I really enjoy this game, It truly nails the cyberpunk blade runner feel. No other game on steam can match this. People are giving negative reviews like its too dark, my goodness just adjust your gamma. This game has amazing detail for a small studio of only two people. They made another game blade net that was amazing as well, very unique, cyber punk feel game of hide and seek with a twist. People who leave negative reviews with only 0.5 hours of play you guys need to re think what you are doing. I have tried every cyber punk game on steam and this game really gives me that vibe, it is totally worth the low price of 19.99/17.99 its ok to point out bugs and issues but this game deserves a positive review. Look at it like this this game has so much potential but if people keep coming and dropping negative reviews after only 5 minutes of playing the game is going to do bad, and the developer might just give up, but if you play the game give good feedback more people are likely to buy the game and the devs will have more energy and resources to make more content. thank you to the devs for this game, it really enjoy it, thanks for all your hard work

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

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What I love is that the world within the game seems so much bigger than what you see. Its atmospheric, dystopian Tokyo feel is served by an excellent soundtrack and unique narrative. Driving around was not only an entertaining part of the gameplay, it gave me an opportunity to explore the nooks and crannies of a city I had never really seen the likes of before.

I think the developer deserves kudos for building a universe that is stylistically reminiscient of Blade Runner without being trite, and filling it was sufficiently interesting things to do to capture my attention for a few hours. With some refinement and a little more time to incubate, the game would be a really hefty competitor in the cyberpunk genre. It has solid foundations and delivers on the intrigue of its concept, especially for an indie game. The uphill part of the battle is building a convincing in-game universe, even if it is a little sparse here.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

ENCODE on Steam



In the 24th century, Earth is overpopulated and humanity is forced to spread out to other plants to secure more resources. Extremely powerful corporations vie for control of new planets, hungry to exploit their resources and secure more power over other corporations.

The battle for corporate rights to planets has been organized into a fast-paced, violent battle sport where hovering combat vehicles called Zephyrs race their way to victory in the Interplanetary Battle Circuit. You are a Zephyr pilot, racing under the banner of your corporate sponsor. Now you must race, dodge and fight your way across the finish line in a battle for glory and for your life.

In Zephyr you can:

  • Choose a corporation and pilot their Zephyr, each with unique stats

  • Pilot your Zephyr in a first-person view

  • Bring down your opponents with your turret-mounted cannon

  • Collect power-ups to improve your Zephyr’s offensive and defensive capabilities

  • Race through beautiful, maze-like cyberpunk arenas

Note: Multiplayer is not supported for this release due to the age of the game, though all original multiplayer content is included.

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Zephyr on Steam



A fantastic arcade shooter!


-Great gameplay

-Creative enemy/faction variety

-Awesome bosses

-Enjoyable progression


-Starting a boss fight with half or lower health could be an absolute drag.

-Difficult bosses/sections can have you repeating the same levels far too many times to be enjoyable.


-I feel like the bosses would have been much more enjoyable if you always entered the fight with full health. Perhaps after successfully reaching the boss and dying the amount of levels you have to repeat should only be one instead of two.

Real player with 24.0 hrs in game

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This game is Fantastic!

I played the demo before and loved it, so I knew the full game was going to be a treat. I know roguelite is becoming quite a common genre now, but it works perfectly with this game. It is so much fun having to play and earn the upgrades which then in turn make the game that little bit easier each time you play. That for me is the perfect way to get you playing and keep you engaged.

This game is a perfect mix of a classic shoot em up while driving a car and dodging bullets, so a car/shoot em up/bullet hell dodging. There are some great bosses to take down as well which are a lot of fun, working out their patterns and ways to take them down. For me its a perfect mix and it works beautifully!

Real player with 18.7 hrs in game

Gearshifters on Steam

Agent Intercept

Agent Intercept

For being an expanded port of “just” a mobile game, this one’s great.

My only two complaints are irregular, but severe crashes and the fact that the campaign is rather short.

Though, regarding the latter, Score-Hunters will still have plenty of fun with the arcade mode.

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

This is a really fun game. It has striking character design, engaging gameplay, and a funky soundtrack. The story and dialogue can be goofy but that’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Incidentally, I have not encountered any bugs.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Agent Intercept on Steam

Border Officer

Border Officer

Update of my review and thought about this game.

1. I can play this game even though there are still lots of lags, bugs, and crashes.

2. Need optimization.

3. The game crashes when I increase the quality of the texture (not the resolution).

4. It took a long time to load the game (around 3 minutes).

5. Lag mostly appears when I exit menu or game settings and when the game is finally loaded.

6. I am using my laptop to play the game. Not the best experience i have with this game.

7. I can’t click on the writing on the vaccine. There is a person who have a small typo in the vaccine letter and when rejected it turns out it should be rejected (small typo is not tolerated). Also, the writing on the vaccine letter is too small.

Real player with 21.9 hrs in game

Fucking hell, this game is a bore. After leaving this game on once and letting my brother play it, I decided to play it.

The driving in this game is such a bore, it is so clunky and buggy. This game runs so terrible, around 20 frames. To compare, Monster hunter world ran 60 FPS on high. The game itself is difficult, but the game is so un-enjoyable that I barely noticed. The game itself is so slow, everyday you have to drive 1.7k meters to your job and back, each day spending $9 on gas. This game is painfully slow. The main part of the game is being a border patrol worker and getting money for your family, yet that was only a small part of my play through as I spent most of the time driving back and forth, running back and forth. Sometimes running into a game breaking bug that fucked me over. The world around me is so ugly, the characters and models look so empty & dead. The worst of all, this game has the potential to be a survival game x Papers, please, but the game is now abandoned in such a shitty state. Just buy Papers, please.

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

Border Officer on Steam

Police Simulator: Patrol Duty

Police Simulator: Patrol Duty

Disclaimer: I was a closed beta tester for this game starting from October 9, 2018-June 18, 2019, so some information might be outdated. No compensation of any sort (other than a beta key) was provided to me.

Updates: I just got off of a shift after a traffic duty mission where I frisked a suspect and found a switchblade. He was arrested shortly after. Was not taking an emergency call, just doing proactive beat work. Also, the plate information for illegally parked vehicles in traffic duty show up on the PDA, but not on the computer. Also received word that others have arrested those with warrants outside of missions and calls.

Real player with 32.1 hrs in game

Quite an entertaining game. There is a ton of repeats with missions which can get a little boring over a longer period of time, but it’s a good thing they have Multiplayer. I’ll state the pro’s and con’s as well as what could/should be added in the future. I will state some things that may confuse people, but I will try and explain them in brackets. This is of course because I am an Officer in real life and I like to point out things that would be obvious to other officers.


  • Has a realistic form of Conduct

Real player with 28.8 hrs in game

Police Simulator: Patrol Duty on Steam



UPDATED Review 4/10/2021: Wow! This is a ton of fun. I had some prior grievances with some of the choices made with gameplay that were making the game very hard to enjoy for me. I voiced my concerns in my review, and the devs (small, indie dev team) responded very quickly to address some of those concerns. The devs are very receptive to feedback and appreciate hearing from their community, and it seems like they care about their product after seeing the most recent updates.

The gameplay is a lot of fun! It’s a bit of a combo of Crazy Taxi, Quarantine, and Carmageddon with slight influences from other media as well. If you’ve played Quarantine, you’ll notice the inspiration, but trust me, the devs are working hard to make this their own game! You will find yourself driving around a crazy, chaotic, and relatively apocalyptic city with bad guys and pedestrians on the road, turrets, other cabs/vehicles, and more. You are picking up fares, some of which need to go somewhere, others want you to kill someone or blow up a vehicle, and others want you to blow up a building (similar to dropping someone off at a destination, except with more explosions!). There may be more fare types in later districts that I haven’t gotten to yet, but I am satisfied with the fare types that are already in the game.

Real player with 16.4 hrs in game

Cool indie game! Some stuff heavily resembles Quarantine or Road Warrior, but there are some major differences. Even despite the fact that the game has some bugs, the devs update it all time - a lot of stuff was fixed in recent patches.

Pros and cons below.


  • positive vibe;

  • unique atmosphere somewhat reminds the old Quarantine classic;

  • nice effects and gore system;

  • excellent music!

  • driving model is not that bad at all,

  • cool weapons!


  • some missions look bland and could be a bit better;

Real player with 12.0 hrs in game

CyberTaxi on Steam

Rainy City: Pandemic

Rainy City: Pandemic

Rainy City: Pandemic

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for no cost for the purpose of reviewing. However, this does not affect my views and opinions of the game.

Short Review

Rainy City Pandemic is a story driven title where the player drives around the city delivering pizza, trying to save up enough money to pay for their sister’s medical treatment. The bulk of the gameplay focuses on conversations with other characters and interactions with them. The game takes place in a dystopian future where the the pandemic (the covid-19 pandemic, assumingly) is still rampant.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Crim’s Humble Opinion Curator


This is a revisited review. Check out the original review here .

Rainy Days

Rainy City Pandemic is a game about a delivery boy in a city that is swept up in the wave of a pandemic. You are attempting to raise money for your sister to get her the medical attention she needs. This game had started out as a seven dollar game and has gone through some patches and a price drop to raise the quality of life. I played through the game again after a wave of updates and admittedly I have yet to play the newest additions to the game. What I can say is that one of the weaker points of the games has been significantly improved. The weakest point before was the dialogue. When playing the game through again I was no longer running into dialogue that was repeated nor were there as many open ended short conversations.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Rainy City: Pandemic on Steam

The Day They Came

The Day They Came

So I was really curious about this game, sadly the developer got a little excited and released this game way too early.

The game has no enemies, no options menu, no way to exit the game or instructions.

Once you chop down some trees that fall and then spaz out due to some crazy physics all you can do is access a build menu that let’s you create some walls, steps, floor, door, base and I couldn’t use the floor as a ceiling like it suggested.

The game has at least a 30 minute night cycle making it almost impossible to do anything, much less see.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game


Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

The Day They Came on Steam

Differently Fast

Differently Fast

Many people are looking for a fun, built-for-VR racing game that’s doesn’t require a wheel. Well here we are. You move the wheelchair just like in real life, and you can grab either wheel while turning to drift around corners. The surfaces matter too(you slip more on grass, etc), so that’s why I like to almost call it a wheelchair sim, hah. It ends up being a good workout! I’m into DiRT Rally (off-road racing), and this game gives me the same feeling of adrenaline trying to beat ghost times. There are multiple ghost players on the track with you, and they end up being matched to your skill based off of your best recorded time on that track, so it always feels competitive, even if the players aren’t actually there. Since the time I tested it in Alpha the devs have been active and listening to suggestions and they’re adding more tracks.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

You should get a headband things like tennis players wear - those goofy looking things - that will keep you from sweating all over your VR headset.

Buy this game right now it’s ridiculous fun. The developer is great they love interacting with the players.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Differently Fast on Steam