taxi is one of the only comparable game in this genre, I’ll be using that as a basis.

For starts, everything about this game is a watered down version of Crazy Taxi, even to the original. The game isn’t nearly as chaotic or fast paced.

The environment is based of of NYC and isn’t nearly as fun or dynamic to traverse as the other Crazy Taxi games. Because it’s NYC and as a flat as a board, the game is built around having to jump like an Italian plumber to even get a good time if you can find the spots to do that, that is.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Taxi Chaos on Steam

Carotic - Academic Version

Carotic - Academic Version

I haven’t played a single game 10/109

edit: no steam i havent changed my mind i just left the game open

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Phan Mạnh Quỳnh

Có chàng trai viết lên cây

Lời yêu thương cô gái ấy

Mối tình như gió như mây

Nhiều năm trôi qua vẫn thấy

Giống như bức tranh vẽ bằng dịu êm ngày thơ

Có khi trong tiềm thức ngỡ là mơ

Câu chuyện đã rất xa xôi

Niềm riêng không ai biết tới

Hai người sống ở hai nơi

Từ lâu không đi sát lối

Chỉ thương có người vẫn hoài gìn giữ nhiều luyến lưu

Mỗi khi nhớ đôi mắt biếc như thời chưa biết buồn đau

Ngày cô ấy đi theo nơi phồn hoa

Chàng trai bơ vơ từ xa trong tim hụt hẫng như mất một thứ gì

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Carotic - Academic Version on Steam

Abducted: The Night Hunters

Abducted: The Night Hunters

Just read!

It’s so sad to see the good game being completely unknown. Perhaps you’re not sure about quality of this game. I understand, - it only has a few reviews, and yep, it’s only made by one person, which usually means that the game wouldn’t be good enough, but this one… is surely exception. Frankly speaking, i also thought it’s going to be something typical, like most of modern indie horror games. And yet, “i gave it a try”, and completely changed my mind. This game is awesome, and here’s why:

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game

Awesome game to play, really.

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

Abducted: The Night Hunters on Steam

Tear of Time: Lost memory

Tear of Time: Lost memory

Tear of Time: Lost memory is an adventure game. You play as a character who, waking up in a house on a remote island, realizes that he has lost his memory. As the game progresses, the player will have to find out the reason for the loss of memory, explore the island, find ancient treasures, explore the ruins with secret locations and solve puzzles.


The game does not have any violence and death, the plot is based on a certain artifact “Tear of Time”, which enabled the character to rewind time back in front of any obvious danger. But at what cost, it is narrated according to the plot of the game.

  • Stylized 3D graphics.

  • The main game takes place in third person, but you can switch to first person at will.

  • Several character outfits.

  • It is possible to use a car.

  • The ability to climb rocks in certain places.

  • Moving along the rope-vines.

  • Moving with a grappling hook.

  • Swimming underwater and on the surface.

  • Open world of the island outside of the plot.

  • Constant updates with additional locations and puzzles at no extra charge.

Tear of Time: Lost memory on Steam



Cheese Cube besides it’s looks is actually pretty fun (and challenging) and offers some fun gameplay, with a decent selection of levels, skins, and obstacles, it’s still in early versions so I expect more to come, besides that, it’s a fun little game that reminds me of the old flash games, and, well, it’s CHEESE, who doesn’t like cheese?

Real player with 68.2 hrs in game

This is one of the best games i’ve played in a good while, I simply never get tired of it!

Real player with 19.7 hrs in game

CheeseCube on Steam

Contraband Police: Prologue

Contraband Police: Prologue


Although Contraband Police: Prologue can be sufficiently reviewed by saying “in the likeness of Soviet Russia, vehicles inspect you,” ol' Il Pallino has always prided himself in objective reviews that are the basis for the comment “TL;DR.” Set in the early-1980’s, the prologue starts with the player on their first day on the job where people driving vehicles in worse condition than what the player will find in an American redneck’s yard and make note of the damage (which is typical) and look over papers with an Autobahn Police Simulator 2 mechanic of matching up information, and ultimately deciding to accept or reject a traveler attempting to enter the nation. (The player can simply use their eyes to make note of anything not in order with a traveler’s credentials.) Subsequent days consists of learning other game mechanics like inspecting vehicles suspected of containing contraband, along with the day off, in which the player empties the contents of the contraband storehouse, chucks would-be smugglers in the gulag, and buys new equipment. There’s also even a day where people are forbidden from bringing a certain type of cargo into the country.

Real player with 39.4 hrs in game

I actually enjoyed this game. A lot! One of my favorite parts was the area where the tree was on the edge of the road. I was minding my own business making money and stuff and I hear this glass shattering and metal clanking. I run and look. I see a few vehicles lined up in a semi-circle at the end of the road so I watch them get out of their quagmire. Eventually all are on the road and here comes a vehicle so I step aside but the tree never moves. This is when I realize what was making the destructive sounds of vehicles hitting things. LMAO Every Single Vehicle passing by hit that tree. Every one of them. This I hope stays in the game. It adds character. :lol:

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Contraband Police: Prologue on Steam