Lost Wing

Lost Wing

Really fun game. I am looking forward to seeing where the dev’s take it throughout the EA. I will update my review as time goes on (below). For now theres the 1, rather long, zone thats fully functional. A second zone looks to be just about ready, and is available for preview (meaning theres no collision, but you can run through it).

Whats available is awesome. Ship control feels good, speed feels good, pickups feel good, and the challenge is most certainly there. The soundtrack suits the game nicely and the graphics are as you see in the screenshots (crisp and spiffy). I totally recommend, especially at this price.

– Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

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Hi friends

Would like to give a great Like to this game, very good time to play with it. For fun and action when you have a short break. Sure it will improve and develop new stages and infinite possibilities custom ships.

Thanks to BoxFrog and the team for the concept and make happy people with a lot of success for your work and make this possible on not gamers top computers only.

Enjoy to part of the launch of this and keep the future better with big smile and imagination.

– Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

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