Island Explorer VR

Island Explorer VR

You are on a Willy from ww2, with the first ever H-shift gear system for vr, on a really good looking relaxing island.

Runs pretty well, and is really relaxing.

No Nazis jumping on you, no zombies, no random Russians screaming cyka blyat and starting shooting at you.

Just you, the Willy, and the air in hair.

Is the H-shift easy to use? Yes, but it takes a little to get used to it of course.

Would take it if costed money? Yes

Did I spent a month making two balls at the dev just to fix his errors? Yes

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

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I came here from Armoured front and I have to say that if this game is anything like armoured front then I will be happy. The controls are relatively smooth with few (but some that I will cover later) rough edges. The mechanics behind entering and exiting the vehicles is satisfactory, but the where the game shines most is how the vehicles feel to operate. There is a satisfying process behind starting the jeep, each push of the button is satisfying and the smooth but immersive way the gears shift is also very satisfying. The game overall is really relaxing with simple music in the background and some nice ambience and that combined with the operation of the jeep feels really nice. However, this game isn’t completely perfect, my main gripe with the game is that when you perform a sharp turn or accelerate rapidly, the car’s cabin moves underneath you making the controls difficult to reach and the immersion being broken. I understand that this may be used to minimise motion sickness, but it literally and figuratively disconnects you from the vehicle, immersion-wise and in game.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Island Explorer VR on Steam

Subway Simulator

Subway Simulator

First of all, I paid for this game. It’s fun, and I WILL continue to play. However, the paid version has annoying glitches. For my first 2 stops, passengers board and alight as they do in the free version. On the third stop, they board and alight only after you press i for the “please stand clear” announcement will platform passengers board. But then, the box showing passengers stops showing passengers. Subsequent stops show people boarding/alighting only after press i, and no on-screen credit for, or information on them. IT SEEMS, however, that if you finish the route then choose Depot, then you will see credit for the passengers that boarded at the stations in question. There are more bugs to discover. I paid, so I just want it to work properly. However, it’s fun, and I play.

Real player with 50.8 hrs in game

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The game only acts in subway view. Would like to get help from Steam/ Valve, or someone. there is no manual

to help. I do not like the Discussions. Take a long time to find your problem. Take your money and do not offer any solutions, except to refer you to a third party. Well I bought this game on their advertisement and now I cannot get my money back because they said I have played it for 4 hrs. That 4 hours was spent mostly trying to get the game working. I would not recommend this site to anyone!!

Real player with 19.3 hrs in game

Subway Simulator on Steam

Little Brother Jim

Little Brother Jim

Little Brother Jim is an interesting game that is a bit of a departure from Mr. Bodur’s previous titles. The story begins with a taxi/parking simulator that is colorful, fun, and challenging at times. I had little previous experience with driving games so I crashed into cones, left and right, as I built my skills up. By the end, I was speeding through turns and jumping over obstacles!

In between the parking levels, there is a beautiful story about family, love, and the brevity of life. The scenery is gorgeous and I enjoyed reading the letters left by Jim.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

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Overall good game depending on price paid - it’s worth noting that I received this for free via a competition and though I would pay for this game I wouldn’t pay more than £3. This is due to the fact that it is a very short game and there is a statement in the credits which undermines the whole perception of the story

! as you are lead to believe it is a true story but it is in fact fiction which really ruined it for me

At first, I felt like I was reading someones diary or invading someones personal life in some way. However, after playing for a short while I found the story intriguing and continued to complete the game. The driving game is easy and basic but surprisingly fun if your looking for a chilled play. The walking sim is beautiful and accompanied by a peaceful, pretty soundtrack.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Little Brother Jim on Steam

Great British Railway Journeys

Great British Railway Journeys

this game caused problem on my computer which meant i had to reload all steam again to make it work. we have a feeling it caused file corruptions for my train game this includes on steam log in as well. this was when we loaded great british railway journeys only ts2020 work fine otherwise

Real player with 50.0 hrs in game

Great “NEW CORE BUILD” Graphical detail improvement, Functionality and more accurate scenarios. Per-say all scenarios originally from the TS 2020(TS) with overall major again improvement. Recommended and if the whole of TS core could be improved the same way would make TS 2020 Better! Maybe a Foundation for TS 2021. This though as a stand alone is a must have 10/10.

Real player with 42.4 hrs in game

Great British Railway Journeys on Steam

Porsche Hall of Legends VR

Porsche Hall of Legends VR

I play alot of VR apps that are basically just commercials for really rich people who are interested in a fancy car, homes, or air travel. People think because you have VR hat that you are rich. I’m dirt poor. I own several thousand dollars of student loan debt that I refuse to pay off. This, and other life stressers require me to indulge in this cybernetic escapism, even though I still feel jealous and bad when I’m inside something like this. It’s pretty god though There is a talking robot, a big hub environment, and 4-5 various car showrooms with some interesting models and videos and narration.

! It ends at some point too. Can’t wait for the end.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Eh, it’s cool I guess. I frequently play racing games (Forza Horizon) and it is interesting to see some of the Porsche cars fully modeled right from your room.

The only complaint from me is that you are able to move inside of things, which makes me go a bit bog-eyed.

It is good if you are looking for a short VR experience about cars though.

I’d recommend this.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Porsche Hall of Legends VR on Steam

Train Sim World® 2020

Train Sim World® 2020

This is a genuine review from someone who actually works in the rolling stock industry.

Dovetail, please read this. I really want to make this game great.

So, conclusion first.

Does this game have loads of potential?


With the diverse functionality of its engine, it is highly improbable that the game would ever fail.

! Hell I am more than happy to implement this simulator into our driver training simulation cabins, the graphics and details of those blasphemous atrocities needs to be updated fast.

Real player with 936.6 hrs in game

Train Sim World. A new sim by a company with a complacent attitude despite the chance of a clean slate being presented to them. TSW is a new modern train sim and calling it a sim is stretching it ALOT at this time for those with a interest in the railway using the UE4 to bring an immersive experience of not only driving trains but to ride as a passenger, walk around the environment to a degree or even fulfil you’re inner hobo and hang onto a freight as it goes on it’s way in perfectly clear weather to blizzards at midnight with lovely graphics and visuals.

Real player with 421.5 hrs in game

Train Sim World® 2020 on Steam

SimRail 2021 - The Railway Simulator

SimRail 2021 - The Railway Simulator

SimRail is a new era of railway simulators. Realistic driving physics, the environment generated on the basis of geodetic data and an extensive multi-player mode are just some of the elements that game includes.

Join the travel…

and visit about 500 km of real routes created with all details. Choose present europan high speed, long distance and suburban tracks or travel back in time to ‘80 and drive steam train at sand railway of Upper Silesia, Poland - the socialist land of coal and steel.

Take control of a trains…

from different eras and drive safety to the final station on time. Most popular steam, diesel and electric vehicles uses realistic physics based on technology known before only in professional simulators for training drivers.

Enter signal box…

and become train dispatcher. Take a care of your station, prepare the path for the train keeping in mind the rules and schedule. Use devices from different eras, but remember that something can break!

Enjoy multiplayer…

and cooperate with players from around the world as a train driver oraz dispatcher with real-time weather and communication. Take over the selected train or signal box and start an adventure unprecedented in other rail simulators. It is our response to the expectations of players.

The quality of the graphics…

thanks to use of Unity game engine allows you to lose yourself in the virtual world. The grass and trees moving depends on the wind, dynamic weather system with puddles and snow drifts, living world with animated passengers connected with scenarios randomization.

SimRail 2021 - The Railway Simulator on Steam