Boring in paradise

Boring in paradise

Two arcade games in one: “Antipain” & “Antitrolley”.

The first is a pseudo-three-dimensional runner. It’s a kind of meditation.

The second is race against time with a top view. Run over few pedestrians by accident or become a road killer.

From the author:

To avoid pain or to be that pain. Notice objects in this world or discern a foundation in it. To choose. Not to choose. Accident or cruelty. Mercy or coincidence. Music. Screams. Overcome or substitute. Imaginary cities or a mirror of loneliness. Executioner and victim, at least. They are close. They almost communicate, even if they delegate to doubles. A world is seen again.

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It’s a fun game. The problem is, it freezes very often. Also, I’ve made it to the third map and the last ramp often times has you dropping out of the map completely.

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

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Impressive for just a solo Dev!

Great fun with a group of mates! & The VR is a very cool feature and gives a cool perspective of looking over the tracks!

Great work

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

MiniTracks on Steam

Supfly Delivery Simulator

Supfly Delivery Simulator

very nice and chill game, if someone likes this type of gameplay I suggest to try it, if you’ll don’t like’s it you can always get back your money if you don’t play more then 2h and don’t have game for more then 2 weeks, but I suggest to help developers to grow bigger and buy it 3

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

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its a simple game with a fun progression, its aesthetically nice to look at and the beats are bangers

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Supfly Delivery Simulator on Steam

The Day They Came

The Day They Came

So I was really curious about this game, sadly the developer got a little excited and released this game way too early.

The game has no enemies, no options menu, no way to exit the game or instructions.

Once you chop down some trees that fall and then spaz out due to some crazy physics all you can do is access a build menu that let’s you create some walls, steps, floor, door, base and I couldn’t use the floor as a ceiling like it suggested.

The game has at least a 30 minute night cycle making it almost impossible to do anything, much less see.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game


Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

The Day They Came on Steam



Fun and quirky combination of the common memory game and a bullet dodger.

Sometimes a neat idea for a game comes by combining genres. That’s exactly what Memorise’n’run does.

Each level has a boss with a certain attack pattern. You defeat the boss by dodging its attacks while simultaneously solving the memory puzzle of finding pairs.

You only get to see the puzzle for a short time before everything is hidden, but you get unlimited number of guesses. That is, as long as you can dodge the bullets.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Memorise'n'run on Steam

Abducted: The Night Hunters

Abducted: The Night Hunters

Just read!

It’s so sad to see the good game being completely unknown. Perhaps you’re not sure about quality of this game. I understand, - it only has a few reviews, and yep, it’s only made by one person, which usually means that the game wouldn’t be good enough, but this one… is surely exception. Frankly speaking, i also thought it’s going to be something typical, like most of modern indie horror games. And yet, “i gave it a try”, and completely changed my mind. This game is awesome, and here’s why:

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game

Awesome game to play, really.

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

Abducted: The Night Hunters on Steam

Wheels of Aurelia

Wheels of Aurelia

Some people complain that there’s no innovation in the AAA games anymore, just TPP loot crafting shooters with stealth elements. Well, on the other side we have Wheels of Aurelia that is trying super hard to look like nothing else, combining a racing game with visual novel. Too bad it fails at pretty much everything it tried to do.

We’re a rebelious women that doesn’t need no man, a feminist (or the one that only looks like one) that picks up another chick at the disco. Both then decide to have a long ride to France along the Via Aurelia road, having all kinds of topic to talk to - abortion, kidnappings, abortion, family issues, music, feminist movements, traditional values, abortion etc. If I’m being not clear enough, the game has a statement to make, and the year of the game isn’t random. It encapsulates two main events from 1978 that have taken place in Italy - Moro kidnapping and legalisation of abortion. Both of these topics will be pretty much on our tongues no matter where we’ll ride or what hitchhiker we take next. No matter what you’ll get ‘strong independent womyn’ vibe from the protagonist, Lella, that is as rebelious as annoying. Every once in a while you’ll have an option to pick up a topic for conversation or your passenger will ask you a question about another topic. These can then be answered in one of two ways, and it can be summarised by ‘yes’, or ‘sarcastic yes’. Many topics present no real input on the conversation, your answers will always be in the spirit of the defined character, later even called a communist. Opinions of your character will always be skewed in one way - someone said something controversial and you want to disgree? Nope, you can either agree or say something mildly controversial too. Question about abortion is a prominent example - you can say it’s either just a medical operation or it might be a traumatic experience. Other time you can say that men are no longer needed. The whole story feels like it’s been written by a raging feminist who tried to put as many leftist ideas as possible. Later in the game (as 10 minutes later) you can ditch your friend for different kind of passenger, a priest or a has-been race driver, and these conversations aren’t that bad, but first couple of runs you’ll probably keep Olga till the end and you’ll get sick of woke comments.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

This is not a game. It’s a visual novel, with somewhat mature topics. (TL;DR: read the last paragraph in my review.)

If you are curious about the driving sections… They are extremely basic, they’re just a mildly interactive background scenario for dialog choices.

In this visual novel, you have the following kinds of control:

  • Pick which car you want to start with.

  • Pick one of three dialog options when asked. (Or don’t pick one, and go with the default answer.)

  • Choose between stopping to give a ride to hitchhikers.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Wheels of Aurelia on Steam

Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip

Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip

You’ll find huge amount of guns. Stuff your enemies with bullets, cut them, burn them and blow them up. Find and use special items to slow down time, gain invulnerable, or bring a real armageddon. Everything in this world is created for destruction.

Gain experience and earn money to gather collection of vehicles. Improve and customize them to find the perfect perks combination for each arena and your style.

Комбинированные улучшения

Travel through unique realms: each arena is a parallel dimension, with its own topology, atmosphere and mechanics. Feel really unforgettable experience.

Meditate on destruction. Hypnotic visual style combined with a hardcore gameplay will give you a doses of adrenaline and endorphin just in a few minutes. Repeat until complete satisfaction.

Players already compete for leadership - and this is a really epic battle. Welcome.

Music is what we are inspired to create each game, and here it has a special role. The soundtrack was written by a wonderful russian musician Moa Pillar and creates an atmosphere of insane rave. Reach for the lazers!

There is no story.

  • No bullshit - pure action

  • 11 types of guns

  • 9 special items

  • 40+ upgrades combinations

  • 16 types of enemies + 5 bosses

  • 5 unique arenas

  • 3 battle vehicles

  • Endless ammo

Debrysis - an Awesome Badtrip on Steam

Interstate Drifter 1999

Interstate Drifter 1999

A great upgrade to an already charming little game, and doesn’t cost a cent!

I still found a few glitches, but they’re easy to overlook thanks to the addition of medals and all the new content they unlock. This is a simple but addictive game that wonderfully captures the feeling of playing on an old school 8-bit computer. All accompanied by some 80s funk chiptunes.

But you may want to throw on some Initial D for the full experience.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Ultimo boiled this little chicken down to a fine broth. It’s challenging as hell with really unique gameplay. Lots of fun things to find and explore, hidden secrets and little jokes in the gameplay and artwork.It’s free, so stop reading the reviews and start playing the game!

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Interstate Drifter 1999 on Steam

Nightvision: Drive Forever

Nightvision: Drive Forever


So there I was, just minding my own business, driving through a mountainous highway. I wasn’t quite sure what I was running from, or exactly sure where I was going. I was admiring the beautiful sky, excellent lighting effects and great overall graphical presentation. I was navigating the treacherous highway and unpredictable traffic pattern, slowly falling into a driving rhythm guided by the soundtrack of chill electronic beats held together with adrenaline filled undertones. My will to survive was at an all time high. I dodged left around a vehicle, then right around a vehicle. I could clearly hear the sound of the air rushing around me as I narrowly missed multiple commuters, each miss slightly closer than the last. After clearing a few of these early morning drivers driving to who knows where, I let out a sigh of relief. No traffic was in sight - only me, the open road, the beautiful scenery and the mesmerizing music. I was 2 miles in to a 6 mile trek, and I knew the worst was behind me. I came around a slight right kink in the road, with my high beams on to increase visibility ahead. The road straightened out, and I began to make my way up a small hill in the path. Up ahead, I could see a bright beam of light - I flashed my brights on, then off, to try and signal the other driver to do the same. The light kept getting brighter and was nearly encompassing my entire screen at this point. I made my way to the far right of the road to give them as much room as possible, with no knowledge of the other driver’s level of competence. Just as I was cresting the hill, BOOM!!!! My heart nearly stopped. My car did stop - and shortly after I lifted my hands off of my Logitech G29, which is superbly supported in this game. I took a 1 minute break to allow my heart rate to slow down. I grabbed a clip of the incident to confirm what I had already suspected - as I crested the hill, the unpredictable computer driver moved into my lane at the last possible moment. We had a head on collision at over 100 MPH. The image of that burgundy SUV is now forever burned into my retinas. I have awoken in screaming agony every night since the incident. My heart has still not recovered, and most likely never will. 11/10 would crash head on into a computer player again!

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

What are you doing procrastinating by reading the reviews? Buy it already!

I love this game, and I shall tell you why, if you’ve read this far but still not bought it…

Story mode gently eases you in to the high speed mountain driving experience. The difficulty starts to ramp up as you progress through the film noir style story mode, and new challenges are introduced gradually as you progress: with more winding roads, beautiful but treacherous weather conditions, and increasing traffic all coupled with the need to keep your speed up at all times.

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Nightvision: Drive Forever on Steam