The Way Home

The Way Home

crazy challenging driving game.

Enjoying music give you chills. but many, too many obstacles wait on the way to home.

recommend for guys who want to challenge.

PS. ppl in ROR are blind. so be careful while driving.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

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I couldn’t stand it for more than a couple of minutes. The game is ugly, repetetive and looks horrendous, it plays out sluggishly and boringly. The music that starts playing when starting up the game is some stock shreeking that stabs into my brain.

It is a great, A-Grade worthy programming project for a highschooler. But it is not anthing more. It is not worth asking money on steam.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

The Way Home on Steam

Twilight Drive

Twilight Drive

If you like top-down racing games, please follow our [url]curator[/url] page.

Twilight Drive is is unlucky most top-down driving games, at first you might be thinking this is absolute rubbish, but the moment you are playing it and trying it, it is something else. This one of the kind of games that are more about time-trialling, a race against time for the medals, and better times than your friends (if you have any that play it, unlike me). But first you realize, there is no accelerator key for it. At first, I was thinking it, this has to be a mobile game. It is more than that. The car automatically goes on it forwards, on cruise control. With each time you turn your car, and do bear in mind, the handling is kind of funky/heavy, it slows down your car. You want to avoid that. How, you may ask? Simple - Hooks.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

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I would describe Twilight Drive as a top-down arcade time trial game. It has unique driving mechanics - encouraging you to ‘grapple’ round corners and actively avoid steering (which slows you down). The game leads you into these mechanics gently (and gradually adds more as you go through the generous number of levels), and I found it pretty easy to get started with. Quite often I could ‘pass’ a level with a bronze medal on my first try, but I soon realised how much nuance there is to perfecting each level - it takes a lot of retries to get better, sometimes trying to perfect the timing of slingshotting yourself round a corner with the hooks, other times trying to master drifting - inevitably leading to a lot of crashes! Rather than racing against opponents, you are racing to beat yourself, earn medals and beat your friends, with ‘ghost cars’ (which brought back fond memories of classic rally games). I find it surprisingly addictive, quite often going back for ‘one more go’ to get that next medal - and the level unlocking requirements sometimes encourage this replaying to get enough medals to unlock the next level. It has a great retro indie feel, with lovely chilled out electronic background music.

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Twilight Drive on Steam

art of rally

art of rally

Not really arcade, not really sim, art of rally is a compelling top down racing game with multiple layers to be discovered and a high skill ceiling. Chill but also competitive, it’s demanding enough to stay interesting but the whole atmosphere, beautiful aesthetics and a banging soundtrack also make it a relaxing and memorable experience.

The different cars have a weight to them and feel amazing after a bit of a learning curve, you feel completly in control. The difference in handling is really noticeable between the vehicules, the best example being RWD vs AWD. If you’re familiar with racing/rally you’ll find techniques like weight transfer, handbrake turns and drifts can and should be applied here. You can even clutch kick. The game offers manual or automatic transmissions and controllers and wheels are supported. ( And highly recommended, please don’t play this game on keyboard.) There is A LOT of cars to try and mastering them will take time, some will fit a specific driving style, some will control you more than you control them. Most engines sound great, some better than others, but they are pretty decent overall.

Real player with 118.0 hrs in game

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### To do something dangerous with style, is art…

art of rally is a minimalistic, bird’s eye view racing game. Your goal is to win championships spanning from the 60s and through to the mid-90s.

Beauty in simplicity.

One of the most striking things about art of rally is the presentation: a wonderful, vibrant low-poly visual style, which also includes atmospheric volumetric lighting. Driving towards the setting sun on evening stages is a sight to behold. On top of this, a photo mode is available for your pleasure. It lets you enjoy the lawyer-friendly rally cars blasting through the track, leaving trails of thick smoke in their wake and with their brake discs glowing and sparking. The trackside spectators being cubes may seem odd at first, but they actually complement the game’s aesthetics very nicely.

Real player with 38.6 hrs in game

art of rally on Steam

Race Condition

Race Condition

Race Condition is a fast paced arcade style racing game. You compete against eleven other cars in a frantic battle for the podium. Win medals to unlock new tracks around the globe. This game is all about the core racing experience and strives to put you into a zen-like state of flow as you speed around the tracks and become the first to cross the finish line.


  • Fast paced action

  • Fun gameplay

  • Intelligent AI-driven opponents

  • 15 atmospheric tracks

  • Win medals to unlock new tracks

  • Various weather effects, such as rain and snow

  • Finely tuned game physics

  • Split-screen multiplayer

  • Support for both keyboard and controller

Why Are We Making This Game?

We have a lifelong love for racing games, reaching back to the fun times at the arcade in the 80’s. Our ambition in making this game is to create the racing game we always wished we had, growing up. A game with emphasis on driving a fast race car with precise handling all whilst keeping it fun and exciting rather than technical and complicated. We hope you will like it as much as we do!

Race Condition on Steam

Radical Relocation

Radical Relocation

This game is fun, HOWEVER it is hair-pulling levels of frustrating. The physics is god-awful sometimes, half of the vehicle unlocks suck, multiple game crashes that delete game data, killing hours of progression, and level upgrades are all trash except for the rope.

Things that pis$ed me off especially…

1. The trailer upgrade bugging out and sending all my nicely stacked items flying.

2. Hopping curbs and having all my items ping off. It’s 50/50 whether or not a curb with make you bounce :(

3. The last car unlock, the truck with bed, is horrible. Sure you can carry tons of stuff, but only while going 5 mph, so your worthless breaks don’t get you killed.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

I genuinely enjoyed the first 30 levels of the game. The puzzles are good and there’s a decent amount of variety considering how “modular” the maps are - they all use the same obstacles and props. However, after level 30 the game hit a brick wall when it introduced boats. I played a few levels past ### 30 and just put the game down.

The car variety is pretty good, although there’s only a few to choose from. My personal favourite is the Ute.

There’s no damage model on cars - you just bonk into everything. Certain furniture items will break into pieces or get dented up. If you like those weird “oddly satisfying” videos all over the internet you’ll probably enjoy crashing a truck full of potted plants into a speeding train.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Radical Relocation on Steam

Absolute Drift

Absolute Drift

So, here it is. My review.

At time of posting, I have all the achievements and have 50 hours in the game.

First of all, just a general comment: I love this game. It has a great, smooth game engine and the controls are fairly easy to me. It wasn’t too hard to pick up, and learning some drifiting from Assetto Corsa and driving my Miata IRL, I can say that the physics are very realistic and it’s easy to apply those skills into this game.

Here’s a list for the TL:DR, and it’s at the top (you’re welcome):

Real player with 69.3 hrs in game

I’ve had tears of joy playing this game to completion, which is a rarity, I will say.

Absolute Drift is a top down, minimalistic stunt driving game. Your goal: become a master drifter, by refining the art of spinning out and smashing into walls controlling oversteer and burning rubber.

For the aesthetics: it’s low poly, simple graphics, with most buildings and roads left white and untextured. Objects of interest are coloured red, blue or yellow. Your car leaves behind skidmarks wherever it goes, whether you slide or not, which allows for impressive drawings on tarmac, or a nice spiral when you catch some big air.

Real player with 65.7 hrs in game

Absolute Drift on Steam

Forklift: Simulator

Forklift: Simulator

Needs more hentai.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

I finished the game but i didn’t get one single achievement for it. Fix this and give me my damn achievements plz

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Forklift: Simulator on Steam



Do you like a challenge? A race game? What about a race against time? Well when you buy this game I assure you that you will inevitably fall or harm the driver; but with great sacrifice comes… (add inspiring stuff here). Back to the point: It’s a challenging game but enjoyable nevertheless. The new update added new “karts” to play around with also bug fixes! Hurrah!

I also really like the aspect of having millions of tracks to try; a new game always has a fresh taste.

So overall its a fun game, reccomended.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Very fun game! Can’t wait for more updates! MP is fun worth spending the money for this game. lots of tracks!

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

DollKart on Steam

Electro Ride: The Neon Racing

Electro Ride: The Neon Racing

Well, what can I say. The game is unique. First and foremost for the racing game lover I should mention a very unusual set of cars which Electro Ride offers you to drive: every car is real, and includes many less-known soviet prototypes you’ve probably never heard of. But check this out: the very first car that is given to you in a tutorial is FSO Syrena Sport - and that’s just the beginning. The cast of cars is rich, diverse and very rare - I doubt you will see anything like that in any other game anytime soon.

Real player with 25.4 hrs in game


I honestly can’t recommend this game as it is completely unrealistic.

I have owned two of the cars that are in the game and I can tell you that they do not go above 120kph even in freefall.

Handling on the other hand is spot on.

You turn your steering wheel and the cars go straight. Sometimes oversteer sometimes understeer … you just never know.

I wouldn’t recommend the cars either, unless you live in a garage. Nostalgia is powerful poison.

Anyway back to the game. I’m half way into the career.

Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

Electro Ride: The Neon Racing on Steam



Fun and quirky combination of the common memory game and a bullet dodger.

Sometimes a neat idea for a game comes by combining genres. That’s exactly what Memorise’n’run does.

Each level has a boss with a certain attack pattern. You defeat the boss by dodging its attacks while simultaneously solving the memory puzzle of finding pairs.

You only get to see the puzzle for a short time before everything is hidden, but you get unlimited number of guesses. That is, as long as you can dodge the bullets.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Memorise'n'run on Steam