Torque Drift

Torque Drift

I’ve played this game since the release on mobile, and have put 70 hours into the PC version so far and I love it.

Sure it has it’s bugs, but remember it’s still being ported over from mobile and is still in early access. In my opinion, its one of the best/intricate drifting games on the market! Updates and patches are fairly often, and the dev team seem super responsive to problems and ideas that players have about the game.

The crates are a feature where in alot of games are a pay to win can still make you feel like youre getting robbed due to rarely getting anything good.

Real player with 130.3 hrs in game

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Reviewing this game is kinda hard and reading the reviews most players have submitted is a little bit painful.


  • What is my take on this game?

Most users have rated it P2W /Pay to win/ and I can’t qualify it as such a game. If you build a car from stock you will get a better car that money can buy pretty fast and by fast I mean you get cash and billions /the paid currency/ very easily. They are several levels of parts that when averaged also set the level of your car / I call them common, rare, epic, legendary and custom/. “Pay to win” cars are always “Epic” with the exception of 2 cars. You can already see why the game in my eyes at least is not “P2W”. Those paid for with real money cars can also not be setup to you preference as it goes to height, camber, caster and so on. What you paid for that’s all you get.

Real player with 127.5 hrs in game

Torque Drift on Steam

Food Drive: Race against Hunger

Food Drive: Race against Hunger

The driving mechanics/controls are very good, making it fun to just drive and mess around. The gameplay is easy to get into but there is also a high skill cap. The achievements offer a bit of a challenge you can go for if you want to, and the leaderboards can give you a lot of grind on top of that. Very good job on the devs to make the driving mechanics so fun yet simple and release this well put together package for free. If you’re like me and always on the lookout for good and interesting free/cheap games this is a must play. I plan on coming back every once in a while to enjoy driving around a bit and see if I can beat some high scores. :)

Real player with 17.5 hrs in game

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If you like crazy taxi (and I love me some) then this game will tickle that itch thats been left unscratched for a long time! Food Drive is different in that you must pick up packages of food and deliver them to positions around the map, you must race against the clock to deliver as many parcels as possible by either parking in the designated delivery zone or by launching the food packages from your cannon! You then earn hearts which you can use to unlock new vehicles with different stats such as speed and carry capacity. This game is also a charitble endevour by the awesome developers!

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Food Drive: Race against Hunger on Steam

High Octane Drift

High Octane Drift

High Octane Drift

To begin my review, I would like to give you some statistics.

It’s one of the few free games on the Steam Playground and thing is, as it should be, the basis of the game is multiplayer, and as is customary in almost all free games - the presence of donation. Because of this, many players immediately quit the game, seeing that many things are available only for ‘real’ currency, even without having experienced the game, as can be seen from the statistics on Steam achievements.

Real player with 952.1 hrs in game

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As with all games, this has some major pros and cons, and I will list them as such and then do a small review,


(1) Free to play, and I have seen no reason to spend money (so far) except to get stuff faster.

(2) Partial contorller support. Controllers only work in-game, not the menus, and you get to bind it how you see fit.

(3) Decent graphics. Some glitchy parts, but overall pretty nice.

(4) Voice chat. Though I haven’t found anyone that actually uses it, it’s nice to have built in.


Real player with 106.5 hrs in game

High Octane Drift on Steam



The S1rgio


✅ Easy

✅ Normal

✅ Hard

✅ A challenge to be reckoned

🔲 In the heat of confrontation, treat your opponent with respect


🔲 MS Paint

🔲 Bad

🔲 Meh

🔲 Graphics don’t matter for this game

🔲 Good (nothing special)

✅ An original artistic direction

✅ Beautiful

✅ Masterpiece


✅ This game has no story

🔲 Basic element of the contractual requirements

✅ It’s there for people who want it

🔲 Well written

🔲 Leading to more in-depth researches/thoughts

🔲 A model to get inspired by

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

This game is free AND offers full controller use. I’m not into these types of games in any way possible but WOW this is one hell of a great, simple, and fun game!

I literally just grabbed this game to give it a shot and I am excited to play again.

It has very simple choices of maps and vehicles and that’s a nice look at a modern derby style smash up game.

Killsteel is also great for waiting times between lobbies because matches are so short, something like 4 minutes.

I’d push this game on anyone and will be doing just that!

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

KillSteel on Steam

Racing Classics: Drag Race Simulator

Racing Classics: Drag Race Simulator

I’ve played through this a few times now. It is a great game without even having to spend money. Although the first time I played it I bought unlimited gas and when I came back to the game a second time my unlimited gas was gone so keep that in mind. There is some micro-transaction nag screens through out the whole thing that can be either used to speed up progress but ignoring them doesn’t take away from the game until you get to the end and realize that you HAVE TO PAY in order to get all the achievements in the game. The sponsored races in each tier require real life money in order to complete which if I would have came back to my unlimited gas I would have had no problem throwing some more money at the game but it is in an unfinished state and has been for years now. Not sure what happened with development. -_-

Real player with 74.1 hrs in game

I just shift the last gear because of the money.

Well its a nice little drag race simulator.

To test or train your reflexes.

Its grind and level up. With the right combination its going very fast.

Graphics are nice and overall its making fun as long you have gas.

And if you don’t fall for the cashgrab its free.

To finish all achievements without spending money it will take you a year long a race daily.

Oh and to catch the most wanted,the last race on day 32 you got only one chance, unnice, really bad.

Real player with 20.1 hrs in game

Racing Classics: Drag Race Simulator on Steam



No forklift ai or campaign mode, but still tons of fun with friends, plus it’s free and pretty easy to get going right away.

  • would like to add that playing online could require the use of a VPN, as the networking service auto-selects the nearest region, which prevents people from seeing other servers. that should really be stated somewhere on the store page.

EDIT: the devs patched the networking issues c:

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

Hello there, have you ever wondered what the pinnacle of human mankind would look like? Well now there´s an answer: Forkdrift!!! The moment I first installed the game and opened it for the first time, it immediately became irreplaceable. You could say it had become a modern classic from the get-go. Graphics? Immaculate. Controls? Smooth as butter. Soundtrack? Forget about Mozart, Beethoven and even Bach. Yes, even Bach- founder of the Fugue. Listening to this soundtrack made me forget about my crippling existance as a human, cured my depression and even brought two of my three pet snails back to life. This game truly is a miracle. I cannot- and I repeat- cannot stress this enough. Now, if you´re looking to continue living your pathetic, pitiful life- then go ahead and do so. Nothing is stopping you. But if you are looking for change, improvement, increase in financial riches or even restoration of your left testical from a bike accident 7 years ago…then look no further. You have got yourself a solution: FORKDRIFT

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Forkdrift on Steam

Late City Riders

Late City Riders















Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Very fun game. Streamed this game the other night and had a ton of fun while constantly dying. Definitely worth a play and you could put hours into this game with the created levels by the devs. Maybe an update could be user created levels by the people to be submitted (as an idea of course) and it could make things a whole lot more interesting :)

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Late City Riders on Steam

RaceRoom Racing Experience

RaceRoom Racing Experience

Many people look at this game and are put off by the cost. You can buy Vrp (Virtual Race Points) at a competitive price to purchase the Premium Pack. This is all the current content, so I do not think that is much more expensive than some other titles. Compare this to certain Racing Sims or even Flight Sims and it makes Raceroom look like a bargain!!

They even give you the option to test drive a car before buying it. Can’t be fairer than that.

Check out YouTube’s SimRacing604 as he did a video on the Vrp purchasing.

Real player with 408.8 hrs in game

Bottom line? Good racing game/sim with plenty of potential.

The constant micro-transactions start to get annoying. Even with sales on content packs and moderate discounts for purchasing vRP (virtual money) to buy content, the game ends up costing you quite a bit more than what you get at the stage of development it is in. People can deny or challenge all they want but this thing has been in a perpetual state of Beta for 4 years. It’s actually unfortunate Steam ‘GreenLights’ products in this state. They really should be ‘buyer beware’.

Real player with 221.7 hrs in game

RaceRoom Racing Experience on Steam

Desert Bus VR

Desert Bus VR

If you are lucky, this might be the worst game you will ever play.


What does that even mean? Let me explain:

There’s good games. There’s bad games. There’s interactive art pieces that use game mechanics. There’s barely interactive media that present themselves as games. There’s training simulators that are set up like games but aren’t intended to be games. There’s… how many of these would you like me to list? Want to talk about interactive movies? What about visual novels? What about… oh, was I wasting your time? Did you want me to make a point about Desert Bus? Hang on, I wasn’t done rambling…

Real player with 1337.1 hrs in game

That’s a great game.

In fact, I realized that it can substitute my sleep time.

For the last month, more or less, I spend my former sleep hours driving this bus and I felt very well the next day.

The only side effect is that sometimes when I’m walking distractedly I tend to slowly drift leftways. No big deal.


So… Strange things started to happen as I slowly began to expand my daily driving time.

Now I’m nearly driving 16 hours a day and sometimes I have some really weird and vivid dreams.

Real player with 235.1 hrs in game

Desert Bus VR on Steam

Heavy Metal Machines

Heavy Metal Machines

Don’t know how did it happen but I played 650+ hours in this game.

With that been said I decided to write my first ever review. For starters, I have to say that I haven’t played much for the last half of the year, but several rounds I played yesterday reminded me why I don’t really want to continue.

I played on European server, so all I say is related to that. Because I belive situation on South American server is very different.

The first good, then bad impressions. The gameplay is very good, machines are well balanced and have distinct features. Even after mastering your skill with a certain machine, you have dozen of other machines which will give you totally different game experiences. It’s interesting to play solo (those games when you play with bots in your team :) ) and in the team. Team play is very important and brings the most fun. So there is so much to learn to become a good player and it seems that you could have spend a very long time with this game, but it doesn’t happen and below I continue why…

Real player with 665.2 hrs in game

the devs make heavy metal machines

people actuallly like the game

youtube video of someone actually enjoying the game

the player base starts growing

community driven championships

the devs make a change on gameplay or removes some content

a few players get salty


the devs make a different version of heavy metal machines

Real player with 565.3 hrs in game

Heavy Metal Machines on Steam