EDIT: Alright so I just replayed this game TWICE and have to say the majority of all my problems were completely fixed.

I found about 2 new bugs, neither of which were game breaking and I don’t doubt the Dev will fix it as he does really care about this game.

Give this game a shot, it’s well worth it and if I can beat it before the update and twice after so can you.

LOVE THIS GAME, Try it now! I’ll add a link to my new playthrough when I get it uploaded soon.

New Playthrough as promised:

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

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I love this game although at moments it touched a rage nerve lol. But it is great! Good atmosphere but the one thing I will touch on is the fact when you die it sends you back to the start which is really frustrating for me and probably others. But all in all a great game:) Check my playthrough and I got the bad ending so must get the good ending now:) Well doen Dev..I look forward to your next game:)

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Krakatoa on Steam

Pork Chop Island

Pork Chop Island

Pork Chop Island takes place in a living world that never sleeps. Characters pursue their goals, live their lives, and meet their demise in a world that waits for no one. Fortunes rise and fall as Businesses fight for control of markets and industry. Underworld gangs fight for black-market real estate to expand their criminal networks. Farmers…farm! In a creative blend of genres, Pork Chop Island delivers RPG character building in an expansive open-world sandbox that incorporates action, management, and crafting into a one of a kind experience. Because of its dynamic design, every play through of Pork Chop Island will be different from the last.

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Pork Chop Island on Steam